7 Wonders in Orchard Central

[ #1 Pompompurin Cafe ]

Dear Sanrio fans, Pompompurin Cafe has made its first appearance and grand opening in April 2016 at Orchard Central covering a space of 1,900 square feet. If you’re thinking what exactly is this Pompompurin, it is actually a golden retriever dog Sanrio character which was first introduced in 1996.

Pompompurin loves to drink milk and eat pudding. His hobby is to collect shoes before hiding them. This cute yellow fellow wears a trademark brown beret and lives in his own basket at his owner’s house. He even won the first place in the Sanrio Character ranking in 2015.

I started with a Puru Puru Pudding Shake ($12.99) which is a gelatinous-textured drink that contains crushed pudding in the milk and a bonus marshmallow to top it off. I’m not a pudding fan but I was still captivated by this cute looking drink as it had a tinge of refreshing taste yet with creamy texture.

My main course is the Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship ($19.99) which consists of minced meat, diced tomatoes, avocado, scrambled eggs, tacos and soft and sticky yellow rice. It is suggested to be best eaten by lowering Pompompurin and Muffin onto the meat and veggies, then mixing it all in together. The outlook is extremely colourful and appetising right? The overall combination is quite delicious as well.

To complete my meal on a sweet sweet note, I chose the Bagel’s Special Pancake Tower ($21.99) as my dessert. It is a special pancake baked by Bagel, who is an expert cook. This is a decadent dessert with five layers of pancakes filled with various sauces such as caramel, chocolate, custard and more. This dessert is also accompanied by a mixture of colourful fresh chopped fruits. This is also one of the “recommended” item on the menu and it comes with the “mug” icon which means you could bring home a small Pompompurin souvenir mug for free!

I call this cafe the home of Pompompurin as practically everywhere and everything is filled with Pompompurin decorations. I felt as though I was dining with a live Pompompurin!

Since this cafe is newly opened, do expect some queue from Singaporeans and even fellow tourists especially during lunch and dinner hours. Food is alright, decorations are great. Pompompurin fans, now you can enjoy your personal date with Pompompurin!

Pompompurin Cafe
Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-08, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 8672
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

[ #2 Genki Sushi ]


At Genki Sushi, you may choose up to 4 plates per order and instead of the usual rotating conveyor belt, the sushi will be delivered by a “F1” vehicle at high speed and it will stop right at your table. Thereafter, you may collect those 4 plates and put them on your table before pressing a button to release the empty “F1” vehicle back. Si bei cool sio!

Genki Sushi
Address: 181 Orchard Rd #04-30 Orchard Central S238896
Tel: 6238 0900
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10:00pm daily  (last order: 9:30pm)

[ #3 49 Seats ]


Please go for the creamy smoked duck pasta! Simple but addictive. As for the tom yum fish and chips, the tom yum soup is indeed the highlight but it’s a bit on the salty side though. However, I loved the prawns, mussels and clams in it. Generous portions. Slightly spicy but acceptable. Just dip the fish in it and it will create a heavenly moment in your mouth.

Be prepared for a queue during peak lunch and dinner hours, but fret not, good food is worth the wait!

49 Seats
Address: Orchard Central #08-08, Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: 6225 4332
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)

[ #4 Dancing Crab ]


How about some dancing crabs for you?

If you’re not too hungry, I strongly recommend the Crab Salad ($10.00) with fresh greens served with snow crab. The fragrant and crunchy almonds, sourish strawberries, blueberries and raspberries blend in so well and make the salad very colourful and appetising.

The “Exploding” Crab Fried Rice ($12.00) is another big hit but I personally find it a bit too oily. The grilled crab meat with an “explosion” of poached eggs and hollandaise is the most yummy part! The fried rice taste instantly upgrades with the leaking egg yolk and egg white + overflowing chunk of crab meat inside the egg.

I also tried the Shrimp and Grits ($15.00) which consists of grilled garlic butter shrimps served on a bed of creamy corn grits. It’s kind of like melted milky steamed eggs accompanied by really fresh and bouncy prawns. You know what I did? I poured everything into the fried rice and mixed it up and gobbled all down!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing Crab @ Orchard Central
Address: Orchard Central #07-14/15 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 1878
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

[ #5 Nantsuttei Singapore ]


Nantsuttei Singapore Ramen Shop serves affordable Japanese ramen without compromising on its quality. You’re in for good offers as they are always introducing happy hour / limited item.

Nantsuttei Singapore Ramen Shop
Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-12/13, Singapore 238896
Tel: 6337 7166
Opening Hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily

[ #6 Maccha House ]


To all avid green tea lovers out there, do patronise Maccha House for their Maccha Cream Soft Serve Anmitsu ($8.40) + Maccha Latte Float with Shiratama ($6.90).

Maccha House
Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #B1-40, Singapore 238896
Tel: 6636 5830
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily


[ #7 Eighteen Chefs ]

I walked into Eighteen Chefs solely because I was really impressed and attracted by this catchy tagline of its current and latest promotion on “Confirmed Heart Attack”.

True enough, it was a heart attack meal. The fried rice was extremely dark, smoky, hot and fragrant. So good on its own though it could definitely be improved if the grain wasn’t cooked till so hard. Like a bit under-cooked. Look at the knife stabbing that “bloody” chicken that’s beautifully split into half. The hot dogs were soft and the chili’s not bad. You can choose the level of spicyness too! Chicken’s well roasted and tender. I had the beef done medium rare and I loved it because it’s very tender and the perfect texture for me to chew on.

This heart attack meal serves 2, not 1!

Eighteen Chefs
Address: 181 Orchard Road #B1-01 Singapore 238896
Tel: 6634 1322
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am to 10.00pm; (last order at 9.30pm)

These are the 7 wonders in Orchard Central that I personally tried and pretty much liked! Thanks for reading!



Batu Pahat 2016 – Chop See Kee (Ah See Wantan Mee), Pantai Minyak Beku, Just Hotel, Old Street Commercial Centre, Old Street SkyPark, Lovers Bridge, Segenting Temple, Soon Lai Kway Chap, Akbar Cendol, Cuppacake


Good morning dearies! I braved the weekend custom jam and stopped by Rotiboy after clearing JB’s custom to have a quick breakfast bite before collecting my rental Europcar for my road trip!

It was a close to 2 hours drive from Johor Bahru (JB) city square area to Batu Pahat. I had one of the cheapest and biggest portion of wanton mee ever at Chop See Kee in Batu Pahat. The small bowl costs RM 4.50, big bowl costs RM 5.00 and double big bowl costs RM 5.50. Wantons are RM 2.00 for 6 pcs. Herbal drink or soya drink are dirt cheap at RM 1.20 each. Can drinks and lime juice are RM 2.00 each. All these prices are inclusive of 6% GST. Like what? You mean nowadays still can get a bowl of wanton mee for only SGD$1++ after the conversion?! I WANT CHOP SEE KEE TO COME TO SINGAPORE PLEASE!


