Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd @ 795 Geylang Road

Fermented beancurd, also commonly known as smelly tofu or chow tofu, really stinks but once you put in into your mouth, the soft tofu simply melts and the crispy skin amazingly doesn’t stink as much as I thought it would be. I feel so paiseh to say that this is actually the first time I tried chow tofu in my recollection. I’ve been to Taiwan and Hong Kong but just didn’t bother to try their chow tofu due to its stench.

As for its price, Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd prices its chow tofu at 2 for $4.00 nett.

I’m not sure if there’re any other stalls in Singapore that sells chow tofu, but this stall in Geylang seems to enjoy a decently good crowd at all times of the day.

No harm trying one if you haven’t tried before!

Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd
Address: 795 Geylang Road Singapore 389678 (near Lor 41, Paya Lebar MRT exit D)
Tel: 6744 1353 / 9131 8118

Opening Hours:

12pm – 2am daily

Thanks for reading!

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