Valentines Day 2019

Hi guys! This is the season for love as Valentine’s Day celebrations are just over. Did you have a good one?

It’s okay to be single; I’m thankful for good friends that stuck by and made me feel loved. Thanks G!

Thanks L for bringing me to Fynn’s for a delightful dinner and Cream & Custard thereafter for great cakes! I’m grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will keep the cute stitch bouquet and bright red scented roses well in my bedroom. They will accompany Laksa the pug!!!!!!!!

Thanks Cher for the fresh rainbow roses!!!!!!!!

I loved it a lot!!!!!!!

And when there’s some time to spare after work before a valentine’s dinner date, chilling at Sheraton Towers for some good tea was therapeutic.

My valentine brought me to Gordon Grill. It’s old school but still romantic and cozy; it’s even Michelin Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww it’s sweet to be welcomed with a fresh red rose beautifully placed on the table upon being seated in the nice fine dining setting.

We started with our favorite champagne.

And when this pre-starter was served, we were like wah truffle lovers would love this to the max leh!!!!!!!!!

This delicate langoustine tartare was damn damn damn shiok!!!!!!!! I love fine dining experiences because most of the food not only look unique, they usually comprise of a lot of different tastes in just one dish. My palette is always in for a good pampering!

This wild mushroom veloute was pleasing and comforting to the palette. Simple and familiar.

This steak was the bomb and highlight. It’s medium, and of tip top quality. Legend has it that Gordon Grill serves one of the best steaks in Singapore and I have no qualms about it.

This sweetest form of dessert is out to melt anybody’s heart. The fresh cream taste still lingers in my mouth. Thanks Matt for being in town with me this Valentines!

Thereafter, we headed to cow play cow moo for our one and only favorite arcade game and we won dumbo with 38,000 tickets!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

And on that valentine’s weekend, I went to the flower dome at Gardens By The Bay with Cher in the evening and we dined at Pollen for the longest time ever. As such, we missed almost half of the chingay that night because the dinner took us 2.5 hours. Oh man!

Nonetheless, it was a great dining experience!

In fact, I’m glad I enjoyed the dinner way more than the chingay. Thanks Cher for the wonderful time and the continuous bickering of who made who missed the chingay. It was memorable!

This festive of valentine’s celebrations ended on a sweet note on a Monday night after work over dinner at Pete’s Place with M. Thanks for the great meal & catch up!

To all the singles out there (including myself), you’re complete in Christ.

I’m eternally grateful to all my friends for loving me so much this valentine’s.

God will give you the right one in his perfect timing.

Thanks for reading!

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