Welcome to the beautiful beach of Batu Pahat, Pantai Minyak Beku, Johor Darul Takzim!


This quiet little beach has a pavilion where you can take shelter from the sunny day and stare into the blueish green waters.


I happened to see one or two mini “set-up-by-the-beach-stall” selling drinks and ice-creams. I also saw a Malay lady selling fishes and prawns (she probably caught them) along the beach area, somewhere nearer to the main entrance.

I stayed in Just Hotel, which is a relatively new and clean hotel. An informative overview of the hotel, room rates, online booking, facilities and nearby attractions of Batu Pahat can be viewed from http://justhotel.com.my/.


I visited Batu Pahat actually solely to see the Old Street Commercial Centre.

There are some food and shopping in the day time as well, although my main aim is to visit its roof garden / sky park (Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 12.30am).


The sky park is a small chill out place for couples who can take a short stroll at the roof garden, have some light bites or desserts and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and warm vibe.


The dim lightings at night were romantic.

There were actually many children and families around the sky garden! Being an open space area, it’s a rain or shine experience.

The chicken cup is RM 10.80 while the mega cup 1000cc mocha drink is RM 6.00.

Popped by “Le Petit” – the humble green sweet potato leaf, apple and lemon cold pressed fruit juice (detox & improve digestion) tasted great but apparently the “dutch baby yakitori chicken” cannot make it. The chicken’s too cold, hard & salty, the “pancake-like egg thingy” tasted very weird with the raw vegetables.

The roof garden serves beer and wine and you can watch soccer on its TV too!


Thank you my partner for the lovely night!


All in all, the Old Street Sky Park / Roof Garden is a great place for couples.

Our night ended with black and gold flakes masks and of course my mini shopping loots from Batu Pahat Mall!


The free hotel buffet breakfast from Just Hotel really serves the bare minimum. Just porridge, bread, chicken, egg, and fried oily kuey tiao. NO MORE!


Guess where is this colourful lovely place?


It’s none other than the lovers bridge in Batu Pahat Segenting, a well-known fishing village that’s perfect for an escape from the busy city life. This bridge was originally a wooden structure. It was eventually converted into a lime bridge while retaining its wooden deck.


There is also a temple in Segenting, where legend has it that if you’re able to touch the arapaima fishes in the ponds, you would receive good luck and your wishes would come true!



Traditionally, worshippers would usually hold a joss stick and kneel down to pray to their Gods while silently sayings their prayers in their hearts.


The God of Fortune is standing real tall and it’s amazing that you’ve a temple in the beach area. You absolutely got to visit Segenting Temple just for this!


I love the cave temple because…


You can find gold in it!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, I saw many scribblings of 4D numbers all around. Feeling all excited, it’s time to head for my favourite part of the road trip – the long awaited SOON LAI KWAY CHAP LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kway chap is damn soft damn smooth damn slippery. The soup’s perfect. Neither too salty nor too oily. You can order and mix and match your own pig ingredients and other side dishes, and it’s dirt cheap! Very tasty and very fresh. The total bill for 2 pax inclusive of drinks only amounted to RM 23.35.

Akbar Cendol is very nearby SOON LAI kway chap and hence I popped by. It’s made by Indians and the cendol has a natural sweetness without artificial flavorings. Not too sweet overall, and very to my liking.

The nutella cheesecake at Cuppacake (The Cake Boutique) was going at only RM 10 and it’s highly rich in thick chocolate. Super to my liking. However, the so called durian crepe was horrible. It’s not even a crepe! It’s like a yellow skin wrapped with whipped cream and a bit of frozen hard durian. YOU CALL THAT A CREPE?! Service wise, I reminded the staff once about my durian crepe and she said 2 minutes. However, 20 minutes later, I reminded her again and she realised that she practically forgot about my order.

Last but not least, we ended the evening with a very short last minute shopping session at Square One Shopping Mall before the long drive back to JB. This short and sweet 2D1N road trip was interesting!

Thanks for reading!

Media Trial: BEAM SPACE for Your Excess Wardrobe, Furniture and Other Items


Do you accumulate more and more items each day but realise that your houses and wardrobes don’t get bigger?

Fret not, BEAM SPACE is a service provider with a fresh take on self-storage to solve your storage issues. This revolutionary smarter self-storage platform launch in Singapore will help to promote a clutter-free life as customers can now conveniently manage the entire self-storage process through the BEAM app with just a few taps. This service sets a new bar in the self-storage market providing a superior customer experience with huge time and cost benefits.

Rather than pay for a set space, users of Beam Space would only pay for what they store and not for unused space. This reduces the cost price by approximately 30%-40%.

Traditional storage facilities offer fixed space rental, and are often not so easily accessible, and even requires customers to drop off and pick up items. BEAM, on the other hand, provides the convenience of timely pick-up and delivery, all scheduled through the BEAM app. In addition, users always have a full view of all their items in storage from the BEAM app making it truly an extension of their own home.

“People need a place to keep things and existing self-storage solutions do not offer them much flexibility. Traditional self-storage facilities are a hassle to reach by public transport thus resulting in people simply not using them. This just leads to clutter in homes. With BEAM, anyone can enjoy on-demand fully-itemized storage with ease of interaction with savings of as much as 40% over the costs of traditional self-storage,” explains Kash Patel, BEAM’s CEO and co-founder.


BEAM was created for Singapore residents who are experiencing a shrinking space of living with shoebox studious proliferating the country. New home owners are downsizing from an average 1,500 sq. ft. to roughly 900 sq. ft. to 1,100 sq. ft. with some as tiny as 258 sq. ft., resulting in a more constrained living condition.

BEAM caters to both consumers and business users, storing anything from seasonal items such as clothes, holiday decorations, baby clothes and toys to small furniture, appliances, and bicycles. Business users store confidential document boxes, marketing/promotional materials and other event-based items that they are not using regularly. BEAM’s storage facility space covers over 6000 sq. ft. and is expandable.

Innovation and On-Demand Convenience

BEAM is the only service in the market which allows users to view photographed items and manage storage end-to-end through an app. BEAM SPACE acts like an extension of one’s wardrobe.  

With the BEAM app, users can schedule free pickups with as little as four hours’ notice. Professional concierges are trained to ensure items are handled with the utmost care. Retrieval of items can be scheduled with as little as one-day notice. Customers are only charged according to the items stored monthly rather than a contract for an entire room which allows their users to save 30%-40% of traditional storage costs. BEAM’s in-house storage concierges are also equipped with their own app to manage pickup and delivery scheduling and checking items in or out of the customer’s home or office. All items are barcoded and customers always sign off the items being picked up or delivered to ensure full end-to- end tracking.

Peace of Mind Online and Offline

All items include insurance coverage and are stored in BEAM’s high security facility, complete with CCTV and access control. Customers can view their items stored anytime through the BEAM app. BEAM facilitates and manages pick up (always free) as well as manages the photography and individual inventorization of all customer’s items.

