Chopsuey Cafe @ Dempsey Hill


Singapore Chili Soft Shell Crab ($36.00++) is like an iconic food of Singapore and it’s the first thing that I wanted to try at Chopsuey Cafe, not that I haven’t tried anything like this before but I just wanted something iconic. The crabs were deep fried to golden brown and I enjoyed dipping them into the sauce before opening my mouth huge and wide to gobble them. I thought it was a little bit oily, but still acceptable. The after taste was like biting into small little crabs, topped with a savoury sauce taste in the tongue. The buns that came along were fluffy and soft.

As for the smoked fish fried rice ($24.00++), the portion generally serves 2. I liked the strong smoky smell of this fried rice. It’s really fragrant and unique. The rice was of the right biting texture, neither too hard nor too soft. However, eating too much of it tasted a tad too salty but overall, the smoky fragrance and generous portions of fish meat served was good enough for me to deem this a must-try.

The szechuan string beans with minced chicken ($16.00++) was nothing too special. In fact, it was too salty.

Notice that actually the food’s just served on very normal basic plain plates? However, by putting the whole plate on a nice looking “carrier”, it surprisingly brought out an “ATAS” feel. My partner for the night was joking that as we were served dish by dish, each time the height of the “carrier” seemingly got “higher and higher”. Overall, it was still a nice layout.

The indoor ambience was good. Quiet, and romantic. As for the outdoor one, it’s surrounded by lush greenery and generally gives a serenity vibe.



Address: Block 10, Dempsey Road, #01-23, Singapore 247700

Telephone / SMS: (+65) 9224 6611


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