Bee Choo Origin Ladies Hair Treatment

Hi guys! I’m so excited to share my virgin hair treatment experience at Bee Choo Origin Ladies! The particular outlet that I went to is strictly only for ladies. All the hair therapists in OriginLadies are women as well. This gave me total privacy! A recognised household brand name, established since 2000, the founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore Agencies.

No matter at what age, all women deserve to pamper themselves and take care of their hair health to sustain a youthful look. This authentic and natural hair treatment is results-proven, 100 percent free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

First up, you will be greeted with wide smiles and friendly hellos by the staff as you step into the cozy place. The environment is quite dim and relaxing. It’s decorated with vintage floral designs.

A staff will proceed to check your scalp and explain to you about your scalp condition on the laptop screen to help you better understand what’s happening.

The questions to ask are usually these:

1. Is it itchy?
2. Is it oily?
3. Is it sensitive?

Generally, if it shows that you’ve thicker strands of hair, your scalp is considered pretty healthy. In today’s modern society, most women, including me, can become quite vain and be exposed to excessive use of chemical products like hair dyes to look more beautiful. Inevitably, this will cause loss of hair. In fact, even post pregnancy hormone changes can result in hair loss too. Fret not, Bee Choo Ladies can help you by providing a 100% safe and highly effective herbal hair loss treatment.

The hair treatment process is simple. An hour and a half is all it takes to restore healthy hair. Firstly, they will apply ginger wine on the scalp. The herbal hair tonic will also be massaged into the scalp.

Secondly, you will be given a light massage for the head and scalp to help improve blood circulation.

Last but not least, they will apply the specially formulated herbal paste on the scalp layer.

There are two types of herbal paste. The colourless herbal paste helps to promote hair growth, control oily and itchy scalp, promote new blood cells and at the same time helps to reduce dandruff. It’s like going for a hair dye where they will spread the herbal paste evenly onto your hair. The colored herbal paste works the same way with the only difference being your hair color might turn out to look like copper brown colour after the hair treatment due to the natural colors of the herbs and ingredients used in the formula of this special herbal paste.

Your hair will then be wrapped up and steamed for the next 45 minutes to allow the pores to open up, absorb nutrients and stimulate hair growth. The staff will even put a shoulder pad for you on your shoulders for maximum comfort.

After 45 minutes of steaming the hair, it’s time to wash the hair with two times of shampoo and one time of conditioner before getting dried by the hair dryer. By then, you’re done and all refreshed with a fresh smell.

In addition, you can choose to apply virgin olive oil at the ends of your hair so that it will not become so dry after the treatment.

Bee Choo also offers naturally formulated hair care products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair tonic, repair creme, essences and style lotions. These are specially designed for Asian hair types.

Let us take a look at the purity scalp hair shampoo. This anti hair loss shampoo is a top seller. It rebalances the hair’s condition and stimulate root metabolism with the action of the exclusive Energy Complex. Fruit AHAS perform a gentle peeling action on the scalp, separates the hair follicle from the dead cells, allowing them to breathe and prepare the scalp for intensive treatments with Energy Concentrate. Oligoelements nourish and replenish the hair shaft.

After a refreshing hair wash, you can apply the scalp hair tonic on your scalp to enhance the quality of your scalp and protect it against dandruff, oily and itchy scalp. This is formulated with essential herbal nutrients and ultimately helps to strengthen your hair, relieves itching and controls sebaceous excretion of the scalp.

Otherwise, you can also apply the herbal hair tonic which is a unique Chinese formula that uses exotic and precious herbs to help accelerate hair growth and control hair loss. It is especially suitable for customers with severe hair loss problems and it can be used before and after herbal treatment. This hair tonic will settle on the scalp after applying which may cause a sticky feeling.

I find the whole experience relaxing and nourishing for my hair. The plus point over at this ladies only outlet is that they give good and free massages for your hair, head and even shoulders too! Such a pampering experience is reasonably priced ranging from $41 to $69 depending on your hair length. Service wise, small things like serving you tea and topping it up automatically goes to show how attentive and sincere the staff are! I felt much more refreshed and confident after receiving this traditional and natural hair treatment. It’s like a smooth beauty boost to my hair and scalp.

Bee Choo Origin Ladies is the only outlet that accept appointment bookings at least 1 day in advance. They also accept walk-in customers on a first-come-first-served basis and waiting time may take around 30-45 minutes during peak periods.

Bee Choo Origin Ladies
5 Pahang Street Singapore 198606
Tel: 6291 5354
Opens daily from 10am to 8pm (Ladies only Hair Loss Treatment) (Sister Franchise in Bangkok)

Thank you Bee Choo Origin Ladies for this amazing experience. Thanks for reading!


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