John Legend Darkness And Light Tour LIVE IN GENTING

[ John Legend Darkness And Light Tour LIVE IN GENTING ]

Can you believe it?!

The internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician and actor John Legend is coming to Malaysia! John Legend has produced several hit songs such as ‘Green Light’ and ‘Love Me Now’. With five studio albums to his name, he is set to perform his R&B and soul numbers for his fans.

John Legend 20180317

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! This ten time Grammy Award winning singer John Legend is coming to wow fans and audience with his concert right at Resorts World Genting!!!!!!!!!!

Concert: Darkness and Light World Tour

Date & Time: 17 March 2018, 8.30pm

Location: Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting

More information about the tickets for the concert will be released soon. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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Musical Theatre Limited Presents My Love Is Blind


Pic 3_preview

Board of Directors of MTL with President Halimah Yacob (from Left: Desmond Moey, Tan Guan Heng, Stella Kon – Chairperson of MTL, President Madam Halimah Yacob, Sean Wong, Roland Ang and Florence Fang, Managing Director of Flame Communications) 


The musical “My Love is Blind” – the first local musical production involving the visually handicapped and challenging conventional stereotypes about the visually handicapped was graced by President Halimah Yacob, who is also the Patron of MTL at the gala dinner tonight at SOTA Drama Theatre.


Presented by Musical Theatre Limited (MTL), a registered arts charity which creates original musicals to enrich the arts scene, this social cause musical aims to raise awareness and empower the visually handicapped in Singapore and at the same time, highlights that the disabled are as intelligent, talented and competent as the able. Helmed by established playwright Stella Kon, the MTL team has casted visually handicapped performers alongside established actors and musicians, recognising their talents and providing a boost of self-esteem and social inclusiveness.


Directed by Aidli Mosbit and based on the true success story of Tan Guan Heng, ‘My Love is Blind’ tells the story of a university graduate (ex-Rafflesian) Guan, who loses his sight in the prime of his life at age 28, shortly after his graduation from the (then) University of Malaya. Guan was unable to find a job then and set up his own successful book business and even went on to become an active leader of the blind and disabled. He garnered inner strength and support from the people around him and overcomes great adversity and carries on to find love and success. Starring veteran actor Benjamin Chow who won Best Supporting Actor in the M1-Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards for his role in ‘The LKY Musical’ alongside visually handicapped performers, the musical will showcase the talents and abilities of the disabled while recognising their talent as singers and musicians.


The team is currently raising funds to produce a full-scale musical in an effort to reach out to more people. My Love is Blind is based on his eponymous semi-autobiographical novel, which Tan hopes can raise awareness and rally public support around the disabled community.


All in all, ‘My Love is Blind’ throws a spotlight on the ambitions and achievements of the visually handicapped. Catch this heartwarming and emotional musical with tickets sold by SISTIC!


The Musical: My Love is Blind

Event Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre, Singapore

Show Dates: 23 to 25 November 2017

Ticketing Prices: S$40, S$65, and S$80 (excluding SISTIC fees). For more information, please visit the MTL website at

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The Gem Museum Presents “Shine Bright” Gem Exhibition To Help Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer



Southeast Asia’s Most Anticipated Marketplace for Fine Jewellery and Gemstones
Shine Bright honours women who stand strong in face of life adversities and the beauty of their inner strength shine brightly in the darkness, especially in fighting against breast cancer.  In line with Breast Cancer Awareness month, Shine Bright is a collaboration between The Gem Museum, Parkway Cancer Centre and Bloomback to raise awareness on breast cancer. 

Event: Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2017

Event Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Sands Expo & Convention Centre Hall A & B, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Event Opening Hours: 27 – 29 October 2017 11am to 8pm (Friday – Sunday) & 30 October 2017 11am to 5pm (Monday)

Ticketing Prices: FREE ADMISSION

Singapore Identification Cards/National Passports must be presented at the registration counters onsite for verification purpose. 

