X Edition 2018 – Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Artfair

Hi guys! If you’re thinking where to go this weekend, you can head down to X Edition 2018, Asia’s largest photography hotel artfair, which presents more than 800 original works of art installed in the luxurious setting of the guest rooms of Regent Singapore – a Four Seasons Hotel.

The guest rooms will be flooded with artworks by various artists from all over the world! Get ready to be awed by this unprecedented artshow!

From galleries to artists, X Edition seeks to intrigue with every visual art piece representing a different art genre – contemporary, surrealism, modernism and new media.

Art makes dreams come true. I can see so much life and form in an artwork and the meticulous efforts of the artist to make it almost perfect.

One of the highlights of the artfair include an exciting speaker series line-up over the 3-day exhibition where visitors can learn more photo art techniques, new technologies and processes in today’s world of photography. Featured artists include Russel Wong, Stephen Schaub, Season Lao and Charlie Lim, among others.

Check out this particular lovely room with background music too! X Edition 2018 also features contemporary photo art and some of the world’s best photo artworks from the world’s leading art galleries and international photo artists. Guests at the vernissage include established art collectors, photographers, international art patrons and art lovers from all around the region.

Art is an universal language which not only seeks to inform, motivate and stimulate but also elicits emotions through a medium that is both powerful and sensitive. There’s so much to see and feel from each and every piece of unique artwork. Your eyes are in for a good feast!

Look at these photo visual arts. They are made from sand and portray their own voice and life. The effect is so cool and I could connect with it to either the galaxy or the beach. There are just some of the many other unique and diverse pieces of photo art works over at X Edition 2018.

A female artist from Dubai painted these all by herself! I was in awe with the passion and drive that she has when I chatted with her. It got me thinking that as long as I focus and strive towards just one goal, I will be able to achieve it as long as I have a strong determination to succeed.

Some of these paintings are done by a variety of talented local artists! Supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), X Edition will also feature special speakers series on various photo techniques including the dynamics of The Business of Celebrity Photography and Fast Speed Lighting Photography.

One of the most interesting artists is Charlie Lim, famously known as the painter of light. In his light PAINTOGRAPHY, he can “paint” you in 30 seconds in the dark! He took 7 years to master this perfectly and just in case you’re wondering, he’s the first in the world to do this.

Held in conjunction with Singapore’s F1 season, X Edition aims to showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of photo art to art enthusiasts and the general public. This particular F1 artwork was painted by an artist who came to Singapore for the first time and fell in love with what we have!

X Edition 2018
Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair @ Regent Hotel Singapore Level 8

1 Cuscaden Road Singapore 249715

Friday, 7th September 2018, 10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday, 8th September 2018, 10.30am to 8.30pm
Sunday, 9th September 2018, 10.30am to 6.30pm

Free Admission

Thanks for reading!

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