Growing Rapidly

The technology behind BEAM was built to be highly scalable for entry into new markets. BEAM, which is incubated by Fatfish Internet Group, aims to pave its way into another major Asian city by end of this year and expand into other countries next year.



BEAM targets smart city dwellers who are space and value conscious with a purpose to help people enjoy their living and working spaces without the unnecessary clutter and a vision to become the preferred storage solution partner that empowers people to enjoy their living and working environment. BEAM combines superior customer service with innovative technology to provide the best customer experience in the storage industry. BEAM empowers people to maximise and enjoy their space by helping manage their belongings smartly and efficiently.

For more information, please visit https://www.beamspace.com/

ABOUT Fatfish Internet Group

Fatfish Internet Group Ltd (‘Fatfish’) is an internet venture investment and development firm, with headquarters in Singapore and Australia. Fatfish partners with entrepreneurs to help them build and grow internet businesses via a co-entrepreneurship model.

Fatfish’s co-entrepreneurship model seeks an active involvement from its investee companies, from seed funding through to exit. In parallel, Fatfish’s seeks to provide a collection of resources and expertise to support entrepreneurs in important areas such as business strategy, market access, talent recruitment, product development and corporate strategy.

This unique ‘seed-to- exit’ approach makes Fatfish’s a strategic partner that provides the funding, resources, and platform to hasten the growth of promising technology businesses.

Fatfish’s also offers corporate advisory services specialising in working with tech companies to bring to bear alternative funding and growth models for tech companies through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or capital market transactions via trade sales or Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A).


BEAM charges users on a per-item per-month basis, instead of a contract for a room.

BEAM users are able to save 30%-40% per month over the costs of traditional self-storage.

 Small Items: S$0.90/month (up to 115cm LxWxH – think airplane carry-on size)

 Large Items: S$5.00/month (anything larger, up to 25kg)

 Small Private Box: S$4.00/month (up to 115cm – similar to a standard document box)

 Large Private Box: S$8.00/month (larger boxes, up to 25kg)

 Pickup is always free and deliveries are S$15.00 per trip

For more information, please visit www.beamspace.com

Thanks for reading!

Genting Highlands 2016 – First World Hotel, Hou Mei, Self Check-In Kiosk, First World Hotel Laundry, English Garden Pitcher Plants, Ultraman Show, Awana Hotel, Rajawali Restaurant, Night Herping, Fashion Forest, Bird Watching



No amount of words can express how honored and thankful I’m once again to be back at Genting Highlands for my 5th review! Woohoo!

If you haven’t already read my previous 4 reviews, these are the following links to get you started:

Genting Highlands 2015 – First World Hotel, Coffee Terrace Restaurant, Chin Swee Caves Temple, Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem, Resort Seafood Steamboat, ITALGELato

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Genting Highlands 2016 – First World Hotel, Ice Age Collision Course, The Food Factory, Power Rangers, Awana Rajawali, Hou Mei

Genting Highlands 2016 – Awana Hotel, Fashion Forest, Golf Terrace, Skyride Forest, Rajawali Restaurant, Night Herping, Bird Watching

Are you ready to get started?!

After a night’s rest on a comfortable night coach from Singapore to Genting Highlands, I finally reached GENTING HIGHLANDS and checked in to First World Hotel around 5.30am++ on a cooling Saturday morning.


I stayed on the 24th floor of Tower 3, in particular room 24865. It’s a small room but I already was comfortable with its neat structure. The toilet bowl and shower facilities are separate and there is no need to fight for the usage of the toilet as I can take my own sweet time to shower while my partner shits! There is complimentary 2-in-1 shampoo-cum-bath gel dispenser in the shower area too. Having the honor to stay in First World Hotel for so many times, I still like the bed and blanket thus far as it’s relatively soft and cozy. Water flask, cups, coffee, tea, fridge, safe deposit box, clothes hanger, hair dryer, tissues are provided too.

Stay at First World Hotel from RM184 nett in a XYZ deluxe room that comes with two show tickets to Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 – Revenge of Baltan! Group of family of four can opt for the XYZ triple room with four show tickets ranging from RM288 nett.


After a few hours of rest on that familiar comfy bed, my partner went to buy chicken porridge breakfast for me. He said, “Ah Ma, kui chuei!” (Hokkien meaning, grandma, open your mouth). And this was how my morning started.

Lunch was served at Hou Mei. I had herbal duck noodle soup which was pretty good, meat’s soft, but could be better if the soup’s richer. My partner had beef brisket noodle soup and he liked that the beef is tender but the soup’s slightly salty and oily. The noodles are handmade! I loved snacking on the crispy fried wantons as well because they were extremely meaty and filling. The roasted chicken’s skin was fragrant but the chicken itself was just average. I ain’t a fan of tao geys so I didn’t like this overall dish that much. Nonetheless, the smiles on our faces showed that we still enjoyed the lunch!


After a simple lunch, we were given a short briefing on the Self Check-In Kiosk. Basically, if the customer has made prior booking, he can use either their local Malaysian Identity Card, Resorts World Genting rewards card, or passport to check in using the kiosk. The official check in time is 3pm and the check out time is 11am. Checking in earlier incurs a surcharge of 5 ringgit, only applicable for red and silver privilege card holders. For gold and platinum card holders, the 5 ringgit surcharge does not apply. If the room has 2 occupants, both occupants must scan their IDs. After that, they can opt for two single beds or one king size bed. For other stuffs such as connecting rooms or near the lift rooms, there is a charge of 5 ringgit (for red and silver members only). After which, he can either let the system choose the room or he can choose it himself. Simple right?


Checking out is easier than ABC! Simply insert your room card into the self check-out kiosk and you’re done in just 1 second.

Moving on, it’s a great honor and pleasure to be able to visit the biggest laundry in Malaysia as well, namely the First World Hotel Laundry. They handle about thousands of laundry daily. All the laundry are collected through a central system where the workers will push them into the laundry room for sorting first. They separate bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, etc. After sorting, they are being placed into those big bags for washing. All these processes are automated. How cool is that?!


After washing, the laundry are sent to big dryers for drying. Then they will go through the auto folding system where the workers will just place the items onto the machine and the machine will iron and fold the items. For customer laundry, they have normal wash and dry wash system. Normal wash is around 4 – 8 hours. Then the customer’s laundry will be ironed and folded. If the customer requests for hanging of the laundry, it will be done and sent swiftly to the room too!

While making our way to visit the English Garden Pitcher Plants, I was greeted by a sunny scenic view. As I listened intently to the very very passionate Eddie Chan, I could feel every bit of gratefulness that he still remembered me as the “sexy lady that spends effort to dress up”! Eddie runs a “Treks Nature Enterprise” consultancy that designs nature activities for everyone.