The Gem Museum is proud to be invited to participate at the Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair (SJGF) 2017 for their 5th year. There are more than 150 exhibitors from 19 countries including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, USA and Hong Kong. Exhibiting with the Diamond Exchange of Singapore, the exhibition aims to educate the public on the value of gemstones from mining to market.
Early detection of breast cancer could save lives. In order to promote breast cancer awareness, the exhibit features 3 sets of lingerie specially designed with precious diamonds and gemstones created by The Gem Museum.
* Pink Bloom – made with 1 piece of Ruby (0.49ct), 27 pieces of Tourmaline (21.47ct) and 22 pieces of Diamond (12.02ct).
Pink Bloom reflects the central theme of breast cancer awareness. It speaks of women empowered to take an active role and blooming in the pink of health. It features a simple flower design set with pink and red gemstones such as pink tourmaline and ruby. Diamonds are included to signify the blooming shine of the empowered women.
* Glowing Gem – made with 10 pieces of Pearl (10.51g), 19 pieces of Spinel (21.79ct), 29 pieces of Sapphire (22.32ct) and 6 pieces of Diamond (1.16ct).


Glowing Gem speaks of women shining brightly in the darkest times. It features beautiful gemstones that can naturally glow in the dark under ultraviolet light. These gems are diamonds, unheated sapphires, red spinels and Akoya and Mabe pearls. Most minerals do not exhibit fluorescence effect. Only about 15% of minerals have fluorescence visible light. The gemstones on this set of lingerie would be exhibited in a dark room illuminated with ultraviolet light.


* Blossoming Strength – made with 31 pieces of Jade and 46 pieces of Diamonds (14.25ct)
Blossoming Strength speaks of women cancer warriors who hold the fort and stand strong to fight against adversities. It is set in an armour-inspired design using precious A-jade pieces and champagne brown diamonds. Jade has the hardness of 6.5 – 7, similar to that of stainless steel, and is an extremely tough material that had been used to make weapons like neolithic knives and axe heads. It symbolises toughness and strength.
The Gem Museum stands together to support their partners in their efforts to promote breast cancer. Partnering with Parkway Cancer Centre, the centre will sponsor 1 mammogram for marginalised women under the care of Bloomback for every 5 pink bell jars sold at at $65 each.

About The Gem Museum

Founded on 1st June 2015 by Ms. Loke Huiying and Mr. Tay Kunming, The Gem Museum is Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private gem museum open to the public. It aims to become the international platform that bridges the gemstone industry and the rest of the world.

The Gem Museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from around the world. Besides being committed to showcase some of the world’s most precious and rare gemstones, it is a place where learning is highly favoured and relationship building within the industry is encouraged. Most of the gems and minerals on display belong to the private collection of Far East Gem Institute’s founder, Mr. Tay Thye Sun. For more information, please visit

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MBM Wheelpower Launches MBM AutoCity


MBM AutoCity is one of Singapore’s largest independent one-stop car service centre.
Pic 10
An avid automobile enthusiast and entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer Mr Kelvin Lim, founded MBM WheelPower in 2001 at Sin Ming Autocare. 
Mr Kelvin Lim, aged 40, has over 15 years of experience in the car service industry. The catalogue of services includes car maintenance, repair, modification, tuning and grooming services for a wide range of car brands. As their flagship service centre, MBM AutoCity will provide a comprehensive suite of car services, backed by high-quality customer service and stringent quality control. Together with a team of experienced automobile technicians and trained service staff, Kelvin has built MBM’s reputation as the leading independent car workshop in Singapore. In fact, MBM Wheelpower is the only Singapore car workshop listed successfully on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2016 under Zheng Li Holdings Limited.
Pic 2
An exclusive media preview of MBM Wheelpower’s 38,000sqft workshop and state-of-the-art facilities
Symbolised by a racing wheel in perpetual motion, MBM is the embodiment of progressiveness, dynamism and drive – qualities that fuel the passion of car enthusiasts. With a staff strength of 100, MBM AutoCity has the capability to attend to 70 cars daily. MBM Wheelpower’s expansion is good news to all car owners in Singapore! The new facility is managed by a team of highly-skilled and factory-trained staff, extending MBM Wheelpower’s capability to service more cars, especially for luxury and ultra-luxury passenger cars. Services also include aesthetic modifications, body kit enhancements to performance modifications.
Pic 5
The 38,000 sq feet premises includes a showroom and a VIP Lounge. Decked with modern and luxurious fittings such as marble and grand chandeliers, MBM Wheelpower’s showroom includes a coffee and drinks counter, 4 reception counters, plush sofas, a leisure area with reading materials and a children’s corner. Leading up from the showroom is MBM Wheelpower’s VIP lounge which features an intimate cigar and wine bar for their privileged customers for a relaxing and intimate experience.
Pic 8
For the shoppers, there are plenty of MBM merchandise on sale including automobile branded T-shirts, bags, keychains, wheel, car accessories, etc.
Pic 9
To complete the consumer experience, MBM Wheelpower has also strategically integrated the user experience into one’s mobile device in their car rewards app, known as MBM Rewards (a mobile rewards app). Customers can download, earn and accumulate reward points to redeem free vouchers and other lifestyle gifts.


