2D1N Bintan Nirwana Resort Hotel

[ SPONSORED TRIP ] Bintan Nirwana Resort Hotel – While some of them were swimming early in the morning, I was sleeping like a pig in my room. Hehe. Oops. After I finally woke up, papa and I went to the “coffee shop” for a pretty decent free buffet breakfast that’s included in our package. The […]

Chinese New Year Big Family Reunion Dinner 2013, 2014 & 2015

Chinese New Year Big Family Reunion Dinner 2013 So much work for steamboat…… kudos to san shen’s children for their help with so much INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s steamboat time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super rare of san shen to organise a gathering since she’s always busy with her coffeeshop. I was so looking forward and was appalled at the amount […]

Chinese New Year 2010 – 2014

[ CHINESE NEW YEAR 2010 ] Full length cheongsam. I bought for $10 only, cheap or what?! Gong xi gong xi. It’s the year of the tiger. Wishing well. I’m a horsie =) Dragons. Teddy bear ^^ ROAR. Event sponsors. River Hongbao 2010. HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ CHINESE NEW YEAR 2011 ] Rabbit Year 2011 CNY […]

Bond with Your Relatives and Eat Home Cooked Food Together

How do you bond with your relatives? For me, we bond over food!!!!!!!!! It’s the easiest way and the best way, because satisfying one’s stomach will easily capture one’s heart. It’s so cliche but so true. Sometimes, the simplest contentment in life can come from a plate of cai peng cooked with love by your […]

PCY 18th, 19th, 20th Birthday, Perfect 21st Birthday Party, Hello Kitty Surprise 22nd Birthday Party

PCY 18th BIRTHDAY It was a pleasant surprise by my brother to buy a cake with my name customised on it! 😀 And this year it was a squarish cake! Happy birthday to myself!!!!!!!!!! I love my family! Being 18 means I’m more or less an adult right? =P PCY 19th BIRTHDAY Our yearly simple home celebration! […]