The Sugar Fairy @ 28 Dover Crescent #01-97 (Coffeeshop) Singapore 130028



Meet Sera, a humble, friendly and wonder woman who’s managing The Sugar Fairy, a dessert stall located at 28 Dover Crescent #01-97 (Coffeeshop) Singapore 130028. Folks living in the west, now you know where to find sweet treats for your sweet tooth! Students get special discounts from Tuesdays to Fridays too. Don’t have to look further, The Sugar Fairy makes desserts come true with Sera’s magic wand!


To kickstart, it would be good to go for the “Trilogy”, where you will have a choice of a mini sundae, parfait and waffle. I fell in love with “Into the Woods”, the colourful three layer parfait, which consists of vanilla cream cheese, brownie crumb and berry compote. It gives the tinge of cheesecake feel, chilled, slightly sweet and cheesy, with thick chocolate taste yet softly baked brownie crumbs to chew on. “Fairest of all” is a waffle with vanilla ice cream, berry and mango compote. Fruity and refreshing. You’ll be amazed by the waffles for its soft and fluffy texture, yet warm and crispy with every bite. Sera has also revealed that her specially formulated waffle batter is what she takes great pride in, and I give absolute credits and affirmation for that awesome waffle. “Upon a star” is a sundae, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, blondie, and brownie crumb, topped with salted caramel and chopped nuts, a top pick among most customers, especially chocolate lovers. This choice of “Trilogy” comes with a reasonable price of $10.50 for all three items.


As for the baked items, I tried The Sugar Fairy’s brownie with salted caramel, blondie with nutty fudge, and cookie with fruit and nut. The brownie has a thick and rich chocolate base, moist, and soft at the same time. I like it with the salted caramel sauce as it complements the taste of the brownie well. The blondie, on the other hand, is a lot sweeter, chewer, softer and denser in texture. Both the brownie and the blondie are reasonably priced at $2.50 each. As for the fruit and nut cookie ($1.80), its texture is a little hard and slightly too sweet for me. Definitely for the sweet tooth! These sweet treats are my sugar rush and instant mood boosters!


“Far Far Away” is a waffle with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, caramelised banana, chocolate fudge and chopped nuts. I call this my ultimate energy food booster because the calories intake will keep me energised throughout my day. To end off on a light note, one thing that you MUST TRY, is the waffles.


I’ll be right here waiting for you!

The Sugar Fairy
Blk 28 Dover Crescent #01-97 (Coffeeshop) Singapore 130028

Orders / Enquiries
Sera (9862 6527)

Follow Us
Instagram: @thesugarfairysg

Available for Orders:
Brownies – bite-sized brownies
Blondies – bite-sized blondies
Big Chewy Cookies – half-sized cookies
4″ square decorated cakes
7″ round decorated cakes


Be it for parties, housewarmings, birthdays, meetings, or more, The Sugar Fairy will make your desserts dreams come true for all adults, kids, friends, family and colleagues!

Thanks for reading!

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