Valentines Day 2018

Valentine’s came early this year! It’s the year of the dog and I received my first stalk of preserved bright red rose from xpress flower and a cute dog plushie from precious moments. What a good start! Huat ah!

Shopping for Valentine’s / Chinese New Year was so shiok!!!!!! Check out my latest sweet pink jacket from purpur and fluffy pink wedges from mimosa!!!!! As you can see, I’m all ready for both occasions. It’s double happiness in 2018 because valentine’s and Chinese New Year are just a few days apart!

To spice things up, I got a furry sweet pink bag to cuddle and collect my hong baos too. Pink seems to be my new favorite theme color in 2018! Loved touching the soft fur; it felt like an animal’s fur.

I’ve been smiling, because flowers make me happy even though this perishable sunflower merely provides a happiness that is short lived. So the pink bear will double up the happiness because at least it’s a gift that can be kept! I’m pretty much easily bought over by gifts, as it’s one of my main love languages.

On Valentine’s Day itself, I had a classy 3 course set lunch at bedrock (313 at somerset). Loved the juicy tenderloin and thick lobster bisque!!!!!! But the best of all got to be the unique taste of the crab cake and the refreshing passion fruit ice cream. Yummy. Very satisfied! Thumbs up.

That afternoon, I also received a “Happy Valentine” Okimochi box surprise delivery to office. Pretty thoughtful one. It’s a mystery gift concept but customized by the sender for the recipient. Should you run out of gift ideas, you may wish to engage them for some help! An okimochi box price starts from $100 onwards.

Deeply appreciate this SURPRISE GUESS WATCH!!!!!! Gonna wear it for Chinese New Year. Woohooo. Not a guess fan though, but this is good enough for me.

And also, thank you my secret admirer for a last minute Pikachu bouquet delivery to office too! It’s really pretty sweet and cute!!!!!!

And thank you to the agent who gave the office ladies each a stalk of fresh rose! Very sweet of you to spread the love this way. Every effort counts!

Loving my beauty and the beast preserved roses from bloomback too!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, I was really surprised to receive this additional belated valentine’s + Chinese New Year eve fresh purplish bouquet too! The bear is super cute with its heart can!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH MY DEAREST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for making my 2018 valentine’s feeling so loved and blessed!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Things to Do In Dubai (Free & Easy)

Hi guys! I visited Dubai back in November 2016 and as I reminisce the past, here I’m FINALLY (after years) sharing my list of my top 10 things to do there, most of which are my fondest memories! Here you go.

1) Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi


In here, you get to admire vast and modern prayer rooms and its white marble courtyards. Ladies MUST wear the traditional costumes before entering this grand mosque. It’s by far the largest and most magnificent mosque I’ve visited in my entire lifetime!

2) Take a photo at the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi 


This photo costs me SGD$40 but it’s by far one of my favourite takeaway from Abu Dhabi. I do look like I won the championship, don’t I?!

3) Eat a Camel Burger and Drink Gold Flakes Coffee

Some say Dubai is a city of gold; therefore Dubai is never complete without eating real gold flakes! Pair your meal with a camel burger for ultimate satisfaction. The camel meat patty tastes a little like beef, but slightly tougher.

4) Visit Burj Khalifa (At The Top) & Dubai Mall

After shopping at the Dubai Mall, you can walk outside to visit the Burj Khalifa, i.e. the world’s tallest building as of now. I took a ride up to the 124th floor observation deck in a high-speed elevator and enjoyed the panoramic views over Dubai’s city, ocean and desert. Beautiful!

5) Play, Eat and Shop at the Global Village

Shoppers like me would fall in love with the Global Village in Dubai. I can practically spend the whole evening / night here. There are fun-packed rides for the kids, many restaurants and even 30 pavilions designed according to different cultures / countries. Take note, my attire was denied entry, so I actually used my jacket to cover my knees and took out a T-shirt from my bag to wear as it’s a requirement to cover the shoulders as well. Being a Muslim country, the dress code is that strict in Dubai.

6) Cruise to Dubai Creek


Take a boat ride to the Dubai Creek to see and taste a wide range of food spices. You will be spoilt for choices with the vast selection of gold jewelry available everywhere inside Dubai Creek.

