PCY 28th Birthday

Here’s a short post to express my gratitude to my dearest friends for showering me with their love for me this birthday. I felt special this year and blessed to receive so many gifts! To protect everyone’s privacy, nicknames shall be used!

Woof brought me to JPO and spent a long time choosing a coach bag with me. We throw face all the time, and we enjoy that. Thanks woof for being my strong pillar all the time.

I also had dinner with G who somehow always stuck around, and got me a coach watch even when I least deserved it. And now, I’m looking forward to HHN with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t often meet friends like J, who has a busy work schedule, but still made the effort to write a birthday greeting card and surprised me with a DW watch. You know something, J? You’re one thoughtful chap who always remembers little details. Remember to invite me for your wedding! I’ll come prepared with a big hongbao.

And no, please don’t assume that all the gifts are from guys, because the forever friends pouch was from my bestest female secondary schoolmate S. Thanks girl for taking time out on my actual birthday to have lunch with me and even singing me a birthday song. Your newborn son is so cute and thanks for inviting me to your home for dinner!!!!!

When I returned to work, my favorite lunch buddy J brought me to Guess after our usual lunch date and chose a pair of earrings for me.

Thanks babes for making me feel loved.

Of course not everything is smooth sailing. Even though drew drew got mad at me for giving him a wrong location to pick me, he still brought me to eat ice cream and passed me a crystal white watch that he chose himself. Gam xia!!!

Also, special thanks to A for choosing with me the sweet pink and rose gold Titus watch! Sorry for not spending time with you on my birthday.

Coincidentally, I received a lot of watches this birthday and I love them all.

Moving away from watches, I gotta thank my favorite tigger for the coach wristlet!!!!!!!! Tigger is my best friend and he’s always one call away. We irritate each other all the time and we will continue to do that for the rest of our lives. We always bicker and fight but somehow, we have never left each other. That’s what best friends are for.

The bouquet of Pooh and friends came from Cher, whom I owe a huge thank you for planning a series of activities on a Saturday just to cheer me up and distract me from some unhappiness I’ve had. Thanks Cher for the scenic view at Mount Faber, watching the sunset on the cable car and singing a romantic birthday song for me. I was surprised to receive a nicely crafted poem and a sweet pink Titus watch with my favorite Roman numbers!!!!! Gosh. Thanks again, Cher. Thank God for the great weather too!

Sunday was yet another great day, hanging out with L at Stella, a decently serene place somewhere in Changi by the beautiful seaside. I never knew such a place exists. The minions LEGO you pieced for me melted my heart and I kept it so well in a display cupboard in my living room so that everyone can see it! The pink roses smelt really good; it’s also fresh and sweet. I felt like a Cinderella who changed out of a jeans jumpsuit into a beautiful and elegant long dress. Thanks for getting me my dream T-shirt as a surprise gift!!!!! I enjoyed our margarita and beer, especially when paired with our 5-10 fast and fun drinking game. I took a quiet moment to make a wish under the beautiful night sky. The lava cake was yummy.

On my birthday, I slacked quite a fair bit at home before leaving for a staycation at D’Resort at downtown east with the greatest pika fan I know. I was greeted with hearts, balloons, a card, a customized necklace, a small stitch, a small flower, a small Ferrero Rocher cake and some other decorations. It’s like a complete set of sweet memories. Thanks a lot for making these efforts!

Last but not least, nothing beats having my family bringing me for a lobster feast and blowing out a candle off an awfully chocolate cake. Thanks for celebrating my birthday and giving me the best.

Thanks again everyone for being with me! I got a year older again, and hopefully, wiser.

Thanks for reading!

3D2N Melaka 2018 – The Atlantis Residences, Food Trail & Shopping

Hi dearies! I had a slow and relaxed weekend over at Melaka with my family and mainly ate and shop throughout the trip. Here’s sharing with you some of my highlights. Let’s go!

Where to Stay: The Atlantis Residences

Here’s a little shoutout for this cozy homestay at The Atlantis Residences, a condominium in Melaka, Malaysia. This homestay is a one bedroom apartment with two double beds and houses up to 4 pax. I was captivated by its simple yet homely decor.

I fell for the living room area because of its “reindeer” theme. The sofa can transform into a sofa bed as well, and this apartment also comes with a balcony. It emits a “home away from home” vibes.

I really enjoyed the views from the balcony, and if you’re lucky, you may even spot glimpses of fireworks at night!

The wall clock and reindeers wall stickers attracted my attention and I find it a pretty sight. WiFi connection is available in the whole apartment.

The dining table is a little bit high though, but it’s still acceptable to me. Check out the 3D painting hung on the wall!

Sadly, there’s no stove to cook!!!!!!!!!

The toilet has zero renovation or decor, it’s all basic and comes as it is.

