Festive Hotel Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa), Sea Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, Cable Car, Siloso Beach

Festive Hotel Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa is a very simple hotel. No major decorations. Just plain and big room. Comfy for a night stay but not more than that. I was assigned to Level 8, the highest level, and I was kinda disgusted by the smoke stench along the corridors and even a bit of it in the room. Yucks!

After being disappointed with the room, we left hastily to explore the Tropical Seafest at Sentosa’s Sea Aquarium. We were here as a family in 2014 for Christmas, and it feels good to relive those moments together once again!

There’s lots of colourful lightings shining on these marine creatures. After a slow walk throughout Sea Aquarium, I could only let my imagination run wild and pretend I’m DIVING INSIDE THE WATERS and touching them!

Seeing the happy smiles, I just want to say that I really cherish the moments we spend together as a family. As we grow older, we each have our own lives and I realised we are actually spending less time together as a family. *Hoping for more outings together*

We also brought our parents to Sentosa Madame Tussauds Singapore which I came earlier in 2015 as well so I only took photos again with my selected favourite characters.

We had crab fried rice, seafood yam ring, coffee pork ribs, asparagus and honey chicken at “NO SIGNBOARD SEAFOOD” for our dinner. Yummy!

The next morning, we took the cable car for SGD$5.50 per pax from Merlion Station to Siloso Beach for a stroll. We can feel the big wind through the windows while seated inside the cable car and the scenery is spectacular! Siloso Beach is generally quite quiet early in the morning and the weather’s very nice and the beach view’s calm and peaceful.

This may be an extremely short family outing, but still I appreciate our quality time.

Are you spending enough time with your family? If you aren’t, I urge you to bring your parents out or gather your siblings together and just spend time together. Be it a hearty breakfast, a quick lunch gathering, an expensive dinner, a local staycation, an overseas trip, whatever it is. I can guarantee when you look back in life, you’ll be thankful for those moments together. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too. START LOVING YOURSELF, START LOVING YOUR FAMILY!

Thanks for reading!

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