7) Ride a Camel and an ATV at the Desert Safari

Riding an ATV at Dubai’s golden desert landscape is a MUST. You can speed all you want as you ride over the sands, up, down, left, right. And yes, jumping over certain parts of the sand is possible and very thrilling! Bucket list checked! Oh my God, I finally rode a camel. Dreams do come true.

8) Play Dress Up, Smoke Shisha and Eat BBQ dinner at the Desert Safari

Be welcomed with Arabic coffee and dates at a Bedouin-style camp and feast on a sumptuous BBQ dinner with VIP treatment. Watch a tanoura folk dance and exotic belly dancers perform live as you enjoy your dinner under the stars. Those devilish bodies spinning before you will get you all high! Lastly, don’t forget to admire the traditional sand art as well. All in all, the Desert Safari is my most popular pick in Dubai.

9) Visit the Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

 This is by far the best waterpark in the middle east. There’re tons of thrilling water slides! I felt the greatest sense of achievement ever as I rode down the super-steep Poseidon’s Revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Floating along the lazy rivers is relaxing yet the sense of excitement is there when a mini Tsunami hits you! A MUST TRY for water slides lovers like me.

10)  Visit Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab stands at a height of 321 metres and is designed to resemble a billowing sail. It dominates the Dubai Jumeirah skyline.

Thank you Dubai for the wonderful memories! Thanks for reading!

2D1N The Canopi, Bintan

Hello everyone!!!!!!! It’s been a while. My first weekend getaway in 2018 begins right here at The Canopi, Bintan, Indonesia. The Canopi is a glamorous and luxurious glamping concept in a gigantic tent. I stayed in the Safari Tent which was extremely cozy with beautiful lightings.

A room to call my own, most people actually come here for a good hideout. It’s a little vintage-ish and very homely. When you open up the tv cabinet, it actually houses a mini fridge with complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water. Saves space and looks neat.

My favorite part of this glamping experience is definitely the open space garden toilet. It’s extremely spacious and cool. Just imagine sitting on the toilet bowl shitting while looking at the greenery around you or taking a bath amongst the plants. This is totally the glamping part man!

It’s mostly sunny during the day. For sun lovers like me, I can swim and tan all I want! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

The crystal lagoon is a man made swimming pool, by far the largest pool aka man made sea that you can find in Bintan Island. Water level can get pretty deep.

For lunch / tea break options, try their cute mini chill cove burger at the activities centre. The patty is quite tender, the bun is soft and the overall size is easy to bite. It costs 20,000 Indonesian rupiah. There are also a few street food stalls just outside the chill cove. You can try stall F’s Mee Pizza, a simple “pizza” with Maggie Mee, eggs, carrots and spring onions. You may even wish to try making this simple snack on your own!

Don’t miss out the coconut ice drink at 20,000 Indonesian rupiah!

To get to the activities centre, you can simply hop onto the buggy from The Canopi’s lobby for free by wearing the wristband that’s given to you upon your check in.

“Driving” around the island is relaxing too! Especially when the wind blows right at you……….

Another relaxing activity is to simply chill out at your very own personal garden if you aren’t afraid of the sun! When it’s night time, you could even diy a bbq dinner right outside your tent too. Chill, relax and unwind!

Otherwise, relive your childhood moments at the various swings located around the tents. Swing all you want, as high as you want and as long as you want!

For the laid back ones, simply snuggle in bed and catch a movie or just sleep!!!!!!!! I think a lot of you would love hiding in the tent just like me. This is a glamorous glamping; there is even air con!

After a refreshing recharge, it’s my favorite suntanning time while overlooking the crystal lagoon. Yay! I ain’t trying to act cute anymore at my late twenties, but hope you like my Minnie Mouse bikini!

See, it’s like a cheap version of Maldives with an amazing view still. What a beautiful crystal clear lagoon to stare at. There’re many water sports available at the activities centre, and the most worthy one is the unlimited water slide called “Slip and Slide” for only 50,000 Indonesian rupiah. You get to sit on a float to slide down the water slide and then you will “fly” a while right up in the air before landing in the waters. For a smooth landing without falling off your float, always look up, cross your legs and aim high!

To pass time while waiting for the sunset, you may wish to rent and laze around on a giant float. If you’re unlucky like me where the sun gets covered by the clouds, at least the float could comfort you. Life is still beautiful, isn’t it?

Stay in the waters for a night swim too! You will love the feeling. When it gets too dark, better get dressed before the wind sends chills down your spine.