The Atlantis Residences offers a huge swimming pool. It’s easy to spot families with kids enjoying a dip in the hot weather. I find this a good chance of bonding and exercising.

The jacuzzi is in a separate room area. Males and females are separated too.

All in all, I felt that this homestay is a cozy, secure and affordable place.

As for the food in Melaka, I can safely say that I was spoilt for choices!

What to Eat: Restaurant L.T.P Sdn Bhd

Location: 251 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka

Tel: 062822737

If you’re craving for big portions of food at reasonable prices, L.T.P is a good choice. Do call in advance to order dishes such as this beautiful and filling platter!

What to Eat: Baba Charlie Cafe, Authentic Peranakan Cuisine

Location: 631 Jalan Siantan Seksyen 2, 75200 Melaka

Tel: 063323488

When in Melaka, you must try nyonya food! The mee siam was refreshing and silky, the laksa’s gravy was thick, fragrant and spicy and the popiah had the smoothest skin ever.

Don’t forget to get the signature nyonya dumpling too!!!!!!!!!! It’s sweet and chewy and even the color combo itself already entices me. I’m drooling………

Cendol is a must eat dessert in Melaka too. I’ve no qualms about Melaka being a heaven for food.

What to Eat: Satay Celup

There are loads of sticks to choose from – be it vegetables, meat, seafood, etc!

Dip it into a deep pot of satay sauce to get it cooked and you’re all ready to eat!!!!!!!! This idea originated from Melaka, so it’s very authentic and special to eat satay celup in Melaka itself.

I’ve also tried a bowl of fried fishball kuey tiao / noodles soup with crispy prawn crackers being the main highlight. I even ordered an extra bowl of prawn crackers itself. The soup base was sweet and light tasting.

My favorite memory of Melaka now is still the satays and its unique sauce (with pineapples too) at this place where even Singapore actor Christopher Lee and actress Fann Wong have been to!!!!!!!!!!! Can you spot them at the background photo?

To satisfy your shopping needs, Jonker Walk and Freeport are my picks!

Where to Shop: Jonker Walk, Jonker Street

Jonker Walk / Jonker Street is like a night market in Melaka. It is highly touristy and extremely crowded on weekends, especially Saturday nights! With a long stretch of shops selling items ranging from clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, handphone casings to much more, you will definitely buy something. There are also interesting food stalls that are set up in between these shops for you to snack on (e.g cute animal buns, mini eggs) and even drinking from a huge hole on a whole watermelon for you to suck the juice out.

Where to Shop: Freeport A’famosa Outlet

This place offers shops with many famous brands such as playboy, ed hardy, love moschino, adidas, akemi, sembonia, watsons and more. Shop till you drop as most items are heavily discounted!!!!!!!!!

Food and shopping have always been my priority. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading!

D’Kranji Farm Resort @ 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2

Here’s a shoutout for D’Kranji Farm Resort! If you’re looking to chill and enjoy a slow and relaxed pace weekend, you’ll fall for this farmstay. It’s like getting out of your comfort zone and busyness of everyday work life, just to bask in the nature and greenery.

Fishing, prawning, rock climbing, cycling, bbq, and even a farm tour is available. It’s peaceful and revitalizing, and at the same time doesn’t take up too much of your brainpower to do anything complicated.

You can also simply snuggle in bed, watch movies all day and all night long, or chill in your own private little balcony. The beds and pillows are comfy and soft. The surroundings are quiet and serene. What more to ask for?

Here’s a short video of the cozy standard villa!

I’m happy to spend a weekend away from the busyness of city life. Yay! This swing got me addicted.

Be swamped by their hungryness as you feed the koi fishes! Gosh, I know it’s a bit overwhelming and not a sight that you get to see often elsewhere! Fret not, they don’t bite.

There’s also a Kranji marshes walk for the sporty ones and if you’re lucky, you might even spot monkeys or wild boars while taking your stroll.

My favorite part of this farmstay is chilling out at Club Castle from night till late! You can drink all you want, and yet not worry about not making it “home” for the night as your villa is just steps away! There are also cute table games that you can play or you may also sing to your hearts content with the open KTV concept.

If you fancy a game of beer pong with me, call me, I’ll be there by hook or by crook!!!!!!!!!!!

Each pool game is chargeable at $2 per game. If you want to challenge me, again, let me know, I’ll fly there!

I like my beer with piping hot fried chicken wings because it makes me feel like I’m so living the life. Of course, there are many other finger food choices to opt from and the prices are all in nett prices! Mai tu liao!!!!!!!

Before leaving the next morning, don’t forget to eat the carrot cake for breakfast. I’m pretty confident that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Life is good, thanks for reading!

