Siem Reap Day 4 – Angkor Palm Restaurant, Siem Reap International Airport

Day 4 – the last day in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Oh man so sad. Today, the cauliflower soup was my favourite! Next favourite gotta be the buttery crispy croissant. Best ever.

Scorching sun! The swimming pool area is very big.

I didn’t even dare to suntan as it was really too warm. I stayed in the water for about an hour plus!

We walked to Angkor Palm Restaurant which is just opposite our hotel for an authentic Cambodian lunch. It’s by far the best meal for the whole trip. Thumbs up!

After lunch, our very kind host then drove us in the same Lexus to the airport for our return flight. Some of the shops in Siem Reap International Airport are still under construction. I only bought 6 elephant coasters for a total of 5 USD. The other items like chocolates, bags, clothes, accessories and all were really too expensive to be bought. Yikes!

We flew on Jetstar Asia back and I bought Victoria Secret’s strawberries and champagne perfume on the plane’s JetShop for my mum! It’s only SGD$15 which I thought was quite reasonable and affordable for a 250ml perfume. Hope she likes it!

We touched down at Singapore’s Changi Airport around 6.45pm or so, much earlier than our expected arrival of 7.10pm. It’s great to be on a holiday but the feeling when I returned to my home country is equally great!

Thank you World Ventures for this welcome dreamtrip and each and everyone who participated and made a memorable 4D3N heritage adventure.

Thanks for reading!

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