For the plants lovers, do you know that there are 3 magnificent species of pitcher plants, namely, Sanguinea, Ramispina and Macfarlanei in Genting Highlands? Through the process of natural hybridization, these species has produced many varieties of natural hybrids of various colours, tones, shapes and sizes.

Do you know that pitcher plants are rescued from roadsides, hill slopes and pieces of land earmarked for development?! The pitcher plants are rehabilitated and are available for public viewing at the Treks Nepenthes Conservation & Display Wall at the English Garden in Theme Park Hotel (and also the Treks outlet in Awana).

Moving on, this lovely lady beside me is Pat Ang, Eddie’s super understanding and supportive wife. I will always remember how she sayang my cheeks and said, “The last time you came your hair was longer right?” From short hair to shorter hair, SHE NOTICED ME! Thanks Pat, it’s really heartwarming to see you again with the pampering of a cup of hot milk tea!


This dedicated couple opened “LUV@SKY”, a great little shop nearby the English Garden where you can enjoy a hot/cold drink, snacks and/or cup noodles amidst the cooling weathers of Genting Highlands. The guy beside me is Wayne, probably my very very long distant relative, with the same surname as me!

In case it rains, “LUV@SKY” is the best shelter you can hide in and at the same time enjoy viewing the beautiful pitcher plants inside the shop.

One of the methods actually used by Eddie is to plant Japanese moss around the pitcher plants to make the garden look better.

 All good so far? Now let’s zoom into the highlight of the day – an electrifying live performance of ULTRAMAN LIVE IN GENTING 2016.

ULTRAMAN LIVE IN GENTING 2016 features 10 Ultraman, 6 Evil Dark Heroes and 20 Monsters to thrill fans this December school holidays!

The villain Alien Baltan created a mirror that creates evil ultraman which is as powerful as the originals as an attempt to take over the world. The ultra warriors tried to stop but were unsuccessful at the beginning which led to ultra 7 getting badly injured by an evil ultra zero (his son). Hence, the rest of the ultra warriors had to seek help and unite as one to fight off all the evil ultra warriors and Alien Baltan’s team of aliens. In the meantime, Zero went to seek an old ultra warrior for advice and hence he learnt to combine martial arts (tiger, monkey and snake) with his powers.

Behold the competitive interactions, teamwork and combination of powers within the audience! Ultraman Tiga is looking for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look I’m here!!!!!!!!!! I caught your big big balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When my ultra warriors went for the final battle, Alien Baltan got away. It came back sacrificing himself to form the baddest monster to fight the ultra warriors. Before this, they managed to destroy the mirror to prevent alien Baltan from creating more evil ultra warriors.


Finally, the finale is left with zero and evil zero fighting. Zero with his new skills defeated evil zero in no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Show: Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 – Revenge of Baltan

Date: 5 Nov 2016 to 2 Jan 2017

Time: 4.00pm & 8.00pm

Venue: Genting International Showroom

Tickets are priced at RM108 (VIP), RM88 (PS1) and RM68 (PS2).

Early Bird Promotion: 30% discount (Genting Rewards Card members) & 20% discount (non-members)

For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to http://www.rwgenting.com.

Now, let’s move on to the next big highlight – AWANA HOTEL!

I’ve always loved Awana for its spacious room, two queen beds and a bathtub. Wooooo~ big rooms make me feel very comfortable and easier to fall asleep. There is a balcony as well for you to admire the scenery and cooling air!

As for dinner, you can simply enjoy a buffet at Rajawali Restaurant. I personally definitely prefer the outdoor seats as I could enjoy the natural cooling airs around me. There are live performing singers on a small stage within the indoor areas too! Very good ambience! Food wise, I consider the variety to be fairly good. I like their pasta and satays. The seafood such as chili prawns, spicy la-las and deep fried fishes tasted not bad too.

Rajawali now uses a meal card where you simply pass it to the staff who will scan it and return to you to keep before you proceed to enjoy the dinner. I super like to make my own ice kacang using the machine!  Their soft serve thick chocolate ice cream ended my dinner with a sweet touch before I embarked on the night herping programme.

Herpetofauna expert Steven Wong was sharing with me over dinner about the number of torchlights he has accumulated over the years for night herping! My partner and I gave our signature shocked faces. Steven is the head coordinator of the Herpetofauna Special Interest Group of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) (Selangor branch). Enjoying herping searching means searching for amphibians and reptiles, and if you’re lucky, you get to find other nocturnal creatures too. Steven acquired an interest in herpetofauna at an early age after watching Crocodile Hunter. He aims to dispel the negative stigma that is attached to reptiles and amphibians by educating the public about them.

Anyway, let’s zoom into these little creatures! Frogs become puffed up and inflated as a defense mechanism to appear too large to swallow. And if you notice, that huge frog without an eye still lives well.

We were really lucky for the night for spotting so many kinds of frogs, and a special spider web. Let me show you the close up.


WOW, I have never seen such a huge, neat and circular spider web before in my life. Not even in books! And the spider that you see in the middle is definitely REAL!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, the best part of herping is when you managed to find a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its bite could be deadly, so please stay far away from this beautiful green viper. Notice that its tail is red! Look at its tongue! Are snakes venomous or poisonous? Many people often get confused. Although both poison and venom are toxic, they differ in the method of delivery. Poison is only effective if ingested orally or absorbed; venom, on the other hand, is always injected. So snakes are not poisonous, but they can be venomous.

Although I couldn’t wake up the next morning to watch sunrise, my partner captured it down for me! Yay!

I had an extremely sinful breakfast at Rajawali – curry chicken, bee hoon, hot dogs, and soft boiled eggs. Fret not, I’m gonna burn these calories by going for BIRD WATCHING and FASHION FOREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ready for bird watching with a world class binoculars! Discover Birding sees avid bird watcher Mr Henry Goh, recommending two important birding books and sharing his knowledge of the endemic birds and migratory birds that are found in the Awana area.

Goh is the incumbent President of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and chairman of the Selangor branch of MNS. The society is the oldest and largest local conservation NGO, having celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2015. You need an excellent camera to capture the birds that are high up in the sky or hiding in the trees. You also need lots of patience and waiting. Please make do with these limited birdies photos that my partner managed to capture!

The finale for the day gotta be the fashion forest introduction by Eddie. This is a wifi rainforest, with high emphasis on social media, digital technologies and internet connectivity. Those who participate will capture nature in social media to create awareness of the need to conserve it.

According to Treks, these forests are unique because of their bio-diversity that is intact and abundant, and the fact that they enjoy protection from public abuse, being part of Genting Highlands.

Mr Edward Holloway, Senior Vice President of Resorts World Genting said, “Awana offers a 130th millionth year old jungle with very rich biodiversity for nature lovers to savour. We are now working with Treks Nature Enterprise to bring nature to nature lovers in a fashionable way, thus the name Fashion Forest is created.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these informative activities in Genting thus far! Genting is definitely not limited to casinos!

