Formula 1 2018 – F1 Night Race – Singapore Grand Prix

Hi guys! Welcome to the long awaited annual F1 event in Singapore!!!!!!! I’m so excited this year because Jay Chou’s concert is the highlight that I looked forward to on a Friday night!

A roaring start!!!!!!!!

Omg I was rather up-close and he’s soooooooooo shuai!!!!!!!!! I melted.

Special appearance of Singaporean Joanna Dong singing a duet with my Jay Chou!

One of Jay Chou’s new songs – 不爱我就拉倒

I was surprised to hear one of his old classics which I believe still rings a bell to many of us even till now!


The visuals and effects were damn damn nice.

Almost everyone knows 告白气球 by heart. It’s like the song that every fan yearns to hear man.

Hearing the vroom vroom sounds coming out from these sexy F1 cars excite me too!!!!!!!!!

My excitement continues even more as these crystal moon stiltwalkers take me on a beautiful bright journey throughout the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Come spend your weekend (14 – 16 September 2018) and experience the F1 craze live!!!!!!

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