Batu Pahat 2016 – Chop See Kee (Ah See Wantan Mee), Pantai Minyak Beku, Just Hotel, Old Street Commercial Centre, Old Street SkyPark, Lovers Bridge, Segenting Temple, Soon Lai Kway Chap, Akbar Cendol, Cuppacake


Good morning dearies! I braved the weekend custom jam and stopped by Rotiboy after clearing JB’s custom to have a quick breakfast bite before collecting my rental Europcar for my road trip!

It was a close to 2 hours drive from Johor Bahru (JB) city square area to Batu Pahat. I had one of the cheapest and biggest portion of wanton mee ever at Chop See Kee in Batu Pahat. The small bowl costs RM 4.50, big bowl costs RM 5.00 and double big bowl costs RM 5.50. Wantons are RM 2.00 for 6 pcs. Herbal drink or soya drink are dirt cheap at RM 1.20 each. Can drinks and lime juice are RM 2.00 each. All these prices are inclusive of 6% GST. Like what? You mean nowadays still can get a bowl of wanton mee for only SGD$1++ after the conversion?! I WANT CHOP SEE KEE TO COME TO SINGAPORE PLEASE!


Welcome to the beautiful beach of Batu Pahat, Pantai Minyak Beku, Johor Darul Takzim!


This quiet little beach has a pavilion where you can take shelter from the sunny day and stare into the blueish green waters.


I happened to see one or two mini “set-up-by-the-beach-stall” selling drinks and ice-creams. I also saw a Malay lady selling fishes and prawns (she probably caught them) along the beach area, somewhere nearer to the main entrance.

I stayed in Just Hotel, which is a relatively new and clean hotel. An informative overview of the hotel, room rates, online booking, facilities and nearby attractions of Batu Pahat can be viewed from


I visited Batu Pahat actually solely to see the Old Street Commercial Centre.

There are some food and shopping in the day time as well, although my main aim is to visit its roof garden / sky park (Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 12.30am).


The sky park is a small chill out place for couples who can take a short stroll at the roof garden, have some light bites or desserts and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and warm vibe.


The dim lightings at night were romantic.

There were actually many children and families around the sky garden! Being an open space area, it’s a rain or shine experience.

The chicken cup is RM 10.80 while the mega cup 1000cc mocha drink is RM 6.00.

Popped by “Le Petit” – the humble green sweet potato leaf, apple and lemon cold pressed fruit juice (detox & improve digestion) tasted great but apparently the “dutch baby yakitori chicken” cannot make it. The chicken’s too cold, hard & salty, the “pancake-like egg thingy” tasted very weird with the raw vegetables.

The roof garden serves beer and wine and you can watch soccer on its TV too!


Thank you my partner for the lovely night!


All in all, the Old Street Sky Park / Roof Garden is a great place for couples.

Our night ended with black and gold flakes masks and of course my mini shopping loots from Batu Pahat Mall!


The free hotel buffet breakfast from Just Hotel really serves the bare minimum. Just porridge, bread, chicken, egg, and fried oily kuey tiao. NO MORE!


Guess where is this colourful lovely place?


It’s none other than the lovers bridge in Batu Pahat Segenting, a well-known fishing village that’s perfect for an escape from the busy city life. This bridge was originally a wooden structure. It was eventually converted into a lime bridge while retaining its wooden deck.


There is also a temple in Segenting, where legend has it that if you’re able to touch the arapaima fishes in the ponds, you would receive good luck and your wishes would come true!



Traditionally, worshippers would usually hold a joss stick and kneel down to pray to their Gods while silently sayings their prayers in their hearts.


The God of Fortune is standing real tall and it’s amazing that you’ve a temple in the beach area. You absolutely got to visit Segenting Temple just for this!


I love the cave temple because…


You can find gold in it!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, I saw many scribblings of 4D numbers all around. Feeling all excited, it’s time to head for my favourite part of the road trip – the long awaited SOON LAI KWAY CHAP LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kway chap is damn soft damn smooth damn slippery. The soup’s perfect. Neither too salty nor too oily. You can order and mix and match your own pig ingredients and other side dishes, and it’s dirt cheap! Very tasty and very fresh. The total bill for 2 pax inclusive of drinks only amounted to RM 23.35.

Akbar Cendol is very nearby SOON LAI kway chap and hence I popped by. It’s made by Indians and the cendol has a natural sweetness without artificial flavorings. Not too sweet overall, and very to my liking.

The nutella cheesecake at Cuppacake (The Cake Boutique) was going at only RM 10 and it’s highly rich in thick chocolate. Super to my liking. However, the so called durian crepe was horrible. It’s not even a crepe! It’s like a yellow skin wrapped with whipped cream and a bit of frozen hard durian. YOU CALL THAT A CREPE?! Service wise, I reminded the staff once about my durian crepe and she said 2 minutes. However, 20 minutes later, I reminded her again and she realised that she practically forgot about my order.

Last but not least, we ended the evening with a very short last minute shopping session at Square One Shopping Mall before the long drive back to JB. This short and sweet 2D1N road trip was interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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