MBM Wheelpower will also be introducing the MBM Unlimited Warranty, providing unlimited mileage coverage – the highest claim amount up to the purchase value of a car, and the widest coverage over the warranty period. Drivers can enjoy complete peace of mind as the coverage is underwritten by the acclaimed QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Additional coverage beyond the car’s manufacturer warranty will cost as low as $288* per year (*For Asian car makes below 1,400cc. Terms and conditions apply.). Car owners can choose between MBM Unlimited and MBM Unlimited+.

The MBM Unlimited plan covers major car components such as the engine, transmission, drive axle, seals and gaskets and transfer unit. For those looking for additional coverage including air conditioner, brakes, cooling system, electrical components, front and rear suspension, fuel system or steering, there is the option of the MBM Unlimited+ plan. This plan gives bumper-to- bumper coverage beyond the car owner’s manufacturer warranty. It covers parts installed by the manufacturer but does not include exclusionary coverage such as any damage or breakdown caused by a collision, road hazard, theft or natural disasters.


160 Sin Ming Drive #06-02 Sin Ming Autocity Singapore 575722

Customer Service Hotline: 6262 8888

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Resorts World Genting & Resorts World Langkawi 2017 – Eatopia, Hotel On The Park, La Fiesta (Sky Avenue Mall), SeniKome PengHeng, Malaysian Food Street, Chin Swee Temple, Resorts World Langkawi, Seagull Coffee House, Mangrove, Geopark, Sunset Cruise



Hi dearies! It’s been a while! It’s an honor once again to be invited by Resorts World Genting to check out their latest Hotel On The Park!!!!! A bonus round this time included a visit to Resorts World Langkawi with a relaxing mangrove tour and the most beautiful sunset experience onboard a cruise with Tropical Charters. Wow!

A quick recap of my previous visits featuring the other great attractions of Genting Highlands can be found in the links below.

Genting Highlands 2015 – First World Hotel, Coffee Terrace Restaurant, Chin Swee Caves Temple, Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem, Resort Seafood Steamboat, ITALGELato

Genting Highlands 2016 – First World Hotel, Snow World, Aaron Crow Fearless Award Winning Mystician, Bubbles & Bites, ITALGELato, The Food Factory

Genting Highlands 2016 – First World Hotel, Ice Age Collision Course, The Food Factory, Power Rangers, Awana Rajawali, Hou Mei

Genting Highlands 2016 – Awana Hotel, Fashion Forest, Golf Terrace, Skyride Forest, Rajawali Restaurant, Night Herping, Bird Watching

Genting Highlands 2016 – First World Hotel, Hou Mei, Self Check-In Kiosk, First World Hotel Laundry, English Garden Pitcher Plants, Ultraman Show, Awana Hotel, Rajawali Restaurant, Night Herping, Fashion Forest, Bird Watching

Genting Highlands 2017 – First World Hotel, Awana Skyway Glass Floor Gondola Ride, Burger & Lobster, Cafes Richard, Motorino, The Food Factory

Now, let’s get the ball rolling for the highlights of this 4D3N trip to Resorts World Genting and Resorts World Langkawi. ARE YOU READY?!

Let’s GO!

We were privileged to enjoy an entire coach by ourselves up to Genting Highlands on a sunny Thursday morning. It was about a 7 hours journey!


