2D1N Turi Beach Resort Batam

Hi guys! I had a chill weekend at Turi Beach Resort Batam being a beach bum all day and all night long. My room was at the Tirta Wing and just a few steps away from the Emerald swimming pool. Shiok man!

Imma wonder woman wannabe!!!!!!!

The resort has a shuttle service to the shopping centre at a small fee. For me, I got my loots from Mega Mall after a good three hour shopping! I bought back Ding Tea bubble tea, kfc, salmon potato chips and chicken cup noodles to snuggle in bed for dinner and supper while watching FOX movies. It’s a lazy feeling but super cozy and great for a recharge.

Best of all, no Batam Trip is complete without eating my childhood favorite A&W curly fries and drinking root beer float! Woohoo! Craving satisfied!

As night falls, a simple glass of Shirley Temple lasted me throughout the long night as I played pool and darts at Yacht Club. It’s dark, chill and not crowded. I felt like I booked the whole club.

The live band sang many nice English pop music that night. I enjoyed one of my favorite oldies song (Dear God) the most. This is probably the one and only club thus far that makes me feel belonged as it’s neither messy nor shady. I enjoyed my night.

Furthermore, it’s a joy to wake up to a beautiful and calming sea view. Be still and let God’s love flow in you and through you!

In terms of distance, Turi Beach Resort Batam is a mere 30 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. It’s probably one of the nearest beach weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s life.

Water sports such as jet ski, wake-boarding, kayaking, banana boat, snorkeling, fishing, etc are also available upon request. Flying fox, rock climbing, cycling, ATV, volleyball, swimming etc are some of the leisure activities that you can enjoy over at Turi Beach as well. The laid back ones can relax inside the spa for a massage and the lazy ones can simply hide out inside the resort’s rooms! There’s things for everyone to do.

For me, I had a good time tanning by the beach. It was a good break for me.

Thanks for reading!

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