Kota Tinggi 2017 – Restoran Lima Ratus, Desaru Fruit Farm, Taman Buaya Teluk Sengat Crocodile World, Canopy Tribes Glamping, Plaza Kota Tinggi, Kota Tinggi Waterfall, Kiang Kee Bak Kut Tea, Heritage Mall, Aeon Mall Tebrau City, Ding Seng Frog House (Austin Heights)


Wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend, my partner and I had a good road trip to Kota Tinggi! After clearing JB’s custom, we drove to Restoran Lima Ratus for our breakfast. It’s my first time trying red rice wine mee sua with chicken and I found it so amazing. Stunning bowl of red soup with silky soft mee sua. The wine fragrance and flavour was a little too overpowering for me so I told my partner to finish it up so I wouldn’t get drunk. Wahahaha. As for myself, I gobbled up the wanton mee. I loved the wantons as they were very chewy and meaty. The noodles texture was very Q and springy, just to my liking. They also serve their own style of homemade black bean and yellow bean soya milk and I personally prefer the former. Thumbs up for a yummy breakfast to start our day right!


We happily headed for Desaru beach next but it was closed for renovations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, we activated plan B instantly and stopped by the nearby Desaru Fruit Farm just to munch on some fresh fruits.


We drove to Taman Buaya Teluk Sengat Crocodile World (Jalan Sembilang, Teluk Sengat, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia) thereafter and I had such an enjoyable time looking at thousands of crocodiles! I guess it’s by far the most numbers of crocodiles I ever seen in my life.


I super like the crocodiles with chubby cheeks. To me, crocodiles seem to stone all day and I don’t find them dangerous at all as I believe that if anything were to happen, I could probably react faster than them. The only way I lose is I’ve a much smaller mouth than them.


Crocodile meat tastes like chicken, but it’s much thicker, compact and harder in texture. In other words, it’s more ‘siap’.


I had an extremely personal touch with a young crocodile, and I was super super duper proud of these beautifully captured moments by my partner. It costs RM5 to take photos with my new found pet, Crocodile. Interestingly, my partner suffers from Crocodile Deficiency Syndrome, because he started making “Kuuuuup” sounds after our crocodile encounter.


Moving on, the main highlight of this road trip would be our glamping experience at Canopy Tribes! Glamping is a luxury camping and it is something that I’ve always wanted to try. Honestly, when I first reached around 3pm, I wanted to back out and book a hotel instead because I felt it’s kind of stuffy and I might die of lack of oxygen. The weather was really warm! We had coffee and a game of chinese chess at the shared living hall area before heading to Plaza Kota Tinggi for a short air-conditioned shopping and a cup of sweet corn.


We came back to our glamping corner around 6pm and thank God that the weather was slightly cooler. I went into my tent again and comforted myself that it’s just gonna be one night and I’m sure I’ll be able to survive and I should not chicken out. Actually I was already planning to sleep in the car.


I rested in the hammock for a bit when actually all in my mind was WHEN WILL DINNER BE READY???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually famished.


We caught a legendary sunset view just before dinner, and that instance made me felt like it’ll all probably be worthwhile; I’ll just need to HANG IN THERE FOR DINNER before deciding again to stay in the tent or book a hotel nearby. The BBQ dinner self service “buffet” was decently tasty, especially the very fresh BBQ fish! I ate the hotdogs, satays, french fries, nuggets, chicken wings, mixed vegetables and fried rice while they were in their piping hot and best state and therefore it was a great dinner for me.


Eventually, the sky grew dark and the weather became so much cooler. My little stomach was also finally filled up. I took a shower in the shared toilet and headed back into my humble luxurious tent. I’ve decided that I WILL STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept quite well except for so many mosquitoes bites. In fact, I really enjoyed this kind of feeling and experience. It’s cozy inside our tent with a fan blowing at me while sleeping in the forested compounds. The only regret was there was no campfire that night.


The next morning, we woke up to a decent spread of nasi lemak, mee siam, roti prata, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, bread and cornflakes as our hearty Malaysian style breakfast. Woooooo!


After breakfast, we drove out to see the Kota Tinggi waterfall. The sky was still quite bright when we reached but then it suddenly rained and we had to buy an umbrella because we forgot to bring ours along into the car. This didn’t spoil our morning mood though, as the sky cleared fast and we could see the beautiful waterfall together. The entrance fee for non-Malaysians adults is RM14.15 per pax, excluding 6% GST. Even the car parking needs RM5!


I braved the slippery rocks and had a great time being splashed and massaged by the ever cold and strong waters from the waterfall. Amazing sight and feel.


Thank you my partner for bringing me to see this lovely waterfall which left a lasting impression on me!


Without any concrete name or exact location, we just followed the general guidelines from Malcolm, the glamping boss, and drove to find the famous Bak Kut Tea in Kota Tinggi after we checked out from our glamping. Part of the thrills of road trips include getting lost, and we indeed reached a dead end initially. Ironically, I can’t believe WE ACTUALLY FOUND IT after a U-turn when all we were told was “drive to town, then left, then you see a stretch of palm trees, straight up about 20km, on the right side you’ll see hundreds of cars and a bak kut tea stall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” EPIC FINDING without GPS. Malcolm, if by any chance you’re reading this, it’s KIANG KEE BAK KUT TEA.


I was totally enlightened by what Malcolm meant by it’s neither herb style nor pepper style bak kut tea when I sipped the very first mouthful of soup. It’s what I call the Malaysian style, like a mixture of dark soy sauce and braised meat sauce taste with some generous tablespoons of light herb style broth. Honestly I was not impressed at all, and I had to wait 45 minutes just for this meal. The only pro I could think of is, it’s cheap, RM38 for 2 of us, as we ordered the 1 person serving only.


After our disappointing lunch, we headed for Heritage Mall at Kota Tinggi for a short stroll. I bought my stitch towel there for RM15 and my Malay-ish romper for RM20. Our next itinerary was driving back to Aeon Mall at Tebrau City for more shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bargained for a purple stitch bolster at one of the push cart stalls for RM70, and I named her Zi Mi.


Aeon Mall at Tebrau City happens to have different countries decorations for photo taking opportunities and we enjoyed our mini tour of the world. Check out my new heart shaped bag from the Jap anime shop!!!!!!!!!! Got 50% discount!


It’s dinner time soon and I craved for Mount Austin food! Thus, after our shopping, we decided to have an early dinner at Ding Seng Frog House (Austin Heights). It’s pretty yummy and very cheap. The frogs tasted fresh! It’s also our first time trying FRIED FROG LEGS. Tasted very much like fried chicken thigh. The total bill was only around RM50 for 2 of us and I think it’s worth it, definitely better than lunch! It was an overall relaxing trip, especially the glamping part!


Thank you for being my partner and photographer. I’m glad we survived this GLAMPING EXPERIENCE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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