V Kitchen @ 531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-24/29 Singapore 560531

Hello dearies! Here’s a shoutout for Chef Leong, chairman of Huo Yow Cooks’ Association (Singapore), an award-winning chef who’s currently managing V Kitchen.

Here’s bringing to you “V Kitchen”, a coffee shop zi char that specializes in whipping up restaurant style seafood dishes using only the top grade ingredients but charged at only coffee shop prices! How great is that?

V Kitchen offers a variety of high quality food with unique tastes. Tucked in the heartland of Ang Mo Kio, it is usually patronized by customers in the neighbourhood area and then recommended to one another by word of mouth. If you haven’t heard of V Kitchen at all, here’s a few of their signature dishes that’s worth the try!

1. Pan fried kurobuta pork chop with honey sauce ($13.80)

Where can you get “black pork” for just $13.80?! This savory dish will get you addicted as you bite and experience its tenderness and juiciness in your mouth. I enjoyed its texture. The after taste is sweet due to the honey sauce and gets you craving for more. This dish is a popular pick and delightfully loved by all ages. This is what I call cheap and good, and even pleasing to the eyes!

2. Stir fried red wine black pepper tenderloin ($16.80)

I’ve hardly encountered coffee shops zi char that serve tenderloin and I’m proud to say that V Kitchen did it, and did it well! If you don’t like the beef smell, the black pepper cleverly covers it well and brings out a chewy and refreshing tinge of spice to your taste buds. The tenderloin is smooth, tender, meaty and juicy. I loved it!

3. Braised e fu noodle with fresh mushroom ($6.00)

The e fu noodle is a dish that’s traditionally served at wedding banquets and Chinese restaurants, yet, V Kitchen brought it to you at an affordable price of only $6.00. Even though it’s good on its own; it can also be an accompanying staple to the other dishes. For its price, I’ve nothing to complain. However, if you’d like your noodles texture to be slightly softer and less salty, remember to inform the chef during your order. Otherwise, it might turn out a little on the heavier taste.

4. Braised bamboo charcoal beancurd ($19.00)

How many of you have seen or tasted charcoal beancurd at a coffee shop zi char stall before? This dish might not look too appealing due to its color but taste wise, it’s soft and easy on your tongues. It’s a little plain and not on the overly salty side, which suits my liking for a tofu dish. The mushrooms and broccoli complemented the tofu well, making it a very healthy-to-eat and high fibre dish. I believe it’s vegan friendly too!

5. Double boiled flaming crab in golden soup (1 for $38, 2 for $68)

One of V Kitchen’s main signature dish would be the double boiled flaming crab that’s served in piping hot golden soup base. These Sri Lanka’s crabs are usually 500g and above. The special soup base contains a variety of ingredients, making the broth thick and nutritious. Infused during double boiling process, the crab meat taste is enhanced and gives a satisfying taste of seafood freshness. The crabs are meaty, juicy and especially fresh and sweet!

5. Chef Recommendation – Double Boiled Flaming Crab in Golden Soup (My recommendation too!)

To start off, a shot of hard liquor is added and a flaming effect is created before adding the soup base and simmering it for about 10 to 15 minutes. The taste is so unique and even the chef didn’t disclose to me its secret recipe!

6. Chef Recommendation – Shark Bone

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to taste V Kitchen’s special and limited quantity item, i.e. the shark bone!!!!!!!! This is packed with collagen extracted from sharks bones, so much so to the extent I felt I’ve accumulated an entire week of collagen that my body needs! For the ladies who want smooth skin, remember to scoop up every bit of the collagen!

All in all, I feel that V Kitchen serves affordable dishes without compromising its quality of food even though it is located in a coffee shop environment. I’m thankful for this eye opening tasting opportunity with special thanks to Chef Leong for the kind hosting.

V Kitchen is also currently offering a special menu for this coming Mothers’ Day 2018!

If you haven’t already plan where to bring your mum to eat for Mothers’ Day, I strongly encourage you to bring her to V Kitchen for a memorable and unique tasting experience. With the affordable prices, I’m confident that all mums will be happy for their children’s pockets and still be able to enjoy a great quality meal. Mai tu liaoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V Kitchen

531 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-24/29 Singapore 560531

Opens daily from 11.30am to 10.15pm

For reservations, please contact Ms Cindy at 85180090.

Happy Mothers’ Day in advance to all mothers!

Thanks for reading!

Resorts World Genting 2018 – Theme Park Hotel, Medan Selera, Food Factory, Big Box Adventureland, Malaysian Food Street, Snow World, Genting Bowl, SkySymphony, Awana Skyway, Coffee Terrace, RedTail by Zouk, Motorino

[ Media Invite to Resorts World Genting 2018 ]

Hi dearies! I’m still as excited as ever to be back at Resorts World Genting once again to explore and rediscover its many new and even some old yet still fun places to go! Genting is never about just gambling at the casinos or play at the arcades anymore. You will be absolutely spoiled for choices with so many new and exciting attractions at Genting now. With a tagline of “Exciting Things Are Happening”, let’s check them out one by one!

