2D1N Hatten Hotel Melaka & Jonker Street


I guess I’m quite a fan of Melaka as this is my third visit just in this year! Check out my March 2016 2D1N Hotel Equatorial Melaka & Jonker Street and April 2016 2D1N The Straits Hotel & Suites Melaka Food Trip: Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball, Restoran Nyonya Cottage Spices, Ah Hui Bak Kut Teh.

This time round, I stayed in Hatten Hotel Melaka. Once you enter the room, you see a living room with the most comfortable couch ever. The toilet is also quite spacious and neatly designed but sadly, there’s no bathtub. I stayed in Room 1709, directly facing the swimming pool view from the 17th floor. Si bei got condo feel. I loved the milky colours theme in the room especially the bed frame and curtains as it’s very cozy and romantic. A very comfortable night’s stay in a big and tidy room.


After being very satisfied with the room, it’s time to throw all the barang barang in the room and head out to explore Melaka! Passed by this “Sushi World” which really caught my attention as the sushi’s super cheap. Randomly bought a few varieties and damn, they tasted fantastic. One thing I don’t understand though was that each sushi’s individually packed in a so called box and I thought it’s quite a waste of packaging. They could simply use some plastics or foils to wrap it mah! Save the environment please.


With a mixture of sushi in my tummy, it’s time to “exercise” and walk to Jonker Street for street shopping! Along the way, we enjoyed the heritage feel and vibe of Melaka. We also walked into this “train” where it’s actually a shop selling mainly clothes and souvenirs. Cool concept. Reminds me of a recent movie, Train to Busan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t already watch that movie, let me spoil you. It’s a zombie virus effect and at the end, only two survivors weren’t infected by the zombies and made it to Busan safely.


I tried this lime “egg” ice at Jonker Street for RM3.00. Very cute leh eat the cooling ice in the shape of an egg under the hot weather! I almost melted as the weather was so damn warm and I had to buy watermelons to quench my thirst.


We didn’t have proper dinner but just street food as we walked along the stretch of Jonker Street in Melaka. We loved every bit of the fried giant squids. It’s crispy, crunchy, fragrant and chewy. I also ordered an additional Nyonya Classic Cendol lemon shaved ice for RM7.00 just to combat the hot weather.


Being kiasu Singaporeans, we were worried we might be hungry in the middle of the night and decided to ta pau giant squidtos (RM 16) back to our hotel. It’s my first time trying, it’s basically huge squids wrapped with an outer layer of crispy flour and an inner layer of rice in it and drizzled with special sauce / sauce of your choice like honey mustard / thai / black pepper / etc. It’s actually very filling for the stomach. The very tam chiak us also bought 3 BBQ sticks of chicken + sausage for RM10. Don’t play play, eat this eat that, end up also like eat a lot lor!


I was so lazy to walk any further and so we cabbed back from the end of Jonker Street to our hotel for RM20. After displaying everything that I bought for the day, I realised actually I’m getting better and better as I’m buying lesser and lesser for every trip nowadays. I think I’ve learnt to buy what I really need / super love and not anyhow buy and chuck them aside in my cupboard to collect dust. 2 “signboards” for RM20, flowery tube dress for RM25, team Mystic T-shirt for RM20, blue printed shorts for RM10, pink flowery skirt for RM10, pink angel lego for RM15, stitch LED light for RM10, stitch true/dare cards for RM10, 3 layer colours “Wild Heart Can’t Be Broken” dress for RM68.90. Overall, affordable shopping.


Hatten Hotel buffet breakfast is available from 6.30am to 10.30am and it is located on the 11th floor. The dining area is huge and seats are almost never full. Food variety is nothing special though.


In fact, I actually only found the soft boiled eggs and mee rebus most edible. The hashbrown I had happened to be very hot and crispy, so luckily still tasty in my opinion. The rest of the food really don’t look very pleasant in terms of outlook / colour and taste wise was also just barely passable. Back to basics, go for the cornflakes and milk, and the fruits and drinks to avoid disappointments.


Thankfully, the rain stopped after we were done with breakfast and this meant that we could visit the swimming pool for a dip! The pool is big and it’s a very relaxing feel to just lie on the curvy yellow couch/chair and watch the kids play in the waters. Lovely.


After checking out at 12 noon, we deposited our baggages at the concierge and walked to Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall for a simple stingray (they call it pari) lunch set at Station Cafe. Cheap, only RM9.90 but with miserable amounts of stingrays. Basically most of the time you’re eating the rice with chili with a bonus cracker and a cup of very sweet ice lemon tea. As we still had some free time after lunch, we wandered around a bit and spotted an angel bolster (RM 79.90) at one of the soft toys shops. We grabbed it and off we headed back for the coach to Singapore. A 2D1N getaway trip is indeed short but still can be fulfilling and happening! Last but not least, thanks Alex for accompanying me and entertaining me throughout the trip. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. More trips to come!

Thanks for reading!

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