Nara Japanese Restaurant @ 167 Thomson Road, S307619


I’m mesmerised by the Natsu course meal ($65.00++) as every single dish is so super very the fresh and totally worth the price. In fact, I’d comfortably rank it as one of my top few Japanese course meal. Dish by dish, I’m enjoying every mouthful of it all especially when served with so many variety of fishes (raw & cooked) as I’m a very “fish” person. If I were to pick a favourite, I’d say the fresh oyster taste, texture, and freshness left the deepest impression on me.


The yuzu sorbet looks exactly like mashed potatoes isn’t it? I never knew the beef would taste so excellent with a special tinge and simple twist of icy cold yuzu sorbet! Goodness, this is indeed a special surprise taste to the delightful mouth of mine.


Nara Special Maki ($22.00++) is one of the signatures but other than its drizzling and striking colour combinations outlook, I thought the taste wasn’t anything so special. The unagi kabayaki  ($20.00++) is good and there’s almost zero mini bones.
Nara Japanese Restaurant
Address: Goldhill Shopping Centre, 167 Thomson Road, Singapore 307619
Reservations: +65 6884 6884
Phone: +65 6256 6568
Opening Hours: Daily: 11:30 – 14:30; 17:30 – 22:30


I’m intoxicated by Stitch! Thanks Gaara for this lovely stitch surprise. ❤


Lovely. Thanks for reading!

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