Where to Stay: Newly Revamped Theme Park Hotel, close proximity to the first in the world twentieth century fox world theme park

First up, the valley wing is the newest wing of the Theme Park Hotel which houses more guests with 448 rooms. The quad room is still considered quite spacious and houses four comfortably. The roller blinds are cutely designed and I find it very family and kid-friendly. The artists pitched in to hand draw designs in white paint on blackout roller blinds, resulting in original works of art in every room. Your luggage can be put at the storage spaces underneath the bed which makes the room look neat and tidy.

Don’t you think the TV looks like something from outer space? I’m pretty impressed with the wall art / line art! The TV is hung on brackets with artwork around it to make it seem that it is closed in a TV cabinet. Clothes can be hung on knobs! The quad room even has a door that leads to a beautiful balcony.

I can just stare at the stunning views of natural mountain forests and not move an inch! I’m loving this breathtaking view at 6,000 feet above sea level and the cool breeze and weather (14 to 22 degrees) pretty much.

You can even brush your teeth side by side with your loved one. And while one of you bathe in the shower room, the other one can sit on the toilet bowl in the toilet room! What an amazing combination, you don’t have to wait for each other and fight for the usage of the bathroom.

What to Eat: Medan Selera

Location: Level G, SkyAvenue Mall, below the newly opened Bona Cinema

Seating Capacity: 270

Opens 8am to 10pm daily

For food options at SkyAvenue, there is a newest swanky modern concept food court known as the Medan Selera, where you’ve a tantalizing variations on your favorite dishes including rice and spice, crispy chips, laksa, western asian, noodles and even grab and go.

Rice and spice offers delicious variations of the Malaysian staple rice such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kandar.

Noodles serve char kway teow, mee bandung, soupy bakso, and fried beehoon while laksa focuses on variations of laksa including nyonya laksa, laksa Johor, laksa kelantan and asam laksa.

Western Asian serve grilled meats such as chicken and lamb shawarma, grilled chicken shish tawook and kebab, roasted chicken leg, seafood rice and middle eastern Arabic breads like zaatar manakich, mohamara and cheese bread.

Crispy chips features western staples like crispy fried chicken, chicken popcorn, fish and chips, calamari rings and french fries.

For the early birds, a light breakfast set (Nasi lemak, Nasi dagang, Nasi kerabu, fried mee, fried rice, roti telur, roti John or chicken curry with purée bread) including a hot or cold drink costs only RM12.

For the healthy ones, the fresh salads and cut fruits would suffice while the sweet tooth can opt for local desserts like puddings, som som gula Melaka and sago gula Melaka. The busy bees can choose the Snack and Go and Grab and Go section which serves quick bites like spiral curry puffs, banana fritters, potato samosas, bahulu, dodol, kuih cakar ayam and Sarawak layer cake.

Things to Do: Retail Therapy / Shopping at SkyAvenue Lifestyle Mall

1st Floor: 35 F&B gastronomic tenants including dragon-I, din tai fung, royale Vietnam, dome, morganfield’s, just heavenly, acme bar and coffee, gong Cha, kyochon 1991 and tampopo.

1st Floor: Picturehouse, a cinema back to the golden age of film where theatres were architectural icons

2nd Floor: Luxury level

3rd Floor: 51 retailers selling high street fashion including Padini Concept Store, giordano, Swarovski, kiehl’s, timberland, adidas originals, Austin Reed, Lovisa, esprit, DC Comics Super Heroes, Mood Board, L’Occitane, bonia, tissot, shu uemura, muse by Watson, sk-II, Thomas sabo, puma, Samsung and H&M

4th Floor: Malaysian Food Street & the centre of the Resorts World Genting hub of connectivity where SkyAvenue Station serves as the landing platform for Awana Skyway, the resort’s new cable car system

5th Floor: Alfresco Dining

Resorts World Genting has also bought the Malaysian franchises for three international F&B brands, namely London’s Burger & Lobster, the French Cafes Richard and American pizzeria Motorino which you can find the food reviews here.

SkyAvenue offers 616,079 sq ft of lettable space over five floors which will be helmed by 168 tenants and 160 brands once it is fully opened by 2018. SkyAvenue was designed by levels, with a clear-cut personality to each storey.