As you step into the 8,000 sq ft lobby, you’ll see a pillar of higgledy piggledy stacked ‘giant’ tea cups which reach the ceiling. “All this was designed to make it a fun hotel, a precursor to the excitement which awaits at the Twentieth Century Fox World,” shared Dato Edward Holloway, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Resorts World Genting.


Upon our safe arrival, we were greeted with curry puffs and chilled bottled fruit juices at Eatopia at Hotel On The Park. Eatopia is good as a “Grab & Go” F&B outlet as they offer hot and cold beverages, light snacks, bakery items, heat-and-go wraps and pastas, nasi lemak, puffs, croissants, donuts, muffins and even sushi. For healthier choices, there are also options of oats and muesli. Not to worry, snacks such as biscotti, chips, cookies, nuts chocolates and candies are also available for the sweet tooth.

Of course, there are some limited seats available for those who prefer the traditional dining in instead of the “Grab & Go” concept. Otherwise, simply “Grab & Go” your food back into your room to enjoy your breakfast in bed!

F&B: Eatopia (Grab & Go)

Location: Lobby of Hotel On The Park

What to eat: Nasi Lemak


Be sure to check out the fantastical take of imagination and be creative in your poses at this bank of trick mirrors at the lobby of Hotel On The Park! This mirrors Alice’s reaction as she fell into the rabbit role in the classic Lewis Carrol story – Alice In Wonderland. Interestingly, the design team also used a natural light to evoke a continuously shifting spectrum of colour when visitors walk past.

Accommodation: Hotel On The Park (Formerly Theme Park Hotel)

Location: Resorts World Genting

Room Types: Four Honeymoon Suites (Courtship, Proposal, Wedding and Honeymoon), Sixes (with a built-up bunk bed above the platform), Quads, King’s Room (Handicap)

Bed Types: Built in, tatami-style raised platform with two queen sized beds

It was a pleasant surprise when I checked in to my room at Hotel On The Park – the brand new name and image replacing Theme Park Hotel! I loved the artwork and cuteness of this makeover. It’s very family oriented, perfect for families with children as each room can easily house 4 pax. I especially like the hand drawn designs in white paint on blackout roller blinds!

“It’s an old structure, based on a boxy, old school, industrial design. We wanted something exciting, new and different,” said Dato Edward.


Personally, I feel that the wow factor lies in the fact that the bedroom is creatively designed with a fantastical take of imagination. The raised sleeping platforms also serve as storage spaces with luggages and room safes being stored in the compartments in the platforms to save space. Clothes are hung on knobs around which artists have drawn outlines of closets! The television set is hung on brackets with artwork around it seemingly like being enclosed in a TV cabinet. HOW COOL RIGHT?!

“We designed according to the ‘line of sight’ theory. The goal is to have continuous, uninterrupted lines, straight lines to a clean ceiling which gives the impression of space,” explained Dato Edward.


After a short rest, it’s dinner time at La Fiesta, a little piece of Spanish Heaven which serves authentic tapas.

F&B: La Fiesta

Location: Sky Avenue Mall, Genting Highlands

Opening Hours: Opens daily from 11am to 12 midnight (Sat & Sun), 11am to 10pm (PH), 12pm to 10pm (Mon to Thu), 12pm to 12 midnight (Fri & Eve of PH)

Seating Capacity: 85

Restaurant: Open Kitchen Concept

What to eat: Seafood

La Fiesta is a designed in traditional Catalan eatery style, with tiled arches, an earthy palette and muted lighting, giving it a cozy and intimate feel. Good place to chill. La Fiesta also has a wine list headed by some glorious cava (Spanish sparkling wine), which is made in the same way champagne is produced, although with different grapes – Macabeu, Parellada and Xarello (all white). Of course, popular drinks, cocktails, sangrias, punches, craft beers, artisanal tonics and sodas are also available at La Fiesta.

