4D3N Da Nang 2019 – Son Tra Night Market, King’s Finger Hotel, Monkey Mountain, Marble Mountain, DN Bazaar, Dragon Bridge, Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills, Sun World Da Nang Wonders

Hi guys! I had a lovely trip to Da Nang and I absolutely loved its cool weather while I was there. I chanced upon a super shiok steamboat place on my first night which turned out surprisingly cheap, delicious and comforting. That night, my shopping cravings were mildly satisfied at Son Tra night market!

Throughout my trip in Da Nang, I had a pleasant stay at King’s Finger Hotel, a cozy and small boutique hotel. It’s quiet, comfortable and value for money.

Ironically, I only spotted a few monkeys at Son Tra (Monkey Mountain). This place is home to the beautiful marble statue of the Lady Buddha that can be seen from all along the Da Nang beach front.

Moving on, Marble Mountain is a sacred place where I thoroughly enjoyed the serenity. There are many caves for you to discover, including learning about their varied beauty and uses. Be awed!

It’s a rather tough journey climbing inside the caves. Nonetheless, the exploration was awesome!

Inside the caves, it’s dark and cooling. Fret not, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel!

When you finally climb out of the cave all the way to the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Da Nang. True enough, the best view always comes after the hardest climb. The feeling is so fulfilling. The little bruises here and there’s worth it!

I had a typical Vietnamese lunch at a random restaurant after visiting both the monkey mountain and the marble mountain. I thought the food’s a little too much on the salty side for my palette. Nonetheless, I liked the spicy fish most.

Thereafter, I luckily chanced upon a bazaar and shopped till super shiok with many good buys! Woohoo! Drinking authentic Vietnamese coffee is also a must. It’s extremely thick and will perk you up instantly.

After shopping, I visited a church, ate my favorite banh mi aka baguette, and com tam aka broken rice. Nothing beats roadside stalls. Best ever.

As night falls, I strolled along the riverside and watched the Dragon Bridge’s dragon change color and spit fire at 9pm! Nice leh! There was a beer fest alike thing ongoing with live band and music throughout the night. One word. Shiok.

My day always ended with an hour of foot massage so that I can continue walking comfortably the next day. Legit self-pampering.

The next morning, I visited a touristy place known as the Golden Bridge. It is located in the middle of the mountain and this entire bridge is covered with a magnificent yellow color. From a distance, this bridge looks like a silk strip floating in white clouds. The highlight is its huge supporting hands.

Ba Na Hills is another highlight of Da Nang, and it can be reached by cable car. There is a French Village with street music and many French Art all around.

There are also many gardens to walk about and bask in the nature’s cool and misty weather. My favorite is the maze garden where it’s easy to get lost within because every corner of it looks the same.

This place is huge; if only I had more time to explore them all. Grrrr!!! Strangely, the weather changes very rapidly, it could be misty, it could be cloudy, it could be sunny, it could be rainy, it could be clear, all within a couple of hours. Generally, the weather is mostly cold.

Pagodas, temples and a church are part of this magical place too.

Over at Ba Na Hills, the Fantasy Park itself is full of carnival and arcade games and many other small adventures such as fairy forest, Jurassic Park, 5D Wild West, 4D death race ride, 3D mega 360 degree, journey into the underground, freefall tower, horror house and so so much more.

There is a carnival performance show as well. Too many things, too little time! Hope to be back next time!

While on the cable car ride downhill, I saw a beautiful waterfall. Legit real. Legit nice.

After freshening up, I dropped by Vincom Plaza for more shopping and had my coconut coffee and pho. Vincom Plaza has a huge VinMart aka supermarket that every uncle and auntie will chiong after!

The best part of the night was my random decision to take the Sun Wheel at Asia Park / Sun World Da Nang Wonders. It’s the cheapest theme park I ever visited, with an entrance fee of merely SGD$15. This theme park is best visited at night, because the weather is cooling and there’s no queues for the rides.

It’s well-lighted up and divided into many different mini countries zones such as Japan Zone, Korea Zone, China Zone, Cambodia Zone, India Zone, Vietnam Zone, Singapore Zone and more! So much to explore!

I can’t believe I actually rode the queen cobra roller coaster. Almost died.

Luckily, I spotted superheroes there and they revived me.

The slow tram ride is actually quite cool, as it stops and allows you to view the entire Sun Wheel in the best angle including its reflections in the waters.

No doubt the Sun Wheel is the highlight of it all. Though to me, it’s the queen cobra roller coaster that I can’t get over. Traveling is always about challenging yourself, and doing things that you don’t usually do, BUT will take that leap of faith to create a lasting memory. As I age, I become more afraid of high thrill rides but I proudly survived this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my happiness level continued to shoot up when I bought lok lok for supper from a roadside stall after my nightly foot massage. It’s a super energy draining day to visit Ba Na Hills in the morning and then Asia Park – Sun World Da Nang Wonders in the night but I did it! I’m so proud of myself!

Life is good, so good when you can wake up to a wonderful sight and city scape. This is actually why I chose King’s Finger Hotel – its infinity pool offers an amazing 360 degrees view of Da Nang. It’s super windy too! I also walked around My Khe Beach in the morning to feel the sea breeze and watch the sea waves. I wouldn’t mind if time could linger on longer during these moments. It’s therapeutic.

I actually kind of got adapted (and possibly a little addicted) to Vietnamese food over these few days, especially the fragrant spices used in most dishes. And I’ve proven to myself that I preferred fresh spring rolls to fried spring rolls. I’m glad that I ate quite a lot in this trip!

I want to visit other parts of Vietnam in the near future! Someone jio me please!

Thanks for reading!

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