What to Eat: The Food Factory

Location: 3rd floor of First World Plaza

Breakfast Counters: West Asian, East Asian, Western and Pastry

Prices: RM 29NETT (adult), RM 14.50NETT (child)

Opens 6am to 11am daily

The Food Factory covers 23,568 sq ft and is normally open for breakfast. It comes with an open kitchen equipped with some heavy-duty kitchen gadgets and caters mainly to tour groups and MICE market as it can accommodate up to 1,300 diners.

Food are processed in large quantities by using giant pans to various ranges of automated machines. There are also freshly baked breads, local buns, danishes, pancakes, cereals, Nasi lemak, idli, dhokla, puta Mayam, pita bread, paratha, congee and condiments, assorted pau, pizzas, juice, coffee and tea.

The latest machinery in the house is the eggs drying machine from Taiwan which is able to produce 20 fried eggs in 1 minute. Wow! The giant cooking utensils such as a pancake machine, pizza conveyor machine and a machine for making fried rice and noodles help to make food quickly and freshly. The buffet line is an open concept with these machines to help churn out food and it offers an interesting ‘show’ for customers. The machines make it possible to serve up to 2,000 people at one time which saves time and energy!

Attraction: Big Box Adventureland

Visitors to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland will be greeted by armored elephants as they flap their massive ears. This place entertains all ages and I’m most attracted to the happy arcade games machines aka mystery boxes at RM10 pet try where I won earpiece, power bank, computer mouse, pocket mirror, nail clipper, towel, cosmetic pouch, tumbler, luggage tag and so much more!

There are also many exciting attractions like oddities, dinosaur rides, zombies and a trick art museum for many interesting scenes, learning, art, thrills and photo opportunities.

Things to Do: Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium, Jurassic Research Center and Zombie Outbreak

Location: Big Box Adventureland, level 4 of SkyAvenue Mall

Prices: VIP PASS for all 3 attractions at RM75 for adults and RM66 for children

Opens 10am to 10pm daily

Attraction: Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

Those into anything and everything extraordinary will have a spectacular time at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium and be amazed by over 400 exhibits such as artifacts of lost worlds and the model of a vampire woman.

Those in search of great wealth and prosperity can rub the good luck Buddha’s enormous belly and be granted happiness!

I hope I blended in well! There are way too many outrageous and unbelievable attractions not only from around the world but the universe. It’s a pretty huge place, you can easily spend an hour or more just entirely here!

You can even crawl into the “box” and explore the exhibits! See that toilet bowl? You know, it’s actually literally full of brownish shit and black spiders. Gross!

Odd things are cute; the guy inside the netted room is a real human being. FYI only.

I’m most fascinated by this dino that’s made up of all melon seeds!!!!!!!! Omg right? Of all things, melon seeds?! How delicate and detailed! The creator must either be a fan of melon seeds or an extremely patient person.

Attraction: The Jurassic Research Center

Everyone has surely had a fascination with dinosaurs at one point of time, especially childhood! The exciting highlight is this 4D experience of witnessing velociraptors wrecking havoc in a discovery lab before the final “door” opens for you to exit the place!

There are massive figures of different species of moving dinosaurs spread through the centre. It’s surreal!

For instance, a Tyrannosaurus rex magnificently roars and brings the place to life.

Guess what, I actually enjoyed letting the dino hit my butt!!!!!!!!!

Here, visitors can get up close with dinosaurs like never before. How about a french kiss before getting devoured?!

There is even a fossil laboratory to study the different specimen models of dinosaur fossils with detailed inscriptions.

Attraction: Zombie Outbreak

The most thrilling and terrifying attraction of all is the zombie outbreak where you will experience what it is like to be one of the last survivors of a nightmare zombie apocalypse. This dark maze hits you with a new terror awaiting at every turn and keeps you on edge as zombies consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh are practically everywhere! There’s only one way out and no turning back, so good luck to you and I hope you’ll make it out alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attraction: Alive Museum

At the alive museum, you will enter a colorful world of fun and engaging optical illusion art. As you can see, digging gold is my forte!!!!!

With the artwork specially commissioned by artists from South Korea, the skillful brush strokes, careful details and amazing choice of colors result in the wonderful 3D images.

How about some skiing with polar bears?!

Or getting blown away by the world of imagination created by the murals that cover almost every inch of the space with imaginary scenes such as a ufo?!

Knock knock, anybody waiting for me inside the secret garden? Me super love the cherry blossoms!

Hip hip hurray! The alive museum is so colorful and vibrant and it’s one of my favorites! Ride a pony with me to the galaxy!

What to Eat: Retro-themed Non-Halal Malaysian Food Street

Location: SkyAvenue Mall, level 4

Seating Capacity: 40,000 sq ft with 1,000 seats

Stalls: 20 stalls with five distinct zones namely little India, malacca, teluk intan, Kuching and Chinatown

Out of the 20 stalls, 8 stalls along with the three kiosks and the drinks counter are operated by resorts world genting while others are operated in collaboration with famous local hawker stalls that were handpicked for the best Malaysian Food. The food street can be described as a culinary showcase that will appeal to both Malaysians and foreign tourists alike.