The pride of place (and plate) is reserved for the Spanish Iberico pig, a rare breed found only in Spain with its ancestry back to the cavemen of the Iberian Peninsula. They are prized for their heavily-marbled meat which is made into the renowned Iberico ham (jamon), and the rich, nutty flavour of its pork, which is a result of its acorn-rich diet. Selections from gold standard producer Joselito, whose hams have been used by Spanish culinary geniuses like Ferran Adria, Juan Mari Arzak and Andoni Luis Aduritz, are featured extensively, and make an appearance on the Iberico, chorizo (sausage) and salchichon (summer sausage) platters.

This little piece of Barcelona is set to become one of Malaysia’s more notable Spanish restaurants, with a menu which offers every robust, flavourful and memorable aspect of the country, all found within the rustic haven of La Fiesta.

Familiar tapas – calamares a la Andaluza (deep-fried calamari with garlic mayonnaise dip), albondigas con sepia (pork and beef meatballs with cuttlefish) and patatas bravas (potatoes in spiced tomato sauce) are popular picks at La Fiesta. I pretty much liked the garlic prawns poached in olive oil as the juicy prawns emits an extremely refreshing taste in the mouth. One thing you must try is the black squid ink seafood infused bomba rice which is slow cooked in seafood broth with prawns and cuttlefish, giving it a very strong taste which can be tamed by a fresh squeeze of lemon.

With satisfied stomachs, Day 1 is made complete!

The next morning, we had a short tour at SeniKome Peng Heng. ‘Seni Kome’ represents ‘Our Art’. The word ‘Kome’ is from the local Pahang dialect, which is also used in several other states while ‘Peng Heng’ is the name stated in historical documents of the Ming Dynasty in the 1520s, which refers to the East Coast region of the Malay Peninsula. In short, ‘SeniKome, Peng Heng’ is a vibrant display of the local arts and culture of the East Coast regions, namely Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. The East Coast community is affluent in courtesy, etiquette, artistry and still holds strong to its customs and traditions. Because of their close relationship with nature, nature is often used as a guiding element in their daily actions. Every activity of theirs is dependent on the passage of the seasons. Rich in culture and heritage, every piece of cultural element showcased at SeniKome Peng Heng will bring a vibrant element of the East Coast culture to life for visitors.

Attraction: SeniKome Peng Heng
(East Coast’s Arts & Cultural Centre)

Location: Level 3, First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting

Ticketing Prices: RM 10 for Non-Malaysian Adults, RM 8 for Non-Malaysian Children

I indulged myself in their culture, arts and craft, and even traditional games!


What to eat: Signature Nasi Kerabu (RM 15.90)

A little surprise is to visit the retail shop which also has a food corner that sells an extremely tasty Signature Nasi Kerabu and Ape pun Ada Ice! The rice is steamed in blue water extracted from ‘bunga telang’ (butterfly pea flower). Served with ‘ulam’ (herbs and vegetable salad), coconut floss, fish floss, salted duck egg, topped with a spoonful of rich ‘sambal tumis’ (turmeric and coconut sambal). A definite must try authentic delicacy of the East Coast Malaysia!

Another good snack is the Keropok Lekor, a fish cracker originated from Terengganu. The word ‘lekor’ means ‘roll’. This crispy snack is served with chilli sauce. Their Kuih Muih (sweet and savoury desserts), burbur cha cha (a dessert soup of yam and sweet potato cubes served in coconut milk), and even the mee siam (stir-fry rice vermicelli with fragrant chilli paste) are enticing!

Moving on………..

Food brings people together; friendships are forged and ties are renewed over food at Malaysian Food Street!

Attraction: Malaysian Food Street (Non-Halal)

Location: Sky Avenue Mall

What to eat: Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Satays, Claypot Rice, Penang Fried Char Kuay Teow, Wanton Mee, Ipoh Hor Fun Soup, Porridge, Banana Leaf Rice, Cendol

The most popular Malaysian dishes that are featured in the Malaysian Food Street is spread over five zones, with 20 stalls, three kiosks and one drinks counter. Out of these, eight stalls, along with the three kiosks and the drinks counter are operated by Resorts World Genting, while others are operated in collaboration with famous local hawker stalls.