Before washing up and getting ready to check out, I bought a 2pm tee for RM60 in this small korean mama shop in Awana Genting and a pink rabbit slippers for RM19. I didn’t bring enough clothes and my blue sandals broke………… so it’s basically great excuses to shop. Oops.

I had a quick buffet lunch at Rajawali once again, before heading down to Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal for the coach back to Singapore.


It’s a really good weekend trip, and all these couldn’t have happened without the kind invitation from Irene and Ashley, the two key personnel who took care of me and everyone else throughout the trip with great warmth and hospitality.

I’m smiling now and I hope you’re too.

Thanks for reading!

BookFest@Singapore 2016



Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, POPULAR’s Bookfest@Singapore, Singapore’s largest and most successful book and stationery event will be presenting 10 Amazing Highlights as a way of thanking their loyal customers for their support for the past 10 years.

From health screenings for the health-conscious to the Titbits Carnival for the food junkies, the exclusive Liang Wern Fook Music Showcase for the music buffs to Chou Sing Chu’s press print and calligraphy exhibition for literature lovers, there is something for everyone. There are lucky draws and prizes worth up to $16,000 to be won!

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Popular BookFest@Singapore 2016 will run from 2 to 11 December in Halls 401 to 406 at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre, expecting more than 600,000 visitors from all over Singapore. The event is the largest it has ever been, with the activity space increased from 120,000 square feet in 2015 to 130,000 square feet to provide customers with an elevated shopping experience.

BookFest@Singapore 2016 will also offer wholesome activities categorised under health and wellness, kids, arts and culture, authors and celebrities, family fun, and food for the entire family. There’ll be something for everyone, whether you are a parent, teenager, preschool or primary school child, senior, book lover, educator or working professional.

STAY TUNED AND SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chiang Mai 2016 – Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa, Escape Restaurant, Tha Phae Gate, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace, Doi Pui Mong Village, Tiger Kingdom, Wualai Walking Street Saturday Night Market, Sankampaeng Hot Springs, Anantara Riverside Afternoon Tea, Anusarn Market, Kalare Night Bazaar


Greetings from Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa! It’s previously known as “Away Chiang Mai – Hot Springs Resort”. I reached in the evening, around 5pm and the weather’s cooling! What a great start.


Stayed in Room 935, a stairways up on the second floor. Opened the door and found a neat woody themed room.


The spacious toilet also offers folded hand towels that smell super good and refreshing when you wipe your face and hands.


There’s rain shower available as well. The complimentary bath gel and shampoo smells light and refreshing. I consider this a luxurious bathroom and it would be better if they consider installing bathtubs!


The room has high ceiling, extremely thick blankets, a soft and cozy bed and many pillows. I like how the curtains were tied up to give a warm and cozy homely feel.


One good thing is the resort provides an external “hard disk” or whatever you call it, that has a lot of movies in it and you can watch them on the huge TV screen. There’s a complimentary fruit basket on arrival as well.


The room’s balcony leads to an amazing greenery of mountain view, as well as fresh cooling air. Loved it. Feels a little bit like Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Hahaha.


Overall, the room emits a luxurious and spacious vibe. I’m very satisfied.


A little downside however is that the resort’s around an hour drive from the town area, and there’s nothing much around the resort area so it seems like you just gotta settle dinner at their restaurant.


It’s called the “Escape Restaurant”. Food’s a little pricey, on average around SGD$10++ per dish. Staff’s friendly.


Ambience’s okay though, quite classy with modern English Pop songs playing at its background. Black and white themed restaurant with mainly Thai food and western food.


Mai-tai cocktail, khao soi pork, deep fried cat fish with thai herbs and holy basil for dinner. Decent Thai food, though a little expensive. No other choices within walking distance around the resort…


Lady’s luck probably with me, as I got a special complimentary free lemon shot to digest all the food. It tasted very very alcoholic.


Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa also offers a huge swimming pool with waterfall and lightings that can change colour every now and then…


Sadly, the water is very dirty and pictures turn out horrible right?


I don’t know if it’s my imagination too wild, but somehow I feel those “rocks” behind me looked like some Halloween figurines?! Maybe I’m just being paranoid. But anyway, it’s a relaxing day as I returned to the room after dinner and jacuzzi and watched the movie “Frozen” before bed time. In fact, it’s the first time I watched Frozen. REALLY!


 On the morning of Day 2, I woke up with a very sleepy face and headed to the same restaurant, Escape Restaurant, for buffet breakfast. The spread wasn’t much but it’s fine for me as I don’t usually take too heavy breakfast.


After breakfast, I hopped onto the resort’s free shuttle service at 9am. This free shuttle drops guests in Chiang Mai Town, in particular, outside Tha Phae Gate. The journey from resort to town is about an hour.


If you’re interested to read a little bit of Tha Phae Gate, you may wish to zoom in! Hahaha. Anyway, after reaching Tha Phae Gate, I hopped onto a taxi that looks like a pick-up and the friendly Thai sold me a package to three places – Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace and Doi Pui Mong Village. I super like these 3 places! I’ll show you the pictures in a bit.

Let’s start with Wat Phra That Doi Suthep! Look at the intricate details of these two lovely dragons!


Looking at my smile, you can see that this stairways up was easy peasy and zero kick!


Foreigners, aka myself, and all tourists, please proceed to buy the ticket for 30 baht per person before entering to visit this place of worship.


Note: The highly respected Thai King passed away recently and it’s advisable not to wear yellow and red if you’re planning to visit any part of Thailand in these few months.


The more dominant religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism. However, many tourists, including me, who belong to other religions still need to adhere to the dress code in Doi Suthep.


This is the very famous golden mount at the temple. The gold is extremely shiny, grand and magnificent.


I was wearing shorts so it wasn’t an appropriate attire. Thus, I actually made a small donation to rent this beautiful turquoise cloth to cover my legs and then to return it after the temple visit.


Inside the temple, you’ll find many Buddha statues.


Most of the believers kneel down and prayed using joss sticks as a form of respect for the Gods.


This temple is actually a little misty and cold as it’s situated in the mountains area. Nevertheless, I really like it!


Within the temple itself, you will find many beautifully crafted statues. I’m sure many believers would find peace within their hearts while praying to these gods.


There is also a green glass Buddha statue. I also noticed visitors holding a flower and/or reading a note while walking one complete round around the golden mount.


With so many golden Buddha statues, this temple is definitely a sacred site to many Thai people.


Anybody knows the exact name of this particular Buddha statue with this “shield”?


I find Doi Suthep a very beautiful temple with a rich heritage and this is my favourite picture takeaway because of its bold colours.


I even saw many small Buddha statues alongside the aisle of the temple as well. Could this possibly be one of the temples in the world with one of the most numbers of Buddha statues?


The weather is a little fickled and unpredictable though – at times it’s bright and at times it’s misty.


The whole temple scale is not that huge but if you spend time to scrutinize the details, it can get overwhelming!


