2D1N Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (Pavilion), Fahrenheit88, KumaMono (Sungei Wang Plaza), Petaling Street


Welcome to Hotel Dorsett Kuala Lumpur! I was pleasantly surprised with the spacious hotel room 1703. Once you open the door, you see a living room, and behind the living room is a nice bathroom with bathtub too. There’s another sliding door infront of the living room that leads you to your bedroom. It’s like a one room flat. Extremely comfortable, neat and clean. The lightings were pretty dim and romantic.


Hotel Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur is situated in the heart of Bukit Bintang. It is in fact just side by side to The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. Dorsett currently offers an attractive groupon 2D1N stay for 2 pax for only SGD$80 inclusive of buffet breakfast. It’s really economical.


While shopping at Pavilion which is a stone’s throw away from Hotel Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, I chanced upon DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe and had a value-for-money promotion dinner deal. I only paid a nett total of RM46.50 for Joker’s cheese bomb chicken baked rice + as peachy as supergirl ice peach tea + Clark’s pomodoro special cheese and tomato spaghetti + do you bleed batman latte. Super worthy price with good food quality.


I was so satisfied and happy! Anyway, to side track a bit, there’s this recent craze over Disnep Tsum Tsum and Pavilion happened to have a booth selling all the Tsum Tsum stuff. Luckily, I ain’t a fan of Tsum Tsum and saved quite a bit of shopping on that!


Fahrenheit88 is another shopping centre which happens to have this “Love Chair” photo opportunity. Let me recall, I bought the Forever21 denim romper for RM50, the light pink pants for RM20, the Pull&Bear dress for RM49.90, the original Super Heroes yellow sleeved tee for RM79.90, the KL city black tee for RM30, the blue checkered shorts for RM35, the two pairs of white and yellow pumps for RM59. I wouldn’t say the shopping is cheap, but probably the prices are quite competitive.


The buffet breakfast the next morning was quite a spread but food taste, outlook and quality was barely passable.


It seems that the fruits, salads, cornflakes and drinks in its original taste beats all the other cooked food. Oh wells, maybe I’m just too picky!


After breakfast, I had a super short “swim” in the extremely cold waters. I was already shivering within a couple of minutes! Sadly, there was no sun as it’s sheltered and my sun-tanning session failed. Argh.


I chose KumaBun lunch at Kumamono inside Sungei Wang Plaza. The curry fishballs tasted terrible as the curry was very diluted and the fishballs were a little hard. Thankfully, the nachos cheese and mayo wedges were piping hot and still quite delicious. Bun was fluffy and soft, chicken was juicy and crispy, and nachos cheese sauce could never go wrong. It’s another value-for-money fast food lunch as the bill came up to only RM29.50 for 2 pax.


The last lap was a last minute window-shopping at Petaling Street, otherwise known as the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur street shopping / day market / night market. I love shopping and I would return to KL soon for more shopping!

Woohoo! Thanks for reading!

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