Nasi Lemak has a long history. It was first mentioned in 1909 by Sir Richard Olof Winstedt in his book The Circumstances of Malay Life, where he describes the dish as rice soaked in, and then steamed with coconut milk. Chef Zulkifli Wahab of Resorts World Genting, who has been making Nasi Lemak for more than a decade believes there is “no wrong way to enjoy Nasi Lemak especially when it’s served in an inspiring location like Malaysian Food Street.” The chefs add ginger to the coconut for a slightly spicy undertone which cuts through the richness of the coconut milk. Fresh pandanus leaves enhance the fragrance to the rice. Interestingly, there are even firm guidelines at Resorts World Genting that requires chillies to be a uniform size and colour before they are accepted!

Banana Leaf Rice consists of white rice served on a banana leaf with an assortment of vegetables, pickles, Papadum and other regional condiments which are usually sour, salty or spicy. Freshly ground masalas and sundried meats are also used. Interestingly, the banana leaf meal etiquette dictates that, after the meal, the guest must always fold the banana leaf inwards as a sign of gratitude to the host. On the contrary, the leaf is folded outwards as a sign of condolence to the family of the deceased when such meals are served at funeral wakes.

Hainanese Chicken Rice originated from Hainan Island, China’s most southern province. Fresh young chickens are placed into pots of boiling water and left to poach for a stipulated time. The cooked chickens are then cooled in an ice bath, to halt the cooking process. This results in tender, moist meat that is seemingly silken in texture. Rendered fat from the chicken is used to make the rice served with the meat. In order to produce rich, tasty rice, the raw grains are first sauteed with ginger and a special mix of aromatic oils before being cooked to get a fragrant, fluffy rice.

Nothing reflects culture and heritage the way cuisine does. Malaysian Food Street has a comfortable ambience with the 60s playing a big part in the interior design complemented by the patios and sunlight beaming into some parts of the area to give the place a refreshing feel. Dato Edward Holloway, the resort’s Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, put it this way, ‘With Malaysian Food Street, we celebrate the multi-faceted Malaysian culture. This country is a melting pot for food.’

Feeling all stuffed and bloated with overwhelming food the entire morning, it’s finally time to embark on a breathtaking journey on the glass floor cable car from Sky Avenue station to Chin Swee station to visit the Chin Swee Temple!!!!!!!! “Chin Swee” sounds like “very pretty” in hokkien.

Attraction: Awana SkyWay

Location: Awana Station / Chin Swee Station / Sky Avenue Station

Ticketing Prices: Standard Gondola RM8 for individuals or 5GP per trip for Genting Rewards Card Members / Express Boarding Pass RM40 / Glass Floor Gondola RM50 for individuals or 40GP for Genting Rewards Card Members

Operation Hours: Daily from 7.00am until midnight

The Awana Skyway is located at the new Awana Transportation Hub. The 99 cable cars (10 with glass floors) can carry 3000 passengers every hour on the 620-metre ascent from Awana station the the final stop, Sky Avenue station. With a top speed of six metres per second, the 2.8km journey takes a mere 10 minutes.

Visitors will get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the 130-million-year-old rainforest surrounding Resorts World Genting, and the exciting site of the future Twentieth Century Fox World theme park.

Anyway, it takes just a mere six minutes for the cable cars to travel from the Awana station to the Chin Swee station which is located at an altitude of 1,514 meters. Let’s check out Chin Swee Caves Temple!


Photo Credit: Irene Tan

Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple opened in 1994 and situated on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder, the late Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong. It is located 4,600 feet above sea level and at the most scenic site of Genting Highlands with a guaranteed sense of serenity.

Attraction: Chin Swee Caves Temple

Location: Chin Swee Station

Entrance Fee: Free

360 Degrees Photo Credit: Wilson Wong

The Gohtong Hall, part of the Chin Swee Caves Temple, consists of 110 rooms – 93 triple rooms and 17 double rooms – for meditation, retreat and self discovery. There are also two meeting rooms and a VIP lounge at the Hall. The Goh Tong Meditation Hall has a space of 7,035 sq ft and is able to accommodate 300 people comfortably to host a variety of functions, from brainstorming sessions to group meditation activities and weddings.


