3D2N Genting & French Village Trip 2019 with The Avengers!

Hi guys! I started my 2019 with an impromptu trip to Genting & French Village with an awesome team – Avengers United! This trip not only strengthened our bond, we also experienced good teamwork and of course lots of fun together. Our first breakfast upon our arrival was the fish porridge from Richdad. The porridge itself was rather bland and plain, but the fish was alright. After we checked into our rooms, we rested for a while before stopping by One Meter Teh to try the bee hoon which turned out to be rather flavorful and delicious!

Every Genting Trip brings me a new perspective. This time round, some parts of the indoor theme park has opened! I played some games and won a huge ass black angry bird soft toy, Bomb! Gosh! It soon became one of the new members of our trip as we took turns to carry and hug it.

We had a wonderful light lunch at DC Super Heroes Cafe and were mesmerized by its decor. The pizza was surprisingly good, and the hot chocolate was thick and filling.

This trip added a lot of calories to us as we ate something almost every few hours. We planned to eat chicken wings but somehow ended up ordering a heavy tea break at PowerPlant. Nonetheless, the food was piping hot and comforting in the cooling weather. It’s pretty economical as PowerPlant offers good deals during certain timings of the day.

We did some shopping thereafter and watched Kung Fu Monster movie. It’s so cute! And then we renamed Bomb the angry bird to “Lucky” because the kawaii little kung fu monster in the movie is called Lucky.

Our dinner was settled at Bar.B.Q Plaza as we shared a salted egg mookata set meal. Shiok!!! Good food, even better company. Nothing more I can ask for. Sharing is caring! It’s a warm and cozy feeling as we slowly cooked and ate together. All satisfied, it’s time for bed. Our one day genting time together was great!

The next morning, we had a fulfilling breakfast at Genting before taking a grab downhill to our next highlight (my favorite), i.e. the French Village. It’s still quite cooling!

This amazing small village is called “Colmar Tropicale” and it is located in Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia. It is 2,600 feet above sea level on 80 acres of natural forestland. This place is magical. Its vibrant colors and feel awes me. My recent carnival addiction tempted me to play that damn hook a duck game but sadly I didn’t win anything. I still had fun though.

Anyway, we stayed in a two-storey family suite room. There are three toilets and three bathtubs. Shiok to the max!

After settling down, we hopped onto the shuttle service to visit the Japanese Village. You can do a bit of trekking while enjoying the scenery and cool air. Otherwise, indulge in a relaxing Japanese meal amongst the greenery. Both the saba fish and unagi I had were of decent quality – fresh, hot and tasty.

We had to return to Colmar Tropicale to take another shuttle service from there to the animal farm. It was disappointing as it’s just a very small area with mainly rabbits.

Nonetheless, we self-entertained and played the see-saw at the playground and ate lime and vanilla ice cream together. It’s the company that matters! I’m glad that our Avengers and DC T-shirts theme inspired us to pose funny group pictures together.

We then headed back to explore the French Village itself, and saw two white swans and a black swan. There’s also a mini Jurassic World. All of us ate a French pastry each for our tea break. Life is good when you’re holidaying with the right group of friends!

As night starts to fall, we shared a whole chicken for dinner and enjoyed the breeze while chit chatting with one another at the table. Looking at the street lightings was so therapeutic!

Around 8.30pm, anyone is free to join the people on the streets and work out / dance to Zumba all the way with hipster music. You can stay healthy and still have fun!

I couldn’t bear to leave this place! Legit!

Thank you guys for taking care of me and having me. I enjoyed myself a lot! Let’s plan for a new adventure soon!

Thanks for reading!

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