Valentines Day 2017 – The White Rabbit @ 39C Harding Road Singapore 249541


Hello my dearies! I’m sure you guys missed me hell loads yeah?! I apologize for a lazy start to 2017 on my postings but no worries, I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Valentines this year fell on a weekday, and as usual, I was at work! This year is definitely a special first celebration for my partner and myself, as it’s our very first Valentines together. The first surprise I received was during my lunch time, where he wore my favourite purple color tee and specially made mashed potatoes and heart-shaped pork patties for me. Then came some really sweet strawberries with well-attempted “hearts” and “flowers” arrangements.

Bucketlist checked – HE CAN COOK.


We had our short lunch date at Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery with the limelight of the day, Charlie, a so bearly sweet bear hugging a bouquet of well-bloomed real red roses. Charlie has this pair of eyes that invites so much attention. According to my partner, Charlie was supposed to be collected at the end of the day, but because of my curious colleagues, he collected Charlie at the start of the day so I could bring it back to work after lunch to boost the Valentines vibes at work. Indeed, Charlie was well-loved and cuddled at work! Charlie gained instant fame and popularity as almost all who saw Charlie on my desk acknowledged its cute presence. One colleague offered to adopt Charlie, while another threatened to kidnap Charlie.

Bucketlist checked – HE CAN SURPRISE.


After work, my partner picked me up for dinner. I once mentioned to him that I always wanted balloons to fly out from a car boot as I thought it’s so damn romantic. True enough, he bought a bunch of sexy red heart-shaped helium balloons which did popped up from the car boot. To complete the romance, he handed me a stitch bouquet!

Bucketlist checked – HE CAN FULFILL.


We decided to bring Charlie along to join us for our pre-planned fine dining dinner. We were looking around all the tables to see the different kinds of flowers and concluded that none can be comparable to Charlie’s charm. Self-praise is self-confidence!

Bucketlist checked – WE LIVE IN OUR OWN WORLD.


He chose The White Rabbit ( for dinner and I would say that they serve interesting and magical food.


The first bite of the well-marinated scallops left a very refreshing and cold taste in the mouth. A good flowery start embracing a chewy and pretty looking appetiser too.


The tuna was up next and I wonder if it’s my eyes or it really exhibited a rosy feel. The special sauce complemented the thickly sliced and fresh tuna very well. I hate green peas though, but I gotta admit that I still finished every bit of the well grinded pea puree surprisingly. Maybe green peas in itself irks me, but when it’s totally smashed, I could still accept! This is what I call my personal double standards.


My favourite would be this cup of sunchoke veloute, where I drank it up in almost just one gulp! The eggs in it flowed smoothly down my throat and the bacon bits left a lasting aftertaste.


My main course was what looked like fish to me but was actually CRABS! Oh my, the strong seafood taste bisque was both appealing and addictive. Notice the baby crunchy potatoes and leek? I loved it!


My partner’s main course was veal cheeks, the absolutely delicious cheeks of a baby cow! We polished it all off!


To our surprise, the dessert was alcoholic. Moscato jelly with raspberries and blueberries and a layer of coconut pudding right beneath. I ate up the little petals of flowers in it and outcasted most of the sugar icings on top.


To top it off, chocolates are definitely the sweetest tricks to complete a meal. And the heart-shaped chocolate’s filling was actually SOURSOP!!!!!!!!!! So special, I totally adored it!


After a hearty meal, I came home to open up the finale presents of 2 tees placed in a sweet pink recyclable box, and our photo neatly wrapped in red and gold hearts expensive texture wrapper. I’ve also fished out info from my partner that the “Princess” paper bag costs $3.50 and I cannot get over it.


Here’s the close up of the pop up handicraft card he made! Definitely scored an A.


All in all, I can’t be more happy than this wonderfully planned day of surprises after surprises! Thank you for splurging to make this first Valentines so special, romantic and sweet.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you to the moon and back~

Thanks for reading!


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