Inside Chin Swee Caves Temple, the newly built Sky Terrace observation square spans across 35,000 sq ft for guests to take a leisurely walk among the ‘clouds in heaven’. The large statues of Buddha and Kuan-Yin stand tall behind the five-storey Temple. The 9-storey Pagoda is decorated with hundreds of Buddha figurines. Inside the Pagoda, visitors can find 10,000 blessing lamps installed for devotees of the Temple to dedicate to those that they would like to be blessed by Buddha.

For a detailed review on the Journey to Enlightenment that depicts the Ten Chambers of Hell, check out my previous post of Chin Swee Caves Temple at Genting Highlands.


After our temple visit, we flew off to Langkawi. Look at the beautiful sky I captured while onboard Air Asia! So beautiful…….

We had a welcome dinner at Seagull Coffee House in Resorts World Langkawi. I personally felt that the vibes and food taste were very similar to Rajawali Restaurant in Resorts World Genting.

The best thing I enjoyed tonight was definitely the live music band that played a variety of English pop songs. Thank you guys for completing my night!

A sneak preview of the room I stayed in at Resorts World Langkawi is up!


Resorts World Langkawi is located at the southwestern tip of Langkawi island, and in the tropical paradise of the Andaman Sea. The resort is a tranquil sanctuary with upgraded amenities for total relaxation and comfort in their newly renovated serene rooms. It’s only a 25 minutes’ drive from Langkawi Airport.


For the guest seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Resorts World Langkawi is the perfect weekend getaway staycation because you will always wake up to a peaceful and calming view of the cerulean sea.

The bonus is to capture a good sunrise!

Accommodation: Resorts World Langkawi

Number of Rooms: 211

Room Types: Standard room, standard seaview, premier room, premier seaview, premier suite, signature suite, presidential suite

Things to do: Watch sunrise + romantic sunset cruise

F & B: Seagull Coffeehouse

Opening Hours: Daily 7am to 10.30pm

Seagull Coffeehouse offers an excellent variety of Asian and international dishes. The coffeehouse offers all day dining and serves mainly buffet, so prepare your stomachs for a big feast! Other dining options include Zest at the boardwalk with al fresco dining while watching the sunset, and relaxing at the Lobby Lounge after dinner for some drinks and live entertainment.

Recreation: Mangrove Tour at Geopark Langkawi

Things to Do: Fish Feeding, Monkey Seeing, Eagle Flying, Bat Cave

Eagle Flying Photo Credit: G0ldeng0h

I’m thankful to the group for the great companion onboard our very little own boat and helping one another to capture these wonderful memories together. YOLO!


This short half day mangrove tour is best done in the morning, where you can enjoy the thrilling boat ride with vooming seawaters splashing onto you, and subconsciously gain lots of vitamin D while immersing yourself in the scorching sun! I love this feeling!

Photo Credit: Mshannahchia


After our refreshing and eye opening mangrove tour, we returned to Resorts World Langkawi and I couldn’t resist the mini water slide at the kids pool! Gosh, I can’t grow up. I can’t!


We were so lucky to get to tour the presidential suite with this spectacular view! Aww! All excited, it’s soon time to set off for the best part of this entire trip, and that is none other than the sunset cruise.

Highlight: Sunset Cruise with Tropical Charters

What to do: Sail across the sea at sunset from 5pm daily for a 3 hour night out experiencing tranquility at sea

Activities: Music & Dance onboard the cruise, free flow cocktails and beer, salt water jacuzzi, barbecue gourmet dinner feast

The barbecue dinner spread is prepared by the amazing ship crew, be it fish, shrimps, chicken, beef, salads, etc. This adventurous dining aboard a boat while listening to the gentle breeze of the evening sea is very relaxing and especially meaningful because it’s an opportunity and a great time to bond with the team!


Photo Credit: Mshannahchia

Video Credit: G0ldeng0h

To further enhance your experience, you can take the leap of faith and jump into the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. This salt water jacuzzi adds a simple yet significant touch to the cruise ride as you swim or float to the back of the cruise after you jumped, and relax on the huge net that is being cast down. Enjoy your beer while resting on the net, you will definitely feel that you are living the life.

