Media Trial: BEAM SPACE for Your Excess Wardrobe, Furniture and Other Items


Do you accumulate more and more items each day but realise that your houses and wardrobes don’t get bigger?

Fret not, BEAM SPACE is a service provider with a fresh take on self-storage to solve your storage issues. This revolutionary smarter self-storage platform launch in Singapore will help to promote a clutter-free life as customers can now conveniently manage the entire self-storage process through the BEAM app with just a few taps. This service sets a new bar in the self-storage market providing a superior customer experience with huge time and cost benefits.

Rather than pay for a set space, users of Beam Space would only pay for what they store and not for unused space. This reduces the cost price by approximately 30%-40%.

Traditional storage facilities offer fixed space rental, and are often not so easily accessible, and even requires customers to drop off and pick up items. BEAM, on the other hand, provides the convenience of timely pick-up and delivery, all scheduled through the BEAM app. In addition, users always have a full view of all their items in storage from the BEAM app making it truly an extension of their own home.

“People need a place to keep things and existing self-storage solutions do not offer them much flexibility. Traditional self-storage facilities are a hassle to reach by public transport thus resulting in people simply not using them. This just leads to clutter in homes. With BEAM, anyone can enjoy on-demand fully-itemized storage with ease of interaction with savings of as much as 40% over the costs of traditional self-storage,” explains Kash Patel, BEAM’s CEO and co-founder.


BEAM was created for Singapore residents who are experiencing a shrinking space of living with shoebox studious proliferating the country. New home owners are downsizing from an average 1,500 sq. ft. to roughly 900 sq. ft. to 1,100 sq. ft. with some as tiny as 258 sq. ft., resulting in a more constrained living condition.

BEAM caters to both consumers and business users, storing anything from seasonal items such as clothes, holiday decorations, baby clothes and toys to small furniture, appliances, and bicycles. Business users store confidential document boxes, marketing/promotional materials and other event-based items that they are not using regularly. BEAM’s storage facility space covers over 6000 sq. ft. and is expandable.

Innovation and On-Demand Convenience

BEAM is the only service in the market which allows users to view photographed items and manage storage end-to-end through an app. BEAM SPACE acts like an extension of one’s wardrobe.  

With the BEAM app, users can schedule free pickups with as little as four hours’ notice. Professional concierges are trained to ensure items are handled with the utmost care. Retrieval of items can be scheduled with as little as one-day notice. Customers are only charged according to the items stored monthly rather than a contract for an entire room which allows their users to save 30%-40% of traditional storage costs. BEAM’s in-house storage concierges are also equipped with their own app to manage pickup and delivery scheduling and checking items in or out of the customer’s home or office. All items are barcoded and customers always sign off the items being picked up or delivered to ensure full end-to- end tracking.

Peace of Mind Online and Offline

All items include insurance coverage and are stored in BEAM’s high security facility, complete with CCTV and access control. Customers can view their items stored anytime through the BEAM app. BEAM facilitates and manages pick up (always free) as well as manages the photography and individual inventorization of all customer’s items.

Growing Rapidly

The technology behind BEAM was built to be highly scalable for entry into new markets. BEAM, which is incubated by Fatfish Internet Group, aims to pave its way into another major Asian city by end of this year and expand into other countries next year.



BEAM targets smart city dwellers who are space and value conscious with a purpose to help people enjoy their living and working spaces without the unnecessary clutter and a vision to become the preferred storage solution partner that empowers people to enjoy their living and working environment. BEAM combines superior customer service with innovative technology to provide the best customer experience in the storage industry. BEAM empowers people to maximise and enjoy their space by helping manage their belongings smartly and efficiently.

For more information, please visit

ABOUT Fatfish Internet Group

Fatfish Internet Group Ltd (‘Fatfish’) is an internet venture investment and development firm, with headquarters in Singapore and Australia. Fatfish partners with entrepreneurs to help them build and grow internet businesses via a co-entrepreneurship model.

Fatfish’s co-entrepreneurship model seeks an active involvement from its investee companies, from seed funding through to exit. In parallel, Fatfish’s seeks to provide a collection of resources and expertise to support entrepreneurs in important areas such as business strategy, market access, talent recruitment, product development and corporate strategy.

This unique ‘seed-to- exit’ approach makes Fatfish’s a strategic partner that provides the funding, resources, and platform to hasten the growth of promising technology businesses.

Fatfish’s also offers corporate advisory services specialising in working with tech companies to bring to bear alternative funding and growth models for tech companies through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or capital market transactions via trade sales or Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A).


BEAM charges users on a per-item per-month basis, instead of a contract for a room.

BEAM users are able to save 30%-40% per month over the costs of traditional self-storage.

 Small Items: S$0.90/month (up to 115cm LxWxH – think airplane carry-on size)

 Large Items: S$5.00/month (anything larger, up to 25kg)

 Small Private Box: S$4.00/month (up to 115cm – similar to a standard document box)

 Large Private Box: S$8.00/month (larger boxes, up to 25kg)

 Pickup is always free and deliveries are S$15.00 per trip

For more information, please visit

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