Melaka 2015 – 2D1N A’Famosa Resort, Safari Wonderland, Old West, Water Theme Park

Yoohoo my dearies! I took NICE double deck coach from Singapore to Melaka. The journey took me about 5 hours from Singapore’s The Plaza all the way to Melaka’s A’Famosa Resort. The 2-in-1 seat and massage chair was pretty comfortable. Now, let me begin! Are you ready for my virtual Melaka trip to A’Famosa Resort, Safari Wonderland, Old West and Water Theme Park?! HERE WE GO!

A’Famosa Resort offers cozy and spacious superior rooms with the comfort and privacy of an individual balcony. The rooms are neat and tidy and its ceilings are high. Facilities include the usual bathtub, standing shower, toilet, basin, telephone, TV, cabinet, safe deposit box, mini fridge, sofa, and two queen sized beds. It was a comfortable and pleasant stay. However, the only slight downside was that I could hear insects and crickets sounds in the night which was a tad difficult to fall asleep instantly.

As for these beautiful and lovely decos, they were taken somewhere down the road and within a walking distance from the hotel. It belongs to a newly wed couple wedding area. So sweet!

Anyway, please remember to take the shuttle bus aka banana truck from the hotel to Safari Wonderland and/or Water Theme Park because the distance is super far away and requires approximately a 8 minutes drive. Don’t forget to show a proof of receipt to the shuttle bus driver if you are entitled to unlimited bus rides; otherwise you have to pay RM1 per ride per way. Since it was raining, I was denied entry into the open air Safari Wonderland theme park. Therefore, I shopped around the souvenir shop before the rain finally stopped and I was allowed entry into the Safari Wonderland to have my super late lunch / teabreak inside.

Time Check: 3.45pm – after my lamb chop lunch, I visited the Reptiles House to see tortoise, iguana, snakes, etc.

Hi horse, thanks for turning your head towards the camera!

The giraffes are freaking tall, the flamingo seems so thirsty, the emus look too unkempt, the camel is very skinny, the porcupines are always hiding, the rabbits are super playful, the ducks are really aplenty, the waterfall is damn small and the horses are forever eating.

The best part of Safari Wonderland animals encounters was a close up view of the tigers while sitting inside an enclosed big lorry. Coming to think of it, it felt dangerous yet exciting.

Even though it was raining on and off, I’m glad that I completed my journey in exploring Safari Wonderland before taking the shuttle bus back to the hotel for a short rest.

The next highlight would be Old West which is another theme park in A’Famosa. It is a walking distance from the hotel and it only opens at 6pm in the evening. There are fun fairs, bumper cars, shooting games, carousel, and some other rides for children.

Look at those cute goats and innocent ponies! How I wish I could sayang them lo!

Merry Christmas in advance and happy belated Halloween! Thank god that the rain finally stopped in the evening; I was already totally soaked even with an umbrella the whole afternoon to evening.

IMG_7300Cowgirl’s beautiful carriage – where is my prince charming?


My red ferrari. Chio bo?

Malaysia Truly Asia.

A piping hot and yummy chinese dinner was served at Huang Di Restaurant inside Old West Theme Park. The portions of the food were huge. I personally liked the sweet and sour fish the best as the fish tasted very fresh and soft.

Thereafter, I watched a Red Indian Show with fire performance followed by a musical parade. The performances were very simple yet still entertaining. The music was good!

The performances ended with an amazing fireworks show. How awesome it is for the hosts to watch fireworks almost every single day! Gosh!

Time Check: 10.00pm – time for an underwater world 10 minutes 4D adventure show. 4D adventure means you could feel the strong gust of wind blowing at you and water sprinkling right in your face too!


My favourite takeaway photo of the day got to be my excited face with a yellow snake curled around my neck! Yes, of course it’s a real snake and everyone around me just screamed and ran far away from me.


Thank you Old West theme park, I had a good time!

Good Morning Day 2 Melaka A’Famosa Resort! Thank god for the fine weather this morning. Come to think of it, the outlook of A’Famosa Resort rooms look a little bit like school concept.

Anyway, the very first thing to do in the morning got to be having a hearty breakfast to kick start the day. A full stomach and a contented mind is important! Anyway, I’m so loving my rainbow tube dress. Hehe!

The buffet breakfast spread was quite limited but sufficient for a decent simple breakfast. I like the chicken wings and hot dogs the most!

After breakfast, off I took the shuttle bus to Water Theme Park! WOOHOO! I can’t wait to play all the water activities, especially the water slides and tubes!

My favourite water ride is the big ice-cream that sends you zooming left right up down and making you go through an intense adrenaline rush. There is a rule that there must be 4 persons in one big float thingy. Otherwise, you might probably just fly into the air, drop into the water, hit your head and probably die because the speed is so damn fast. I’m just exaggerating a little bit.

My happy smiles shows that I really enjoyed all of the water rides! However, I felt that the water rides could be improved by installing cameras to capture that perfect splash moment. It’s a good way to earn both the tourists and locals monies as they will most likely buy the photos as a souvenir and for keepsake purposes.

Okay enough about the water rides, I went ahead to enjoy a simple chicken set lunch after bathing and packing all my stuff into my bag. Shiok!

It was also a pleasant surprise to secretly take a photo with an elephant nearby the shuttle bus area before returning to A’Famosa Resort hotel lobby area to wait for the coach back to Singapore.

FYI, NICE coach even serves food onboard! It’s like an airplane experience except that this was a land transport. I left Melaka A’Famosa Resort around 2.30pm and only returned to Singapore’s The Plaza around 7.30pm due to the traffic jam everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!

IMG_7672All in all, thank you A’Famosa for the wonderful short and sweet 2D1N memories! Yoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Melaka 2015 – 2D1N A’Famosa Resort, Safari Wonderland, Old West, Water Theme Park

    • You can pay rm1 per ride per way or go for unlimited rides depending on which package you buy at the counter. Show the driver the receipt. Usually they gather a few people then shuttle from point to point.

  1. Wow the bus seat is so comfy. Which bus you took from Singapore? The only option I found was KKKL…Me and my wife planning to go there next weekend if possible

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