Kluang Road Trip 2017 – Kluang Rail Coffee, Kluang Mall, Raodifang Homestay, Yean Kee Beef Noodle, Tan Ching Hing Restaurant Ah Fu Satay, Kluang Street Art, Ayer Hitam Tang Chuan Big Pau, Kulaijaya Aeon Mall, Car Born Cafe


Hi dearies! I’m currently infatuated with road trips and here I’m in Kluang, Malaysia! ❤ Kluang is about two hours drive from JB Sentral and they are famous for their Rail Coffee. I tried the coffee cendol, a very thick and sweet coffee and it’s like a 2-in-1 drink cum dessert as well. Interesting! The “CHAM”, also known as “mixed” or yuan yang, commonly referred to as a combination of “coffee and tea”, has a dominant strong and rich tea taste. Great stuff! The Malaysian mee siam style is a dry one, but very flavorful, and comes with spicy soft bee hoon. Even with the addictive sambal sotong / squid / cuttlefish, it’s only RM7.70. Super duper cheap! All perked up, it’s time for shopping!


Kluang has a shopping mall known as the “KLUANG MALL” and it’s a decently comfortable mall, not too huge, not too small, just nice for me to walk leisurely for an hour to two. Some of the walls have nice art too! I bought the rugged styled with black netting jeans that I longed for! ❤


Satisfied, it’s time to head to Raodifang Homestay, something that I’ve been looking forward to as a new accommodation experience. I was very pleased because it’s really homely and made me felt at home instantaneously. The bathroom’s huge and comfortable, the bed’s soft and the room’s clean! Loved the wall stickers and overall vibe it emits. And best of it all, it’s only SGD$20 per night!


What more to ask for? Free flow coffee, tea, and water! Hooray!


Raodifang Homestay has lots of cartoon wall art all around the exterior walls too! They have sheltered parking as well. Very cozy and warm place. Great for friends and families who want to experience a home away from home.


Raodifang Homestay 老地方民宿
14 Jalan Bulan, Kluang, 86000 Johor
Call +60 7-776 3640


And for food, KLUANG has delicious beef noodles with the right chewy texture, tender beef, a rich broth and perfect saltiness level for my picky taste buds.


It’s rumoured that Kluang also has good satay, but I find it so-so only. The otah has no wow factor as well. It’s very funny that I thought my water chestnut drink will come in a usual cup with a straw, but it came as a dessert container style. O_O


Anyway, the main highlight in Kluang got to be their street art!


I particularly like the school bus one as it had a real handle that I could hold on to and even swing a bit. Hahaha.


The hopscotch is real, drawn and painted on the road, so that you can stop to play before continuing to admire the long stretch of street art on the walls.


I applaud to all the artists who came up with all their artistic artwork, every single one has its own uniqueness and I spent an hour or so to try to complete snapping all of them!


Pardon my acting, I’m trying already!


Great colours, great drawings, great work!


Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footsteps. Cliche, but memorable.


The skateboard was very surreal!


A good timing to take these photographs would be around evening 5 to 7pm, when it’s less hot and still bright.


I’ll always remember Kluang as the place with loads of street art, almost everywhere! Beautiful memories and artwork captured! ❤


After we checked out from Raodifang Homestay the next morning, we drove to somewhere in Ayer Hitam with dim sum breakfast, specialty in big pau. The meat inside the big pau is very tender, partly minced, soft, flavorful, and nicely covered in a fluffy, sweet, soft and thick white bun. My kind of food!


On the way back, we stopped by for shopping at Aeon Mall at Kulaijaya. I bought a grey and white striped ribbon small bagpack for RM19 and a skull cap for RM10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some rubbish drinks and snacks………..


Feeling all good, we continued our road trip to our last highlight, Car Born Cafe! Look at my magnificent rainbow in a cloud (RM 29.68 NETT), it’s HUMONGOUS. Don’t belittle my cute little Cinnamon (RM14.73 NETT) as well, it tastes as good as it looks!!!!!!!!! The waiting time for these two beautiful cotton candy is about 15 to 20 minutes.


My salted egg nestum ice cream cheesy thin crust pizza was a good surprise. Very much to my liking! Yummy food, instaworthy drinks, cozy decor.


44-46, Jalan Pendekar 13. Taman Ungku Tun Aminah
Kampong Skudai Laut, Johor, Malaysia
Call +60 7 298 1962



Thanks for reading!

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