As I’m narrating, I’m very happy now because as I look back at this amazing temple, I felt honoured to be there in person to experience the wonders of Buddhism culture.


If you didn’t already know, elephants are iconic of Thailand as well and this white elephant shire is one of Chiang Mai’s icon too.


As what my top says, Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand, unforgettable because of Doi Suthep!


It was a great experience exploring Doi Suthep!!


Apart from dress code reminders, I found a note on the gong that states “Do not pat gong noise” probably to warn children visitors / even some adults that get too excited if they have not seen gongs in their lives.


It was misty at most times and thus it was a pity that I didn’t manage to capture scenic views from the temple. Oh well!


This brown Buddha statue is amazingly huge, tall and incredibly beautiful. In fact, most of the temple is covered with gold / brown colours.


A gentle reminder, once inside the temple grounds, footwear must be removed and placed neatly on the shoes shelves. All in all, Doi Suthep is a must-visit temple in Chiang Mai!


Moving on, the next place of interest driving uphill from Doi Suthep would be Bhubing Palace where only the royal garden is actually opened for visiting at the price of 50 baht per person, which is about SGD$2.


The dress code is very strict, you got to ensure that you’re wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and pants or skirts that cover your knees. Fret not, there’re a few street shops nearby where you could simply buy decent clothes there and have a makeover on the spot.


I personally feel there is nothing much to see at Bhubing Palace as it’s just like a normal garden.


There is a pavilion…


A huge water reservoir…


An eatery with cheap and yummy grilled pork balls…


And a garden with lots of flowers.


Doi Pui Mong Village is further up Bhubing Palace, within a couple of minutes drive. I super super love this Hmong’s hill tribes village for the shopping is cheap and it’s a more relaxed and slow paced area.


I rented the Hmong’s costume for 50 baht. It’s a super colourful and flowery village.


The hot pink themed Hmong’s costume is super super vibrant.


By the way, this Hmong’s costume is very heavy! The dangling necklace is also very heavy and so is the pinky thing on my head!


You can also view the Doi Pui waterfall for a small fee of 10 baht.


The very next itinerary was a total surprise and it definitely was also my best memory and fulfilment in Chiang Mai. This was none other than an hour drive from Doi Pui all the way to TIGER KINGDOM MAE RIM CHIANG MAI! Do note that the do’s and don’t of tiger are very important reads as you would definitely want to make it out alive.


You know, I chose to interact with the small tiger for 500 baht. But guess what?! I didn’t know when I entered, there were actually 4 small tigers roaming around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, they didn’t tell me it’s 4 and not 1?!


The first tiger looked so fierce like it will eat me up anytime. I touched it firmly and its body temperature is extremely warm.


I held the long tail of the second tiger. It was so heavy.


When people start asking me whether it’s a real tiger, I had to post this mouth-opening pose to prove it’s real; it’s indeed real.


I did not touch the third and fourth one as they were happily enjoying swimming in the waters.


Tigers are wild animals after all so please don’t get too excited and always follow the cue of the staff and keep a safe distance even in taking photos. I’m so proud that I bravely survived the Tiger Kingdom!


 So, keep calm and go to CHIANG MAI TIGER KINGDOM!


Do try the mango smoothie fresh fruit drink at the Tiger Kingdom as well, it’s really cooling, thick, filling and simply great!


The very kind and patient driver then dropped me at Wualai Walking Street Saturday Night Market for my favourite street shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo I’ll show you my loots in a bit.


Among all the typical night market food, these beef satays for 10 baht per stick were one of the cheap and filling bites.


Wild eggs, sticky rice, bbq food, sushi, fruits, noodles, seafood, etc were also great food picks at the night market.


These colourful irresistible chocolates I saw just pleases my eye. I didn’t buy any though, as I doubt I bear to eat them up!


To mourn the passing of the highly respected Thai King, the whole streets of Wualai lights were dimmed at 7.09pm and everyone had to stand still and hold a lighted candle in their hands. The Thai national anthem was sang before all the lights were on again as business resumes.


I actually took an hour ride of tuk tuk from Wualai night market back to Getaway Chiang Mai Resort. It’s a sky high price of 1500 baht (that’s SGD$60) considering that it’s late at night and a resort that’s out of the way for the locals. The driver drove at ferrari speed and the wind was so cold! I was even chased by a howling dog’s voice but still I made it back in one piece.


It’s tiring but a fulfilling and eventful day 2 spent in Chiang Mai! I feel so accomplished with all these loots!


To kickstart day 3, I had a yummy eggs benedict breakfast with orange juice at Escape Restaurant, yes, that one and only restaurant in Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa! I never knew they had this to offer until I saw someone else eating it. Omg hahaha.


After breakfast, I hopped onto the 9am free shuttle bus from the resort to Sankampaeng Hot Springs, which was a mere 10 minutes drive.


The entrance ticket is 100 baht per adult, that’s about SGD$4.


The hot spring temperature is 105 degrees Celsius and therefore you could even boil eggs in it. Soft boil it for 3 min, half boil it for 5 – 6 min, well done it for 10 – 15 min.


You could also bathe in a mineral bath for 60 baht at the mineral water bathroom. A group tub would cost 500 baht / hour. The cheapest one would be a traditional style with a basin for only 20 baht. I didn’t opt for all these as I thought it’s quite weird to pay money to bathe in a bathtub?!


Thus, I opted for the mineral swimming pool which costs 50 baht per adult and the bath towel for rent is 10 baht. Very big, warm and nice pool.


The feet could also have a great soak alongside the mineral watercourse. Woooo~


Dining is made easy at the Hot Spring Restaurant, where you can enjoy Thai iced tea and other local food!


However, I prefer the cheap cheap 10 baht grilled beef balls / chicken balls / pork balls along the streets surrounding Sankampaeng Hot Springs.


I hopped onto the free shuttle bus at 12pm from Sankampaeng Hot Springs back to Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa and wanted to go for a swim, but realised that the swimming pool’s too deep, 1.6 to 1.7 metres! Gosh!


These rocks and waterfall really made the swimming pool stand out from any other typical swimming pools!


The sun and the waters are one of my best friends!


After washing up, I went for my complimentary Anantara Vacation Club invitation at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort.


I had my riverside afternoon tea at The Service 1921 Restaurant & Bar inside Anantara. The price is THB 880 per pax or THB 1,200 per couple, subject to 10% service charge and applicable government taxes.


Sweet foods like macarons, chocolate brownie, mango vanilla rice pudding, strawberry pistachio cake, coconut passion cake, green tea financier were served. I loved the savoury ones like truffle ham and cheese croissant, chicken curry banana pie, seafood quiche lorraine, chiang mai sausage burger and croquette prawn satay. Very filling, piping hot, crispy and fragrant.I didn’t quite like the scones though, be it plain ones, raisin ones, strawberry jam, orange jam, and clotted cream were all not to my liking. However, the Swensen ice cream and sorbet was a refreshing kick! The hot chocolate was great and the refreshing cold lemon and lime drink in that cute little teapot perfected the lazy afternoon tea time.


