A Samsui Love Story: A Food & Dance Affair

Here’s a short sharing of my experience at a food and dance affair where I transcend time and space in a unique 5-course food and contemporary dance experience. This amazing and romantic journey lasted for 2.5 hours and was held at Caldwell House Alcove at Chijmes. “A Samsui Love Story” is organized by project plait and tunglok and the admission tickets are available online at $105 for adults and $48 for children.

The synopsis goes like this.

It is 1937, and she has travelled long and far to come to Singapore to work as a Samsui woman. He works for the British government as an undercover spy, with a mission to find out if the community of Japanese fishermen in Singapore was providing intelligence for the Japanese military. As part of his mission, he takes in the identity of a satay street vendor. They fall in love, her not knowing his dark secret, and him not knowing what war may bring.

The samsui woman and the satay man love grows from their first meeting and holds strong through the trials and darkness of war-torn Singapore.

It is interesting to see the story come alive through food and dance. The food served were related to what’s enacted in the dance too! In fact, little details like small notes were also served together with the food, where you can read the “love letters” and ingredients used.

A 5-course modern Singaporean meal is interwoven with contemporary dance into a unique showcase by Chef Nixon Low and choreographer Naomi Tan.

1st: British Satay – braised British chicken stew satay, cucumber and onion slaw and satay sauce

2nd: “Plain Porridge” – scallops, abalone, shrimps with superior seafood broth

3rd: Nyonya Otah Scotch Eggs with Coconut Foam

4th: “Prison Food” – 24 hours braised lamb stew, truffle mashed potatoes, buttered peas, sautéed mushrooms

5th: Cendol with a special handwritten love note / love letter by your partner for the night

Thanks Cher for this special journey! Expect sensory enchantment as you are immersed in this interactive dining experience!

Thanks for reading!

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