For dining options, The Patio is located just beside the crystal lagoon. They serve both ala carte and buffet dinner. It’s very expensive, almost comparable to Singapore pricing. The lime juice is extremely concentrated!

Oxtail soup is a good pick, because the meat is super soft. However, the carrots and potatoes I had in my bowl were kind of a little too raw and hard. The soup base is quite thick but a tad salty. Rice is good and soft to my liking. A down side is that it costs close to 200,000 Indonesian rupiah. Kind of expensive hor?

If you don’t know what to eat, simply order a classic Hawaiian pizza for sharing. The cheese was great.

Another dining option is available at HOOK ON, a seafood restaurant and bar over at the activities centre.

Try their seafood noodles (Indonesia rupiah 60,000)! It’s damn good, with a rich Indo Mee taste. The beef fried rice was passable, and it costs the same.

If you’re looking for a massage parlour, the Nibbana located at the activities centre is the cheapest. It’s usually fully booked, so do book in advance for the fullest enjoyment. I recommend the 2 hour package with hot stone massage. It’s refreshing! The current promotional price is a steal at 400,000 nett Indonesian rupiah.

For those families with kids, I find that Warna Warni is a kid-friendly dining place with an outdoor mini playground and an indoor separate TV facilities – one TV showing movies for the adults and one TV showing cartoons for the kids!

Chill out with a seasonal fruits platter and plain yoghurt for 50,000 Indonesian rupiah.

To get around the island, simply rent a scooter to enjoy a relaxing nature ride around the crystal lagoon. If you’re looking for a short 2D1N trip over the weekend (and you don’t mind spending), I personally find The Canopi a good hideout with its signature crystal lagoon view.

Thank you The Canopi for this relaxing weekend getaway from the busyness of Singapore. I’ll be back! Thanks for reading!

John Legend Darkness And Light Tour LIVE IN GENTING

[ John Legend Darkness And Light Tour LIVE IN GENTING ]

Can you believe it?!

The internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician and actor John Legend is coming to Malaysia! John Legend has produced several hit songs such as ‘Green Light’ and ‘Love Me Now’. With five studio albums to his name, he is set to perform his R&B and soul numbers for his fans.

John Legend 20180317

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! This ten time Grammy Award winning singer John Legend is coming to wow fans and audience with his concert right at Resorts World Genting!!!!!!!!!!

Concert: Darkness and Light World Tour

Date & Time: 17 March 2018, 8.30pm

Location: Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting

More information about the tickets for the concert will be released soon. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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Musical Theatre Limited Presents My Love Is Blind


Pic 3_preview

Board of Directors of MTL with President Halimah Yacob (from Left: Desmond Moey, Tan Guan Heng, Stella Kon – Chairperson of MTL, President Madam Halimah Yacob, Sean Wong, Roland Ang and Florence Fang, Managing Director of Flame Communications) 


The musical “My Love is Blind” – the first local musical production involving the visually handicapped and challenging conventional stereotypes about the visually handicapped was graced by President Halimah Yacob, who is also the Patron of MTL at the gala dinner tonight at SOTA Drama Theatre.


Presented by Musical Theatre Limited (MTL), a registered arts charity which creates original musicals to enrich the arts scene, this social cause musical aims to raise awareness and empower the visually handicapped in Singapore and at the same time, highlights that the disabled are as intelligent, talented and competent as the able. Helmed by established playwright Stella Kon, the MTL team has casted visually handicapped performers alongside established actors and musicians, recognising their talents and providing a boost of self-esteem and social inclusiveness.


Directed by Aidli Mosbit and based on the true success story of Tan Guan Heng, ‘My Love is Blind’ tells the story of a university graduate (ex-Rafflesian) Guan, who loses his sight in the prime of his life at age 28, shortly after his graduation from the (then) University of Malaya. Guan was unable to find a job then and set up his own successful book business and even went on to become an active leader of the blind and disabled. He garnered inner strength and support from the people around him and overcomes great adversity and carries on to find love and success. Starring veteran actor Benjamin Chow who won Best Supporting Actor in the M1-Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards for his role in ‘The LKY Musical’ alongside visually handicapped performers, the musical will showcase the talents and abilities of the disabled while recognising their talent as singers and musicians.


