Taiwan’s Leading Cosmetics Brand BeautyMaker Launches in Singapore 2016

[ SPONSORED REVIEW ] Dear beauty products fans, here’s an awesome piece of news for you! Known for helping shape the face of Asian beauty and fashion, celebrity make-up artist Kevin Chou created BeautyMaker with a collection of cosmetics formulated specially for them. BeautyMaker allows women to buy high-quality cosmetics and make-up at a reasonable […]

13 Desserts for the Sweet Tooth

1) Ice Lab @ Orchard Road Korean Bingsoo (Korean shaved ice dessert) is here in Singapore! Ice Lab has an extremely clean, white and spacious interior. A little background – Ice Lab is opened by a Korean Comedian named Shin Jung Hwan. I particularly like that the snowflake shavings are very refined and soft. I […]

Taiwan Day 9 – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Jetstar

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] Taiwan Day 9 – OMG it’s my LAST DAY in Taiwan already! Say long not long, say short also not short. My 9th day in Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!! My longest holiday trip as well. 9 days of FUN, FUN and MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!! Macdonalds breakfast in bed was so shiok lah! Slacked all the […]

Taiwan Day 8 – Maokong Gondola, Mountain Teahouse, Taipei Zoo, Shi Da Night Market

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] It’s Taiwan Day 8 already! How time flies. After our free hotel breakfast, we walked to Ximen MRT around 830am to meet Aran & his wife for a day trip together! We all took the MRT together from Ximen to Taipei Zoo which took us about 40 minutes. Our very first […]

Taiwan Day 7 – Sanxia Old Street, Taipei 101, Zhongxiao Fuxing Sogo Department Store, Wufenpu, Raohe St. Night Market, Huaxi St. Night Market

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] Good morning Taiwan/Taipei day 7!!!!!!!!!!! This morning, we were a little more adventurous than usual and decided to head out for a good breakfast. We traveled from Ximen MRT to Longshan Temple MRT which was only a stop away. We had porridge to kickstart the day! I realised there were many places […]

Taiwan Day 6 – Cat Village, Jiu Fen, Gold Museum, Gold Waterfall, Yin Yang Sea, Shi Fen, Jingtong, Taipei Shilin Night Market

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] Good morning Taiwan/Taipei/Jiufen/Shifen day 6! How time flies, it’s already day 6 in the blink of an eye! Although the free hotel breakfast offers quite a variety, I was already sick of the food and decided to just go for porridge and bread. =/ Today, we went to Cat Village (Mao […]

Taiwan Day 5 – Yehliu Geopark, Jin Shan Qu, Jin Bao Li Old Street, Yang Ming Shan, Beitou Thermal Valley, Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf, Tamsui Old Street

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] Rise and shine to Taiwan/Taipei/Yehliu/Jin Shan/Yang Ming Shan/Beitou/Tamshui Day 5! We had the free hotel breakfast again! Our very first destination was YEHLIU GEOPARK. There are many rock formations to see at Yehliu Geopark. We also queued to take picture with the very famous Queen’s Head. After that, we had a […]