I personally like the South Indian style hot and spicy banana leaf rice that’s served with freshly cooked dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. White rice is served on a banana leaf with an assortment of vegetables, pickles, papadum and other regional condiments which are usually sour, salty or spicy. Interestingly, banana leaf meal etiquette dictates that, after the meal, the guest must always fold the banana leaf inwards as a sign of gratitude to the host. The delicacies range from the ever popular hainanese chicken rice, Penang char kuey teow, Sarawak kolo mee, Bak kut teh, Sarawak laksa, Nasi lemak, claypot rice, prawn mee to succulent traditional Chinese roasted meats.

The chicken satays are pretty good and the curry fish head is perfect for the cold weather. The must try desserts are cendol and ice kacang which will complete your meal sweetly.

Attraction: Snow World

After a hearty meal, you can head down to the Snow World for some fun!

I can’t believe I screamed a bit while playing my snow slide!

Who wants to enjoy a feast with me?!

It’s freezing at -10 degrees Celsius. Fret not, snow world will kindly provide you with a winter jacket, boots, and gloves to keep your body warm while you enjoy the snowing experience. It’s fun!

Attraction: Genting Bowl

Genting Bowl offers normal bowling in the day and glow in the dark bowling at night! How cool is that?! P.S. I anyhow roll my ball also managed to spare and even strike. Gosh. This is way more than beginners luck man!

Attraction: SkySymphony (RM28 million project)

Shows: The Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess

Location: Huge Atrium at the tail end of SkyAvenue

Resorts World Genting unveils the largest permanent winch installation and the first multimedia winch attraction in Asia. It is called SkySymphony and comes with magnificent LED shows featuring wonderwalls and amazing ball. Stand still and be amazed by this panoramic, immersive, nature-themed electronic presentation with music and motions on the screens!

The Forest Show is a bioluminescent universe where endangered species unique to Southeast Asia comes to life. Colorful and fluorescent 3D gesture drawings are used to demonstrate a striking coexistence of these diverse exotic population, including the Sumatran tiger, Bornean orang utan, asian elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros and the hornbills.

The SkySymphony winch installation is the only fixed kinetic ball display in the world. These kinetic balls are plastic globes with an LED light inside. Each ball moves independently on a long cable attached to a motor which controls the height of a ball’s descent or ascent. The balls move vertically in order to be assembled into a series of programmed shapes. Each of these balls are suspended from a four-story high ceiling and is the fastest programmed winch speed at 17.5 meters in six seconds. Together with the LED screens, the 1001 kinetic balls form the world’s first electronic art installation which will see storylines projected on the LED screens while the kinetic balls move to form shapes to support the story’s premise or trajectory.

The Goddess Show is inspired by a magical kingdom above the clouds. It is an imaginative narration about the beauty of creation where real actors play the role of creators who conjure life forms into existence.

The Urban Symphony Show showcases the daily chores from waking up to going to work. The giant LED screen (25m x 12m) shows, an electronic mood board consisting of three-storey high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound screens, is the biggest in Malaysia. In fact, the price of these wraparound screens is double that of flat screens! Many visitors even hang on the balustrade rails of the different levels of SkyAvenue just to experience the mesmerizing visual spectacular.

Attraction: New Awana Skyway

Operating Hours: 7am to midnight daily

Ticket Prices: RM8 for Standard Gondola, RM40 for Express Boarding Pass, RM50 for Glass Floor Gondola

The Awana Skyway is located at the new Awana Transportation Hub and offers both thrills and convenience to Resorts World Genting guests. The 99 cable cars (10 glass floors) can carry 3,000 passengers every hour on the 620-metre ascent from Awana station to the final stop, SkyAvenue station. With a top speed of six meters per second, the 2.8km journey takes just 10 minutes.

Interestingly, every gondola is fitted with two USB ports allowing visitors to charge their mobile phones. The thrilling ride on a glass floor / normal gondola begins at Awana station. Passengers can disembark at Chin Swee station to visit the Chinese temple which is located at an altitude of 1,514 meters. Alternatively, passengers can remain in the gondola until the final stop at SkyAvenue station which connects directly to the SkyAvenue shopping mall.

Visitors to Resorts World Genting can take cabin-sized luggage on board the gondola while larger luggages can be stored at the new awana bus terminal for RM5 for 24 hours.

