Maldives 2017 – Simry Beachside, Triton Beach Hotel & Spa, Arena Grand Beach Hotel, Snorkeling, Maafushi Island

Hi guys! Here’s a short sharing of my best memories in Maldives in 2017. Maldives is the most beautiful beach place that I’ve ever been to in my entire life. Seriously! Here’s me trying my best to “write” L-O-V-E! I hope this post will bring you some love from Maldives.


I became a lobster after my 4 Days 3 Nights trip to Maldives. But I tell you, it’s all worth it!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s why.


Maldives is often known to many as an expensive place to visit, but here I’ll show you how I did it all on a budget around SGD$750. I did not stay in any villas, but hopped 3 different hotels.

1st Night Accommodation in Maldives: Simry Beachside


Simry Beachside is a simple and basic hotel, conveniently located nearby the airport. I settled for this as I had a night flight and just needed a hotel nearby the airport for a night’s rest. It’s not too clean but still bearable. Don’t expect so much. Rating: 2.5/5


Nonetheless, the best surprise from Simry Beachside was waking up to this view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Night Accommodation in Maldives: Triton Beach Hotel & Spa


Triton Beach Hotel & Spa smells really good. The room is spacious and quiet. Its wood-themed style brings a homely feel to me. I felt very comfortable and slept well. Rating: 3.5/5


I was the happiest over at Triton Beach Hotel & Spa because it’s clean, neat, spacious, quiet, and most importantly, comfortable.


It was also the most fun night because the ceiling is so high that I could sit on my king and bully him!!!!!!

3rd Night Accommodation in Maldives: Arena Grand Beach Hotel


Arena Grand Beach Hotel offers the nicest and most relaxing beach view. No doubt it’s smaller in size but still was a great stay. Rating: 3/5


Just in case you’re wondering, I stayed in Maafushi Island. The sun, the sand, and the sea calms me!


It’s amazing right?


It’s rare to enjoy such a vast view. The colours of the waters are different, and seemingly always changing. I can see deep blue, sea blue, light blue, and even greenish blue. Different gradients, different feelings.


A beach holiday in Maldives definitely encompasses a lot of interactions with the sea. Be prepared to get a sun burn or taste the saltiest and spiciest sea.



The best thing to do in Maldives: Snorkeling / Diving

Some parts of the waters are so clean to the extent that you can simply sit on the boat and watch the fishes swimming in the waters without having to jump into the sea. I went to find nemo and dory, and chased and touched a sea turtle! Woohoo!


And guess what? I was so “lucky” to be chased by a baby shark!


The best food to eat in Maldives: Dry Maggie Noodles with Hot Dog

Food wise, I couldn’t forget the delicious taste of the dry maggie noodles with hot dog that I had while suntanning and chilling by the white sandy beach under the scorching sun. I don’t think I can get this experience elsewhere.


Candlelight buffet dinners by the beach at night is also a common sight over at Maafushi Island. After a full day out in the sea, it’s only sane to return to the hotel to freshen up before enjoying a sumptuous buffet dinner. Eat all you can. You can expect unlimited servings of garudiya soup, seafood salad, Japanese salad, mix vegetable salad, grilled fish, Chinese fried rice, chapatti, macaroni with vegetables and mushrooms, fish curry, Lebanese chicken, potato wedges, fresh fruits and fruit custards all for the price of USD$10++ per pax.


If you do not enjoy buffets, I would recommend you to try the pizza with french fries over at Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant. Otherwise, feel free to look around the rest of the restaurants on the island that offer ala-carte menus.


For desserts, you may want to try fried ice cream.


It’s also shiok to nua and lepak around, and do nothing. Relax on giant swings under the shades and enjoy me-time.


Lastly, don’t forget to catch the sunset every evening and watch the sky color change every second. Mother Nature is so beautiful.


The future is in your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you my king!

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