Anusarn Market was a stone’s throw away from Anantara and I walked over for my favourite night market shopping. Woohoo!


The night bazaar is said to be one of the best night shopping places in Chiang Mai! Indeed, there are many many many things to see and buy.


Similarly, Kalare Night Bazaar is a great food and shopping center. These places are very nearby one another, and almost connected, so there’s really too much shopping to be done!


There happens to be a ladyboy show as well, and you could take a picture with them for 100 baht!


After the long hours of shopping, I had an hour of thai massage for only 200 baht. Cheap leh, that’s only SGD$8 for an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lugged all my stuff back to Anantara and slacked on the couch while waiting for my complimentary pick up back to Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa. Super shiok, like a shopping queen!


Today’s loots were lesser than yesterday ones, but I’m still super happy and proud about it!


Sadly, the next morning, it’s time to part Chiang Mai. Nonetheless, I tried Dairy Queen for the first time at Chiang Mai Airport. The sauce for the hot dog bread is super nice~


Travelling makes me happy as I can explore all I want but it does get a little tiring at times too. Nevertheless, it was a great trip. Thanks for reading!

Koh Samui 2016 – Samui Airport, Chaweng Bay View Resort, Fisherman’s Village, Lazy Wave, Chaweng Beach, Zip Line, Bridge, Water Slide, Namuang Waterfall, Modern Spa, Sallamai Resort, Lamai Beach, Porn Restaurant, Hinta Hinyai, Erawan Traditional Thai Massage, Lamai Sunday Market, Thai Brasserie


Hello my dearies! The happy girl is off to Koh Samui, Thailand for a 4d3N beach holiday. Teehehehe! I arrived at night by Bangkok Airways flight. It’s a very short 1.5 hours direct flight from Singapore to Samui Airport. Samui Airport is very small and non air-conditioned.


I stayed in Chaweng Bay View Resort for two nights and it has a relatively big and cozy room. Very quiet, and very near Samui’s airport as it’s just about a 5 – 10 min drive away. Room size is bigger than I expected. Very comfortable bed and dim lightings. Good for resting.


Feels like home. Ample walking space. Non-slippery wooden tiles. They do provide umbrellas too! Complimentary bottled mineral waters, coffee and tea. The internal wooden door leads to …


… a luxurious and huge toilet. Much bigger than my home one for sure. Hahaha. One more door next to the shower area………


LEADING TO MY FAVOURITE PART- a personal Jacuzzi. In fact, I booked this resort just to enjoy this huge Jacuzzi!


After settling down, I cabbed to the original Fisherman’s Village at Bophut Beach / The Wharf for 400 baht. Like so expensive lor for a 15 – 20 minute ride.


It was raining quite heavily when I reached but thankfully after some shopping, the rain stopped!


Fisherman’s Village is like a night market area with the usual kind of Thai’s signature drinks like bottled beers and street food.


Noodles, sausages, pork, chicken and so much more! Of course there’re also the usual fruits, cakes, cookies, and even some fried insects like meal worms and grasshoppers. Yikes, no, I’m not gonna try.


It looks really nice and comfy to relax on the sofas and cushions around the beach area while listening to the sea waves and enjoying the sea breeze. Perfect for shi sha lovers to chill. Great for chit chatting over drinks on the sandy beach.


Got my white “Aloha Samui Party” top and grey “Teddy Bear” top for 100 baht each, romper for 200 baht, bikini for 200 baht, muay thai black top for 100 baht, green elephant shorts for 100 baht, stitch and angel for 150 baht, adidas top for 200 baht, magnets for 100 baht, ironman lego for 100 baht and dark red shoes for 100 baht. ACHIEVEMENT! Shopping queen’s extremely satisfied with the buys for the first night and managed to sleep soundly.


Day 2 adventure begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s great to wake up to a sunny morning and I walked to Lazy Wave Bar & Restaurant for a tango breakfast by the beach.


How nice, to just sit and eat my breakfast while looking at the sea. One of a kind experience on a quiet morning.


I sat there for probably close to an hour or so sipping my hot chocolate drink, eating my scrambled egg bit by bit and simply enjoying all the other food. Loving it.


After breakfast, I strolled along the beach and bought a purple donut float for 200 baht from a friendly Thai and simply lazed around the rest of the morning. So shiok.


I can float everywhere!!!!!!!!! (Cos apparently, I can’t swim >.<)


Floating aimlessly, hahaha.


Certain parts of the water are pretty clear, but there’re the muddy ones as well.


While walking along the beach, I upgraded my donut float for FREE with another friendly Thai, to a tyre. Hahaha damn lucky, as it’s slightly bigger and definitely more comfy to sit.


I used to pack my holidays with so much activities, and then totally rushing for itinerary after itinerary. Recently, I’ve taken a more relaxed style, and it definitely was less tensed as I had more time to just laze around and enjoy the calm nature. Awesome feeling.


Loving my coconut tree bikini!


So while I walked along Chaweng Beach, one Thai guy just approached me and let me hug this furry black little cutie monkey. It’s super soft and cute! And then right, after this photo, ta dah, he asked for 100 baht!! I was like, “I knew it, give you lah give you lah…”.


Snacked on a pork burger and a coconut milk drink from 7-11 for a quick lunch and walked into this tour agency shophouse and randomly joined a “Big Boop Boop” afternoon half day adventure tour for 1200 baht per pax. It was truly amazing and I met friends from Israel, Russia and England. Lovely people!


Wooohoooooo the zip line was a really long ride and I loved the fast speed. Definitely worth my time!


Very thankful to the driver who managed to help all of us capture our moments. This bridge was easy peasy.


Really loved the view and exciting and shaking bridge walk, whatever you term it. So pleased with myself!


Climbing to the top of the jeep and enjoying the bumpy ride downhill and uphill was a total BONUS. That included shunning the tree branches to prevent getting hit in the head and shoulders as the jeep drove along the roads.


Next up – WATER SLIDES!!!!!!!!!!!


I took the blue slide twice. The speed was fast and furious, and I couldn’t open my eyes as the water kept splashing directly into it. It was a long and enjoyable slide and yes, I screamed. Dropped into the waters with an extremely huge splash and managed to struggle out of it safely even though I can’t swim! So proud of myself!


I also walked through all these steps and rocks as it eventually led to a small waterfall.


Luckily there weren’t too many tourists so it wasn’t so difficult to walk through these “obstacles”.


You can also swim in these waters, that is if you don’t mind them not being too clean.


The mermaid wannabe that’s totally soaked from head to toe thanks to the water slide!


I love you, Samui Tropical Garden. You made me so happy!


So are you ready for the waterfall?


Swee bo?


No I didn’t climb to the top as I thought it seemed dangerous and I don’t wanna risk slipping and falling!


Actually on second look, the water seemed quite clean and maybe that’s why there were really some kids playing in the waters. Hahaha.


