3D2N Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan Island

Hi guys!!!!!!! Here’s sharing with you my exciting and adventurous trip to LOOLA!!!!!!!! I stayed in the one bedroom bungalow facing a calming sea view. It’s an eco resort, and I love the cooling gel pads underneath the bed!

The food at Loola made me felt at home. The taste was very homely, alike to what my mum usually cooks. Even though I was a little turned off by some of the mosquitoes, flies, termites and other insects, I appreciated the quiet ambience and vast sea view at the dining area.

These bungalows are built in the recent 1- 2 years and are perfect for a getaway to an island nearby Singapore! You can take the ferry from Singapore’s Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Tanjung Pinang ferry terminal where the LOOLA people will pick you up there.

Otherwise, you can kayak your way to LOOLA if you’re feeling like Superman / Aquaman!!!!!!!

Welcome to the start of my LOOLA adventure!!!!!!!!!!

You can relax around LOOLA and try the traditional bamboo stick fishing while enjoying the peace and tranquility. Then send your freshly caught fishes to the kitchen and the chefs will fry them for you!!!!!! It’s one of my happiest moments in LOOLA because the fishes I caught by myself really tasted 100 times better than any other fishes I’ve had in my entire life. I felt great.

In fact, I even managed to catch live octopus, crabs, prawns, clams, snails, sea cucumbers and other types of shells! Thank God for the great weather and great fun spotting these different little marine creatures.

Over at LOOLA, the activities are fun! I did the skywalk and took a leap of faith, not once, but twice! Woohoo!

The zip line brings you INTO THE POOL!!!!!! It only takes 3 seconds.

I guess my greatest achievement would be my climbing of the coconut tree. Never did I expect myself to reach the top when the branch was shaking while I was making my way step by step up the tree!

I did the rock climbing multiple times!

One of the most enjoyable night moments include indulging in a seafood and bbq feast dinner while enjoying the wind and sound of the sea waves and feeling the sand on your feet. The best thing that happened was that I caught most of these LIVE seafood during the sea-based tidal walks and got them boiled for dinner!!!!!!! FRESH & AWESOME!!!!!!!!

It’s been a long long while since I had a legit campfire for team building. It’s warm, fiery and strong; I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you guys for having us!

Playing musical chairs are a must!

For the laid back ones, you can bask yourself in the nature and enjoy a kampung walk / stroll from LOOLA to the nearby villages to see how the people live their daily lives. They rear chickens and ducks for food and grow coconut trees, banana trees, chili plants and more.

You can also choose to get involved in the village community and take part in the various meaningful community projects and do your part for the less fortunate such as helping to revamp toilets, build homes, etc.

Last but not least, go shopping at Tanjung Pinang town on your last day before returning to Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas in advance guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading!


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