Good Chance Popiah @ 149 Silat Avenue

How does wrapping your very own popiah sounds? Good Chance Popiah indeed offers you a good chance for you to learn how to DIY and wrap your own popiah with the ingredients that you like.

6 rolls of popiah cost you $19.80, which is definitely way higher than those you get in normal coffee shop popiah stalls. In addition, additional ingredients such as prawns (+$6.80) and crab meats (+$6.80) are separately charged. Therefore, it will cost you around $30++ over for 6 rolls of popiah, way more costly than buying one off the shelf.

However, I gotta admit it’s fun to DIY your own popiah the way you like it and the ingredients used are all very fresh.

Oh yes, Good Chance Popiah do sell normal Chinese styled zi char dishes as well. However, I tried a few dishes but felt they were only average.

As its name suggest, I’d only recommend Good Chance Popiah for its popiah itself and not the other accompanying zi char dishes. In fact, I was actually quite full from eating the popiah and there’s really no more stomach space to fully taste and appreciate its other zi char dishes.

Very nice exposure for me, I’ll definitely be back whenever I’m craving for the process of making my personalised popiah!

Good Chance Popiah
Address: 149 Silat Avenue #01-58 Singapore 160149
Tel: 6271 0698
Opening Hours: 11am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Thanks for reading!


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