Aloha, after a very very simple dinner with mostly chicken and vegetables, we dried ourselves and made our way to another waterfall.


It’s called the Namuang Waterfall.


Very small little stream of water flowing down from a good height.


These surrounding trees and rocks made the waterfall area really beautiful and the whole serenity brought natural happy smiles on me.


You should be here…… with me!


After pleasing the eyes, it’s time to head back to please the body for a good one hour massage for 250 baht. That’s around SGD10. The prices range around 200 to 350 baht thereabout, depending on your negotiation skills.


I like non-air conditioned massage places actually, because I like the sound of the fans and the natural air generated by it blowing on me. Hahaha. Feels like childhood days at home when we don’t have air-con and fans are like everything to us.


Before heading back to the resort, I stopped by Mac and tried their new strawberry dip crunchy ice cream cone. Only 40 baht. Cheap cheap. Can also use the receipt number to use 30 minutes to 1 hour of free wifi.


My buys for Day 2 – yellow bikini set for 200 baht, thailand top for 100 baht, hello kitty mug for 50 baht, full moon party top for 100 baht, blue elephant shorts for 100 baht, superman lego for 100 baht, blue shoes for 150 baht, purple and black top for 200 baht, superman cap for 250 baht. ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT.


After reaching the resort, it’s time for a relaxing night with my personal Jacuzzi. See, smile until so happy. Hahaha.


By the way, it took like an hour or so to fill this Jacuzzi to the brim as the tap’s really super slow and the water flow’s damn little. Whatever, I still had a great soak and a good night rest. Yay!


Day 3 morning was spent lazing in the room eating thai minced pork cup noodles for breakfast before continuing to “sleep” under the sun.


I happened to notice this cute and silly “boy” hanging on the tree. Hahaha.


Can also hide inside this “egg”.


I enjoyed my tanning session under the scorching sun. The view is great.


After the “burns”, it’s time to cool everything down and enjoy the waters.


Relaxing in my tyre float. Today my tyre a bit punctured though, I seemed to be sinking deeper. Hahaha.


Act only, actually cannot swim much. LOL.


Thank you Chaweng Bay View Resort, you’ve served me well for the past two nights!


With these smiles and memories created by this lovely resort, it’s time to check out and take a cab to Sallamai Resort, where I would stay for a night before my flight.


Welcome to Sallamai Resort in Lamai Beach!


Welcomed with a small cup of icy cold lemon water.


Room’s kinda smaller than expected. I was quite surprised that blankets are provided only upon request.


The highlight of this resort is the personal bubble spa bath outside the room. Though the room states “sea view”, the view of the sea is really kind of off, and too far away.


The rain shower is nice. Overall, still an okay resort for a night’s stay.


Lamai beach is a stone’s throw away from Sallamai Resort. Very quiet beach. Happened to see some nice boats!


Another afternoon with the SUN!


The waters are pretty shallow and you can walk right into the middle of the big sea! So cool.


The sky got a little gloomy for a while though. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed stepping on moss, rocks and sand while walking in the cold waters.


Was a little hungry and popped by Porn Restaurant to rest and eat.


Had a super late thai local lunch cum super early dinner. Or maybe you would like to call it lun-ner. Cheap cheap.


Cabbed to Hinta Hinyai – which are grandfather / grandmother rocks formation that look like a guy’s penis and a girl’s vagina. Oh my god! Really meh? You judge yourself later.


I came at the perfect timing when the sun is about to set. Super nice weather, super nice scenery.


Clear waters and clean rocks!


Watching the sun sets!


I stared into this vast sea, feeling very peaceful.


This is the so called vagina.


And this is the so called penis.


Here’s the close up. O_O


Look like meh? Hahaha. I enjoyed the sunset more than the “Hinta Hinyai”.


Very cute and colourful Samui.


Super cute pink animals stool!


Love me? Hahaha, no need, because I’ll love myself. =P


You can hang small papers with writings on it or something like that on the two netted hearts for its purpose is to “Lock your love forever”. Interesting.


Initially wanted to go for a massage, but ended up doing a facial!


Very happy because the facial gave me a good surprise.


First, I became a ghost.


Eventually, I turned into a cucumber! As I haven’t had my dinner, I was so hungry that I thought maybe I should just eat up all the cucumbers. Wahahaha.


And then I turned back into a human after being presented with a cup of ginger tea. Hahaha!


Finally, the stomach’s growling big time and it’s time to continue strolling the Lamai Sunday Night Market that only happens every Sunday from 3pm to 11pm nearby Lamai beach. I’m a huge fan of night markets!


Started off with a grilled chicken. Not so nice.


Tried a BBQ squid next. So so only also.


Got a pork for 15 baht and realised I got scammed, as there’s the exact one at another stall for only 10 baht lor.


Not sure what this sells, but it’s already closing by the time I wanted to try.


The 4 sticks of chicken breast curry super delicious and worth the price for only 50 baht.


There’s also this Japanese mushroom with bacon and free salad for only 50 baht as well!


Sticky rice BBQ, chewy also. Got this chao tar smell. So cheap, and filling. 10 baht only.


Damn tam chiak, eat non stop. Hahaha.


Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this buy that, buy until so happy! However, I didn’t sleep well for the night as I don’t know why also, probably couldn’t adapt with the sudden switch of resort or knowing that I gotta return home the next day? Hahaha. No idea.


Even though I didn’t sleep much, I was still perked up the next morning thanks to the warm scrambled eggs and homemade banana and papaya jam for my toasts. Very yummy food in a cozy setting.


Not much sun as most of the area’s sheltered.


Pool is very clean but quite small also. There’re only 10 rooms in the whole of Sallamai Resort, so I reckon they don’t need a big pool as there won’t be so many customers.


Relaxing for the last bit. The power and vibration of the bubbles very strong, very good massage and spa bath! Would be perfect if able to view the sea but too bad, the “sea view” too far away liao.


After washing up and packing up, reality sets in as it’s time to head to the airport. Sian!


Nowadays everything very modern, can self check-in and it will auto print the boarding pass, no need to queue and all. Technology so advanced. Hahaha.


Outside Samui Airport, there’re some rows of shops selling expensive bags, clothes and souvenirs. Can see, cannot buy, not worth the money!


Had a great lunch at Thai Brasserie by blue elephant. Free wifi.


Thai iced tea + bangkok noodle = perfect Thai farewell lunch.


All good things come to an end, and so do holidays.


Yes I love Samui for its serenity, I didn’t save the coconut trees though, and I still love earth but I’m not sure how to save earth. Hahaha.


Bon Voyage Samui!


It’s very nice of Bangkok Airways that they have a courtesy corner with free drinks and snacks while you wait at the waiting area for your plane to arrive. You can use your boarding pass to request for wifi too!


Goodbye Samui, this time for real. So sad…


I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my virtual 4D3N Samui Beach Holiday. Thanks for reading!