Fieat App Delivery



How often can you come home to a feast of laksa?! All thanks to FIEAT APP DELIVERY, good food can now be conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just a few simple clicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more hassle of queuing and buying so much food and carrying them physically all the way home by yourself!


Aside from ordering just food through the app, you can even explore further and sell and buy home made goodies easier through “FIEAT APP” itself!


Everything is well packed, neatly stored and separated in plastic containers for absolute convenience. This way, freshness and hygiene of food is also maintained.


Even the most basic appetisers are well packaged to ensure its quality is not compromised. I give credits to the chef’s efforts in carving the eggs so beautifully even though it’s a “take away” delivery order.


The good thing about delivery is that you can choose to estimate your own portions of food that you desire to eat at one time to minimise food wastage. You can even add a personal touch, using your own cutlery or bowl and dine in comfort at home! This pretty spicy laksa comes with an extremely thick and rich gravy, Q Q texture thick bee hoon, generous servings of fresh cooked prawns, well soaked tau poks, chewy fishballs and fishcakes, fresh tao geys and thinly sliced cucumbers. Every mouthful gets more and more addictive, especially the gravy!


Good food for the soul, on a Friday night, thank God for his blessings and thank you Fieat app for this reality!

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