The team is currently raising funds to produce a full-scale musical in an effort to reach out to more people. My Love is Blind is based on his eponymous semi-autobiographical novel, which Tan hopes can raise awareness and rally public support around the disabled community.


All in all, ‘My Love is Blind’ throws a spotlight on the ambitions and achievements of the visually handicapped. Catch this heartwarming and emotional musical with tickets sold by SISTIC!


The Musical: My Love is Blind

Event Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre, Singapore

Show Dates: 23 to 25 November 2017

Ticketing Prices: S$40, S$65, and S$80 (excluding SISTIC fees). For more information, please visit the MTL website at

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The Gem Museum Presents “Shine Bright” Gem Exhibition To Help Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer



Southeast Asia’s Most Anticipated Marketplace for Fine Jewellery and Gemstones
Shine Bright honours women who stand strong in face of life adversities and the beauty of their inner strength shine brightly in the darkness, especially in fighting against breast cancer.  In line with Breast Cancer Awareness month, Shine Bright is a collaboration between The Gem Museum, Parkway Cancer Centre and Bloomback to raise awareness on breast cancer. 

Event: Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2017

Event Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Sands Expo & Convention Centre Hall A & B, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Event Opening Hours: 27 – 29 October 2017 11am to 8pm (Friday – Sunday) & 30 October 2017 11am to 5pm (Monday)

Ticketing Prices: FREE ADMISSION

Singapore Identification Cards/National Passports must be presented at the registration counters onsite for verification purpose. 

The Gem Museum is proud to be invited to participate at the Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair (SJGF) 2017 for their 5th year. There are more than 150 exhibitors from 19 countries including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, USA and Hong Kong. Exhibiting with the Diamond Exchange of Singapore, the exhibition aims to educate the public on the value of gemstones from mining to market.
Early detection of breast cancer could save lives. In order to promote breast cancer awareness, the exhibit features 3 sets of lingerie specially designed with precious diamonds and gemstones created by The Gem Museum.
* Pink Bloom – made with 1 piece of Ruby (0.49ct), 27 pieces of Tourmaline (21.47ct) and 22 pieces of Diamond (12.02ct).
Pink Bloom reflects the central theme of breast cancer awareness. It speaks of women empowered to take an active role and blooming in the pink of health. It features a simple flower design set with pink and red gemstones such as pink tourmaline and ruby. Diamonds are included to signify the blooming shine of the empowered women.
* Glowing Gem – made with 10 pieces of Pearl (10.51g), 19 pieces of Spinel (21.79ct), 29 pieces of Sapphire (22.32ct) and 6 pieces of Diamond (1.16ct).


Glowing Gem speaks of women shining brightly in the darkest times. It features beautiful gemstones that can naturally glow in the dark under ultraviolet light. These gems are diamonds, unheated sapphires, red spinels and Akoya and Mabe pearls. Most minerals do not exhibit fluorescence effect. Only about 15% of minerals have fluorescence visible light. The gemstones on this set of lingerie would be exhibited in a dark room illuminated with ultraviolet light.


* Blossoming Strength – made with 31 pieces of Jade and 46 pieces of Diamonds (14.25ct)
Blossoming Strength speaks of women cancer warriors who hold the fort and stand strong to fight against adversities. It is set in an armour-inspired design using precious A-jade pieces and champagne brown diamonds. Jade has the hardness of 6.5 – 7, similar to that of stainless steel, and is an extremely tough material that had been used to make weapons like neolithic knives and axe heads. It symbolises toughness and strength.
The Gem Museum stands together to support their partners in their efforts to promote breast cancer. Partnering with Parkway Cancer Centre, the centre will sponsor 1 mammogram for marginalised women under the care of Bloomback for every 5 pink bell jars sold at at $65 each.

About The Gem Museum

Founded on 1st June 2015 by Ms. Loke Huiying and Mr. Tay Kunming, The Gem Museum is Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private gem museum open to the public. It aims to become the international platform that bridges the gemstone industry and the rest of the world.

The Gem Museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from around the world. Besides being committed to showcase some of the world’s most precious and rare gemstones, it is a place where learning is highly favoured and relationship building within the industry is encouraged. Most of the gems and minerals on display belong to the private collection of Far East Gem Institute’s founder, Mr. Tay Thye Sun. For more information, please visit

Thanks for reading and see you at the exhibition on this exciting weekend!!!!!!!!