Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, Batam, Indonesia

Hi guys! Here’s a little shoutout for Montigo, my vacation home during the long weekend! Woohoo! It ain’t dramatically grand but I was still contented with my stay. The bed is soft and comfortable and the view is therapeutic! This premier villa brings me much comfort and peace.

Some people say it’s like the Santorini of Asia with its white roof tops and chill vibes. What do you think?

I personally enjoyed watching the sunset most while soaking myself in my very own private pool. It’s nice leh, like really nice leh! Especially when it’s so serene and private!

Food wise, I recommend the hungry ones to order the Rijsttafel Set from Tadd’s restaurant to taste a bit of everything that will make you feel very Indonesian. Fret not, it’s mostly yummy!

As for PanTai restaurant, it was just your any other average Chinese food. To get around to all these dining places, you can call the reception to arrange for free buggy rides at any time of the day to pick you up and send you anywhere within the resort itself. No doubt it’s convenient but a little frustrating to wait during peak hours like breakfast and check out timings. The food within Montigo is definitely expensive and comparable to Singapore’s restaurants prices.

Therefore, I urge you to venture out for fresh and cheap seafood!!!!!!! I went to REZEKI for kelong style fresh catches where I thoroughly enjoyed a feast. It was so so good!

No trip for me is complete without shopping, and I got my loots mainly from Mega Mall and my fila stuff from a local night market near REZEKI. Shiok leh!

The best surprise in Montigo was being greeted by sparkling fireworks in the dark night! Power leh, apparently I heard there was a wedding and I caught the legit fireworks while rotting and playing board games in the room leh!


Montigo, you’ve been great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be back for the Montigo Texan Challenge!

Thanks for reading!

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