It’s amazing how we get to see the evening fades from shades of orange to make way for a sky that is blue and black, as we see the sun kisses the ocean. Thank God for this most memorable and relaxing sunset cruise I’ve ever experienced! The Langkawi Sunset Cruise with Tropical Charters returns to the marina at 8pm, after the sun has gone down.

Promotions & Deals at Resorts World Langkawi

Prices: From RM373, guest can stay at standard room with garden view including breakfast for two

From now until 31 December 2017, Resorts World Langkawi offers guests the attractive sunset cruise package that is priced at RM825 nett.

The romantic package comprises a 3D2N stay in a standard room with garden view (subject to availability) and a sunset cruise for two.

For more information, please visit or call 03-61011118.

I hope you’re so excited now and already making your plans for a trip to Resorts World Genting and Resorts World Langkawi! All these could not have happened without the kind invitation and co-ordination of the team from Resorts World Genting, so here’s a shout out and huge appreciation and thank you to the team, especially Irene, Jay and Kah Mun. Thank you so much for having me. I had a great time.

Thanks for reading!

The Gem Museum Presents “A Galaxy of Moons & Stars” In Celebration of 10 Magical Years of Singapore Night Festival


The Gem Museum proudly presents a “A Galaxy of Moons & Stars” themed gemstone exhibition in celebration of the Singapore Night Festival’s 10th anniversary. Rekindling the romance and beauty of the night, the exhibition showcases a series of unique
gemstones such as Moonstones, Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Star Rose Quartz and Cats’ Eyes, which are nature’s wonders from deep within the earth that reflect the beauty of our night sky.

CollageofStones (1)

Moonstone is the name given to the member of a feldspar group of gemstones. They are
remarkable for their chatoyancy or adularescence (Glow or inner light). This effect is in the form of a white shimmer, similar to moonshine, caused by structural anomalies within the crystal formation. Fine moonstone is quite rare. It is found in various locales including the United States but the finest and most abundant sources are in Burma, Sri Lanka and India. Moonstone’s body color can range from colorless to white, gray, brown, yellow, orange, green, or peach. But its beauty is in its sheen, which can be white to deep flame blue.

Star stones are part of a special group of phenomenal gems in the world of gemstones. These stones exhibit special optical phenomena, including asterism (star effect), color gradation (cat’s eye effect), adularescence (flickering light) and iridescence (rainbow effect).

Since these phenomenal gemstones are relatively rare they attract the attention of the collectors. In some cases, all or most of gems belonging to a particular species exhibit the phenomenon, as well as most moonstones exhibit adularescence for example. But in other cases the optical effect is seen only occasionally in a certain type of gemstone and these rare cases are of particular interest to the collectors.

Asterism or star effect is an example of an optical phenomenon that is rarely found in a small number of precious stones cut as cabochons. The examples are the star sapphire and star ruby. But asterism can occur also in quartz, spinel, citrine, diopside, and garnet. The reason that asterism is so rare is that it is necessary the gem to contain inclusions of rutile needles that are arranged in a way as to reflect the light in a shape with many rays forming a star.

To allow festival-goers a better understanding of the beauty of these gemstones, the museum will also run a short presentation on reasons these gemstones appear to give off their characteristic moon-ish glow and starry brilliance when placed under light.

Event: A Galaxy of Moons and Stars

Location: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen Street, #02-02 Singapore 188550

Dates: 18 to 26 August 2017 (Closed on Sunday)

Admission Fee: Free


Visiting hours will be extended from 3pm to 10pm during the night festival and an exclusive collection of stunning moonstones and star stones will be made available for sale. Futhermore, festival-goers can also look forward to take home an exquisite piece of moonstone, star stone or any precious natural gemstone with just a $20 mystery dip!

About The Gem Museum
Founded on June 1st 2015 by Ms. Loke Huiying and Mr. Tay Kunming, The Gem Museum is Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private gem museum open to the public.

It aims to become the international platform that bridges the gemstone industry and the rest of the world. The Gem Museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from around the world. Besides being committed to showcase some of the world’s most precious and rare gemstones, it is a place where learning is highly favoured and relationship building within the industry is encouraged. Most of the gems and minerals on display belong to the private collection of Far East Gem Institute’s founder, Mr. Tay Thye Sun.


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