Enjoy a spectacular bird’s eye view of the 130 million year old rainforest surrounding Resorts World Genting and the site of the future much anticipated Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to Eat: Coffee Terrace

Breakfast Prices: RM44 per adult, RM22 per child daily 7am to 10.30am

Buffet Lunch Prices: RM46 per adult / RM23 per child on weekdays (Mon to Fri) and RM50 per adult / RM25 per child on weekends (Sat, Sun, Eve of and PH and School Holiday) from 12pm to 2.30pm

Buffet Dinner Prices: RM88 per adult (Sun – Thu) / RM92 (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH and PH and School Holiday) and RM44 per child (Sun – Thu) / RM46 (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH and PH and School Holiday) from 5pm to 9.30pm



I personally love the buffet dinner spread including the flavors of Malaysia, seafood, Japanese counter, western spread, satays and the cute desserts corner. Yummy!

Attraction: RedTail Bar by Zouk (Nightlife)

Size: 4,289 sq ft, accommodates 150 guests


RedTail is a lively and fun place that offers pre-club drinks and group celebrations, a beer bar, tiki bar, and light meals and snacks. It also regularly host competitions and opportunities to go head-to-head against players across the world with exciting, real-time e-gaming tournaments. The mascot of RedTail is Xiao Hong the red panda boy i.e. a fun, popular, sociable, adventurous and playful boy, matching the vibe of the place.

The very atmosphere of the place also celebrates culture and arts – RedTail being a big supporter of the southeast Asian art scene. The decor showcases murals, graffiti art, handcrafted lighting and sculptures. In case you’re wondering, Zouk is a 26 year old brand that provides a world-class clubbing experience by pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. It was ranked Asia’s best club by DJ Mag in their 2017 top 100 polls!

Enjoy exciting cocktails, relax and listen to cool live music, watch your favorite sports on screen or play games like Xbox, e-games, beer pong, darts and pool to liven your night at the trendy RedTail bar. Don’t forget to try the zouk-inspired sour plum shot!

What to Eat: Motorino

Location: Level 1, SkyAvenue

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm (Sun – Thu) and 10am to 12midnight (Fri, Sat, Eve of and PH)

Prices: RM45 to RM67 for a whole pie

This Brooklyn and East Village pizza place makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens and even has New York Times food writers hailing it as the best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York! The Motorino at SkyAvenue will be a 4,000 sq ft place with a facade featuring gold-bordered Italian windows with original design ethic of the American outlets with 1920s metal chairs in burgundy.

On the sides, Motorino offers fresh mixed green salads, roasted chicken wings flavored with lemon, mint and chili flakes and meatballs braised in tomato sauce, pecorino and basil.

There are over 20 toppings and ten stellar favorites ranging from the stripped (marinara, margherita and pepperoni) to the supremely Italian (stracchiatella with basil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil; cremini mushrooms, and colatura di alici featuring cow’s milk mozzarella, red onions, grape tomatoes, white anchovies and sea salt).

The two large pizza ovens used in Motorino were shipped in from Naples in Italy where patrons can watch the entire process of the making of the pizzas live in action under the sixties-style lighting and Pantone glo-balls.

On a side note, the recent opening of the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets selling a variety of luxury items complements the new and existing offerings at Resorts World Genting. Shop till you drop!

Thank you Resorts World Genting for the kind hosting throughout the 3D2N media trip. I enjoyed myself very much! It’s a relaxing and fruitful trip with many takeaways!

Are you amazed at how much Genting has changed? Come on up to rediscover Genting!

Thanks for reading!

Attitudes for a Blessed Life

What makes me happy? It could be people, pets, hobbies, sports, material things, achievements and more. As a child of God, Matthew 5:3-10 taught me many attitudes that we as children of God can adopt for a blessed life. Let’s examine them together.

3. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (God)

We need to recognize our spiritual poverty and our incredible need for God. This will help to remind us of our dependence on God. Only when we empty ourselves, we can truly allow God to rule and reign in our hearts.

4. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted

It is important to understand our spiritual mourning over our sin and shame such as Psalm 51 on adultery. Having a prayer of repentance, we should learn to plead with God for forgiveness and call on his name for mercy due to our greed, hatred, lies, lust, etc. God comforts us with his never ending grace. Always remember, God’s grace is sufficient for me.

5. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth

The meek are not the weak. When we know of our spiritual bankruptcy and we mourn, we will have a better estimate of ourselves to adopt a humble and gentle posture. Therefore, we need to surrender to Jesus, live in humility and depend on God. Let’s cut down our proud and competitive nature and learn to be meek like Jesus Christ.

6. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled

God says, “be holy for I’m holy”. Holiness is drawing close to God, become like him and to take his nature upon ourselves. Start yearning for God today! Meet God for who he is, and not what we can get out of him. If you hunger and thirst for God, you will be filled! Revival must begin in our hearts and starts with us today.

7. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy

Whatever it is, be merciful. Remember the mercy we’ve tasted. Now we are called to show mercy to those who’ve owned us. Mercy is the quality of god, not man. Releasing forgiveness and showing mercy sets us free to enjoy the peace and wholeness in our lives.

8. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God

Inward purity of the heart will lead to an outward purity. We need to rely on the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside. Jesus rejects purity that is only skin deep and superficial. Always be pure in heart!

9. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God

As children of God, we should all be peacemakers. Jesus is the prince of peace. We must make peace between man and man, be a mediator and initiate reconciliation. Always take that step to say sorry to others and respond with a gentle and loving word.

10. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Always be ready for opposition. We could all very well be persecuted and rejected by others because we’re following Jesus and we’re Christians. All the more, we must continue to stand up for godly moral values even though we may be laughed at. Be proud, don’t hide your identity because God called us to be the salt and light of the world.

Dear God, please help me to be dressed in Christ likeness and bring you glory and honor. Amen!

2D1N Batam Tour & Golden View Hotel

Welcome to Batam!!!!!!!!

Here I’m sharing a short weekend getaway trip!

Things to Do: Visit Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya

Yahoooooo! It’s the weekend again! Start your weekend right by pampering yourself to a short 2D1N getaway to Batam Island, Indonesia! The first thing you can do there is to visit the biggest Chinese temple in Batam, namely, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya. It’s a peaceful place, quiet and spacious too. There is a vegetarian restaurant with a great variety of food to choose from, and don’t forget to try their famous vegetable pau if you’re craving for a healthy munch. Otherwise, you can simply find any spot of your comfort to meditate, pray or sink into its serenity.

Wow I’m sooooooo strong!!!!!!!

Things to Do: Visit The Illusion Batam

One of the latest trick art and trick eye museum in Batam is finally opened!!!!!!!! It’s a small place, with a few pretty interesting and instaworthy photos opportunities. They do change their arts every now and then, so rest assured that you can visit The Illusion Batam more than once!

How often do you get a chance to pee together with The Incredible Hulk?!

Or even, dance and kiss with Michael Jackson close up?!

Seeing is believing! If you believe you can fly, you can.

What to Eat: Batam Layer Cakes, Golden Prawn 555 Restaurant

No trip is complete without bringing home Batam’s famous kuey lapis (layer cakes). 1 kg of original kuey lapis costs around RP. 250,000 (SGD$25) and special flavors one costs around RP. 290,000 (SGD$29). Since it’s freshly made, you may place your order and request for them to be delivered to your hotel for a greater convenience. For the foodies, Golden Prawn 555 Restaurant is conveniently located at Golden City Batam, where you can indulge in a seafood feast of your choice. Cheap or not? I leave it to you to find out. P.s. the chili crabs are awesome!!!!!!!!!

What to Eat: A&W at MegaMall Batam Center

Since young, I’m a big fan of A&W’s root beer float and curly fries!!!!!! Woohooooooo! My cravings are almost instantly satisfied with A&W’s fried chicken and waffles too!!!!!!!!! The cheapest thrill I have whenever I’m in Batam is indulging in an A&W’s meal.

Where to Stay: Golden View Hotel Batam

Remember I mentioned about Golden City Batam? If you’re planning to chill out in a convenient hotel, Golden View Hotel is a all in one value for money choice. It’s situated right in the heart of Golden City Batam, within walking distances from Go Kart, Golden Prawn 555 Restaurant, Dry Food Market, Chocolate House and more. The superior room has a brown colored theme which creates a homely feel. However, I’m a little uncomfortable with its soft pillow and hard bed.

The hotel room itself is intimate, cozy and spacious, making it a very comfortable stay. It also has a connecting room door where you can hijack your neighbors next door!

The bathroom is relatively clean and comes with a bathtub too. No doubt at close up, its furnishings look a tiny bit old, but be assured that all are still in good working condition.

My room even overlooks a beautiful swimming pool. What a nice view. You can also grab a simple chicken steak set dinner at Rajawali and enjoy the pool view while dining in an outdoor environment. Relaxing and windy too!

My day is always complete only with shopping. A popular shopping choice in Batam includes Batam City Square, apt for me because it sells many fashionable clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. I shop when I’m stressed because shopping is cheaper than therapy!

Overall, I give a like for Golden View Hotel!

Waking up to an amazing view is also something that made my weekend felt blessed. The pool is also open to the public who can pay a small fee to swim at Golden View Hotel. I personally don’t find the pool very clean so I spent most of my time suntanning instead.

The swimming pool also includes a small water slide and the child-like me simply enjoyed it! I know it’s meant for the kids but who cares!

Have a good laugh!

I hope you had an enjoyable virtual glimpse of Batam and some feasible ideas on things you can do, what to eat and where to stay over the weekend!

Thanks for reading!