2D1N The Straits Hotel & Suites Melaka Food Trip: Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball, Restoran Nyonya Cottage Spices, Ah Hui Bak Kut Teh

Hello dearies! I traveled to Melaka over the weekend for a food trip with S. After clearing both Singapore’s and Malaysia’s customs, we boarded bus 170 to Larkin Sentral bus terminal for breakfast and to wait for our coach to Melaka. I feel like I’m gradually becoming a Malaysian as I kept making trips to Malaysia these days!

Upon reaching Melaka around 1pm++, we went straight for our lunch at Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball nearby our hotel. I love how the rice is shaped into a ball and you can pop it into your mouth so easily! Well, the rice ball isn’t exactly fragrant but more on the plain side, but the rice is cooked soft enough to chew on easily. The chicken is cold cut and the sauce that accompanies it is not too salty and to my liking too. The chili is good and appetising. As for the kang kong, it is superb-ly hot and spicy, just the way I like it. As we were famished, we felt that this was a very good meal for the both of us.

We stayed in The Straits Hotel & Suites which was a stone’s throw from where we had our chicken rice balls. This hotel is perfect for couples as you could actually sit on the bed and watch a clear view of your other half bathing just in front of you through the transparent bathroom. Fret not, you can also pull down the blinds to cover the whole bathroom if you do not wish to be exposed while bathing. I like this concept as it’s very sexy!

 After enough hoo-ha over the bathroom concept in our hotel, we washed up (definitely with the blinds closed) and left for shopping to Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade.

I’m so happy that I finally got my nails done. Perfect!

We had our dinner at a Nyonya Restoran – Cottage Spices. It was so crowded! It’s a pity that many of the dishes I wanted to try were sold out for the day as we were there quite late. Nevertheless, you got to try their chendol as it’s extremely icy cold and simply irresistible. I got totally perked up upon my first mouthful and within minutes, I emptied the whole bowl, feeling in total bliss.

After dinner, we bought a marble cheesecake from one of the random cake shops nearby to share. Before heading back to our hotel, we also ate beef satays as our supper. Woohoo! It’s a food trip and thus basically we ate and ate the whole time.

We even continued to have some drinks and snacks back in our hotel after supper. All in all, all I could say is we had a SHIOK FOODIE DAY!

On Day 2, we had a heavy breakfast at Ah Hui Bak Kut Teh. I like the slightly herbal style that the soup base carries. You could also add more soup for free!

The swimming pool in The Straits Hotel & Suites is located on the 23rd floor. The water is extremely cold and the pool is quite crowded on a morning. However, you could see nice buildings view. I tried posing while in the water but due to the damn sad fact that I can’t swim and I don’t know any breathing techniques, I can’t seem to smile while I was inside the waters. LOL.

After checking out of our hotel, we cabbed to Melaka Sentral bus terminal for RM20. Well, that’s quite a standard pricing that all taxi drivers there seem to have agreed on. Anyway, I bought one pink jersey for RM10, one pink watch for RM10, one black shoes for RM20. Yay so happy got cheap steals! Hehe. Although we had a horrible lunch at one of the stalls, we enjoyed the strong free wifi available.

Ta dah, that’s basically about it for my Melaka Food Trip.

Thanks for reading!

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