1 Day Malacca Tour

1 Day Malacca Tour – HERE WE GO!

First, we were brought to a halal place to have breakfast but we skipped it. There were very limited choices like nasi lemak so we didn’t eat anything. Luckily I brought some hot dog bread with me. Hehe! After our short breakfast stop, we went to a stingless bee farm where we tasted some honey. I remembered trying a bittergourd honey which tasted slightly bitter with some sweet taste and giving it a very unique combination. After our short bee farm tour, we continued travelling on the coach to malacca…… it was 12pm++ noon time by the time we reached malacca! Far right?


Lunch was served at a baba nyonya restaurant……… and it was quite a spicy lunch. Everything didn’t taste so good to me though I  was hungry……… and it looked like the food were quite cheapskate. Our table had 11 adults fighting for so little food. Sian to the max lor! Everyone was so kiasu taking big portions of the food onto their plates. FAINT!

Then we were supposed to go to a museum but I wanted free and easy around jonker street…… so we skipped the museum and had some quality shopping time from 1pm++ to 4pm at jonker street and dataran pahlawan shopping mall. At jonker street, we tried the very famous durian cendol and one bite durian puff. The durian cendol was so so…very cold but very normal also. As for the durian puff, it was a very huge puff where you push into your mouth and eat it in one bite and have all the durian oozing out into your mouth. SHIOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another famous food was the chicken rice balls but the queue was so damn long so we didn’t try it.


At the shopping mall, we also chilled a while at starbucks and bought the malaysia version of the macdonalds hello kitty. It’s a magician!!!!!!!!!!! Love it max.


Then we moved off to our last stop – a dinner at Restaurant Lucky Garden where we were served with quite cheapskate food again lor! It was nothing better than lunch…….. so disappointing =(


But overall I was quite happy with all these loots that I got in malacca!!!!!!!!!!!


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