Raffles Marina, Singapore


Greetings from Raffles Marina! I spent my last day of 2016 relaxing in this cozy little room, amazed by the fact that I could “fly” from the bathroom through the wardrobe into the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The bathroom has a very fresh smell, and the standing shower emits strong and powerful waters. The basin is a little bit crappy though, as the water seem to always get a little “choked”.


Thank you my partner, for planning this little staycation for us! Very big room, comfy and homely.


Life is good, so good when you’ve a HUGE balcony with the most calming and scenic view.


Ta dah! This is what I call my kind of view, my kind of way to enjoy the serenity and peace. I really really loved it!


I’ve a festish with stairs, and Raffles Marina one even has carpeted designs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Merry Belated Christmas 2016 & Happy New Year 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you like the kind of nautical lifestyle and marine leisure sports, I think you’ll fall in love with Raffles Marina.


Raffles Marina is a first class, full service boating haven with the trappings of a prestigious country club and all pleasures of a quality resort.


We wanted to watch sunset, but lady’s luck not with us, no sun, so we moved to the waters which ended up as a pleasant surprise!


My best moment would definitely be the water slide at the pool. ❤


The pool is huge, the water is clean and the weather is perfect! It’s a very relaxing way to end my 2016, slowing down in everything and just enjoying the moment.


We squeezed into the most crowded jacuzzi ever, but we also had the greatest time spent together.

Cheers to more great moments with you in 2017!

For more information on rates, bookings, services, etc, you may wish to visit http://www.rafflesmarina.com.sg/.

Thanks for reading!

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