ITALGELato Ice Creams Review @ Genting Highlands


Uniquely Cool Delights at Resorts World Genting

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The only resort with an in-house Original Gelato Brand


Is there anyone out there who hasn’t tasted an ice cream before? Ice creams are one of the top pick desserts for both the young and the old. True enough, eating an ice cream could be a guilty pleasure but with more ice cream recipes nowadays, especially those with reduced fat, one could enjoy the silky and smooth ice cream without guilt. The lower percentage of fat is a plus point of the ice cream and it is sterilised by the UHT method. There is much focus on nutrients and hence, the product has no added colours, preservatives and additives.


Resorts World Genting’s ITALGELato provides unique creations, exclusive designs, funky and colourful styles of ice creams with its presentation, texture and taste all originating from Venice in Italy. The quality ingredients used such as milk and mixture are imported directly from Italy which gives the ice creams their very own exquisite flavours. Milk plays an important role in ice cream making and only the best quality milk product is utilised in creating the resort’s ice cream products.


Edward Holloway, the resort’s Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, first came up wth the idea of the resort’s very own ice cream brand. “We were brainstorming concepts for our new theme park and started researching how to achieve a perfect Italian Gelato here in Malaysia. As our innovation team did a deep dive into the processes and product, we came up with ITALGELato and for fun, we set up a small stall during the school holidays. We now have four and growing! The resort is made popular for its entertainment for children, the young and young at heart. Everything we do, we do it with family in mind from magic shows to theme park and not forgetting food.” says Edward Holloway.

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How awesome right? I got the privilege to coat my very own ice cream! Firstly, you got to dip the ice cream into the coating of your choice.  You may wait for the first coating to dry first before dipping it into the second coating if you wish to make a multi-colour ice cream coating. Secondly, you choose the toppings you wish to decorate on your ice cream. Thirdly, quickly put the ice cream to freeze so that the coating and all would stay neat.

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(1) Venue: First World Lobby Cafe & First World Plaza near Hou Mei Restaurant

Operation Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

(2) Venue: Horizon 50

Operation Hours: 12.00nn to 8.00pm

(3) Venue: Genting International Showroom

Operation Hours: 6.00pm to 9.00pm during show period


  1. Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla)
  2. Gelato Straciatella (Cream & Chocolate)
  3. Gelato Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate using Belgium dark which means 99% of pure chocolate) [SIGNATURE]
  4. Gelato Rocher
  5. Gelato Tiramisu
  6. Gelato Coppel del Nonno (Grandfather cup) old recipe
  7. Gelato Arancia Cheese Cake (Orange cheese cake which is pure zest orange that is flavourful and unique) [SIGNATURE]
  8. Gelato Morbidella (Cookies flavour)
  9. Gelato Affogato Amarena (Mix Red Berries)
  10. Gelato Nocciola (Hazelnut)
  11. Gelato Biscotto alla Cioccolato (Peanut & Chocolate) previously known as MR Nico
  12. Gelato Red Velvet (New Flavour)
  13. Gelato Black Forest (New Flavour)


  1. Sorbertto alla Mango (Mango Sorbert)
  2. Sorbertto alla Lampone (Raspberry Sorbert)
  3. Sorbertto alla Fragola (Strawberry Sorbert)
  4. Sorbertto alla Arancia Rossa (Blood Orange Sorbert)
  5. Sorbertto alla Limone (Lemon Sorbert)


  1. Yogurt alla Cioccolato (Chocolate with Yogurt)
  2. Yogurt alla Fragola (Strawberry with Yogurt)
  3. Yogurt alla Lampone (Raspberry with Yogurt)


  1. Coating with Gianduja flavour (Chocolate & Hazelnut)
  2. Coating with Lemon flavour
  3. Coating with Hazelnut flavour
  4. Coating with Pistachio flavour
  5. Coating with Strawberry flavour


  1. Coating with Gianduja flavour (Chocolate & Hazelnut)
  2. Coating with Lemon flavour
  3. Coating with Hazelnut flavour
  4. Coating with Pistachio flavour
  5. Coating with Strawberry flavour


The ice creams are sold at RM 9.50 for one flavour, RM 19.00 for two flavours, RM 28.50 for three flavours and RM 38.00 for four flavours. The ice creams are also sold in mini cones. For a plate of 8 pieces of mini cones is priced at RM 20.00 and for 12 pieces at RM 26.00.


The ice cream is served in your choice of cone that comes in four different flavours, namely chocolate, rose, green tea and charcoal or in a cup.

For more information, please call +603 2718 1118 or visit

Thanks for reading!

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