OpenSnap Launch @ Flutes @ National Museum of Singapore



Pre launch of opensnap mobile app by openrice!!!!!!!!

You must be wondering what’s opensnap and what’s openrice huh?

Simply put, opensnap is a mobile food app while openrice is asia’s premier dining guide with a huge database of restaurants and food reviews.

Let me first give my humble opinion of my experience with the opensnap mobile app!

Opensnap mobile app homepage displays tasty pictures of food snapped by any common human being, yes, that’s you and I! It also includes who posted it, a name for the food and a caption such as a short description of the food. You can also click the heart shaped icon on the right hand corner of the photo to show that you like it.

On clicking the picture, you are allowed to comment on it and share it with others as well. That’s how we all spread the love of good food from one to the other!

On clicking the restaurant name, you will be directed to its information page with clear address, telephone number, cuisine, pricing, overall rating points, signature dishes, description of the restaurant, opening hours and payment methods. You can also view the variety of food pictures available as well as read all the other reviews by fellow openricers. I think it’s very helpful to read a variety of reviews before deciding if it’s worth the try!

It’s very interactive and you can share the restaurant on facebook, twitter, weibo, whatsapp, wechat and emails. You may also click the “call” button at the bottom right hand corner to find out more information about the restaurant directly. So convenient!

The search button allows you to search nearby food places, top rated food places and the latest food places. You may also type in the dish or restaurant name and select the location country. The explore button at the middle top of the app also allows you to find other fellow openricer users. Your profile and settings could also be pimped from there. The activities button works similarly to facebook notifications where you can see the activities such as who followed you or liked your photo.

Your profile button shows the photos, albums, and your followers. Similar to facebook, you can set a profile photo and a cover photo as well.

Overall simple layout and easy to navigate around to post pictures and descriptions.





P.S. Thank you Kat for the kind invitation.

I had an awesome food tasting @ Flutes@National Museum of Singapore!


Appetizer – smoked salmon rosettes with blinis, citrus, bottarga, creme fraiche. This was one of the best appetizers that I ever tasted in my life. I’m a big time salmon fan so I have a soft spot for smoked salmon. I thought the citrus was a pretty good combination as it’s very juicy and slightly sourish. This was also the first time I saw such a cute round sized pancake that’s very fluffy. It’s also slightly warm to my liking. I rate this dish 4.5/5.

Soup – cream of mushroom with truffle oil and chives. Very delicate and totally minced tiny mushrooms. Served quite hot but the portion’s a bit little to me. Or maybe the plate was too big so it felt like the soup’s very little? Anyway, I rate it 3.5/5.

Main course – grilled beef striploin with truffled mash, asparagus and black pepper sauce. This was a bit disappointing as the beef’s too thick and slightly cooked to well done. I was quite surprised we were not given a choice to choose it being cooked medium rare or something. It would be better if it’s not so thick and done medium rare. The mash potato was also super little but very fragrant – would be better if the serving size is bigger. I rate it 2.5/5.

Dessert – dark chocolate cake with caramelised walnut and anglaise sauce. An okay dessert, a bit on the sweet side. Quite spongy as well. I didn’t like the walnuts though. I wished I had more blueberries instead. Couldn’t taste much of the dark chocolate taste, just tasted like any common chocolate cake to me. I rate it 3/5.

FLUTES Restaurant.Bar

Address: The National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897

One thought on “OpenSnap Launch @ Flutes @ National Museum of Singapore

  1. thanks fr supporting us at launch. Looking forward to all your yummy photos on OpenSnap!

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