Genting Highlands 2015 – First World Hotel, Coffee Terrace Restaurant, Chin Swee Caves Temple, Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem, Resort Seafood Steamboat, ITALGELato


Yoohoo all my dearest readers! The #7heavenbloggers from Singapore went to Genting Highlands together to enjoy a fully sponsored trip by Resorts World Genting for the following: (1) First World Hotel stay, (2) Coffee Terrace Restaurant brunch, (3) Chin Swee Caves Temple visit, (4) Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem show, (5) Resort Seafood Steamboat dinner and (6) ITALGELato ice creams. Our coach departed from Singapore’s Boon Lay shopping centre on Friday the 13th at 10pm. The #7heavenbloggers gathered outside The One Travel & Tours Pte Ltd’s shop. As everyone did not know one another, we simply smiled and shook hands. We departed around 10pm+ and I bought some snacks at the rest stop in Johor just in case I couldn’t sleep on the bus and needed something to chew on.


Anyway, the #7heavenbloggers were total strangers at first but became a bonded team after the whole awesome trip!

We reached our hotel on Saturday, 14 November 2015 around 4.30am in the cold morning. I was so sleepy but I faintly remembered one of the kind hosts Wei En was waving at me when I reached and he directed all of us to our hotel rooms to rest.

(1) First World Hotel – We stayed in the pretty newly renovated XYZ Deluxe Room. There’s an option of either two single beds or one queen bed.

Please note that all special room requests are subject to a RM15 surcharge. An additional surcharge of RM15 will be imposed for check-in at the front office counter for customers who are eligible for the Express Self Service Kiosk. A surcharge of RM20 per luggage will be charged for luggage delivery / collection services by the bell counter personnel. RM20 refundable deposit for each trolley is available for self luggage service.

The check-in time is 3.00pm and the check-out time is 11.00am.

IMG_5668Once you open your room door, you would find a lime green door with the usual sink, hair dryer, dustbin and shower facilities. Notice that the toilet bowl and standing shower facilities are separated by a door?


I find this a very good concept because one party could shit peacefully on the left side of the toilet while the other party on the right side of the toilet could bathe as long as he or she wants without being rushed. Don’t forget to insert your keycard into the power socket to ensure all lights and shower facilities are on!

You could open your windows slightly to allow the cooling air to come into your room. The telephone is conveniently placed in between the beds.

IMG_5687  IMG_5695

Even though the room size is generally small, the high ceiling made the room still look reasonably comfortable. I also found another door inside the room which could probably be used to connect your room to the other room.


There is a current 50th Anniversary Promotion – XYZ Deluxe Room Best Deal

(One Night Stay + Room Only)

From 508.00 MYR per night

From 220.00 MYR per night


Sadly, the mini fridge has nothing in it. I thought it would be good if mineral water is provided. However, there’s a kettle for you to boil hot water. As for the safe deposit box, it is located right under the tea and coffee making facilities table.


You could close the curtains to get a more cozy feel. The colour TV is a flat screen one and there’s in-house movies too!

We stayed in the new Tower 3, 25th level. The highest floor is 28. I was slightly disappointed that Wi-fi is only available in the lobby area and it costs RM10 per hour / RM15 per day.

As for the check out system, you could simply use the self check out kiosk by inserting your room key card into the kiosk to check out. This saves so much queuing time.

All First World Hotel customers could also simply seek for any information at the Information Counter at the lobby area and enjoy the free luggage storage provided.


As I needed wi-fi so badly to report my safety to my family and friends in Singapore, I went to Starbucks around 5.30am and bought its signature hot chocolate so I could get my wi-fi password on the receipt. *PEACE*

After a satisfying cup of hot chocolate and enough wi-fi, I returned to my room to bathe and freshen up. It was already around 7am after I settled down. I wanted to catch some sleep but I was too refreshed after bathing. Therefore, I watched TV while nua-ing in bed! I felt very hungry around 8am and decided to head out to look for breakfast. I bought chicken and tuna sandwich at Terminal 2 which was situated just at the ground floor of Tower 3.

IMG_5819 IMG_5820

I was smiling so happily because I was entitled to 3 hours of free wi-fi on my receipt. I sat on a high chair facing the scenery view while enjoying every single bite of my sandwich. Yum yum!


I’m a happy girl!

Anyway, First World Hotel is one of the world’s largest hotels and it is adjoined to the First World Plaza which boasts 500,000 square feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore.


You could shop till you drop at Times Square or make a wish at the wishing well!IMG_5860

If you have a lover, snap an artistic shot at the lover bridge!

The most profitable place in Genting Highlands is none other than the Genting Casino. Too bad, picture taking is not allowed inside the casino itself. Genting Casino is a huge gambling heaven for many uncles and aunties. I didn’t bet, but I tried observing and learning how the games are played.

FYI, most of the shops open around 10am.


The #7heavenbloggers met at 1115am and headed to (2) Coffee Terrace Restaurant for our brunch. For a detailed food review, please click on the following link.

Coffee Terrace Restaurant @ Genting Highlands


I’m so proud of myself for coming up with a brilliant idea for the perfect food photo moment. *beams* I’m thankful that the #7heavenbloggers responded positively to my idea and that’s how we ended up having a 21 course meal (12 main dishes + 9 side desserts) thanks to all of our teamwork! Thank you #7heavenbloggers!


Our brunch was so shiok!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some of the Malaysian bloggers came along to snap pictures of the #7heavenbloggers mini buffet spread!


Next up – (3) Chin Swee Caves Temple. For a detailed review, please click on the following link.

Chin Swee Caves Temple @ Genting Highlands


The #7heavenbloggers successful jump shot!


The temple is very big. Children might get lost if they wander around by themselves so my dear parents, please stay close to your children!

IMG_6147 IMG_6149

Wefie of the #7heavenbloggers with Big Buddha~!


Wefie of the #7heavenbloggers with Pagoda~!


I even managed to find a small stitch at Chin Swee Caves Temple souvenir shop for RM15.90.


Next up –  (4) Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem. It’s all about comedy and a fun filled family magic circus show. For adult tickets, the VIP is priced at RM168, PS1 at RM128, PS2 at RM88. For children tickets, the VIP is priced at RM88, PS1 at RM68, PS2 at RM48. For adults who are Genting Rewards card members, the special rate for VIP is priced at RM134.50, PS1 at RM102.50, PS2 at RM70.50. There is no discount on child tickets for Genting Rewards card members.

Anyway, my favourite part of the whole show was an ang moh guy performer swallowing two long neon electrocuted sticks. It is said to be very dangerous as it may break in the body. He even mentioned that 9 other performers in the world have died due to this dangerous act! Oh dear, he is a truly super duper brave guy with an extremely flexible body. It is always better to watch this magic/comedy/circus yourself and experience the WOW factor!

Date: 7 November 2015 to 13 March 2016

Time: 4.00pm (Selected dates only) & 8.00pm

Venue: Genting International Showroom



Log on to

Ticketing Hotline: 03-27181118

Visit Genting Box Office Counter

Genting Sales & Ticketing Offices:

  1. Malaysia: Genting OneHub Level B6, Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250
  2. KL: 03-2718 1118
  3. Penang: 04-228 2288
  4. Ipoh: 05-243 2988
  5. Johor Bahru: 07-334 4555
  6. Kuching: 082-412522
  7. Singapore Sales Office: 65-6823 9888


I’m glad to have a photo opportunity with Ed Alonzo, one of the most creative comedy illusionist of our time. He is also the owner to the creative ideas of some of the world’s best original comedy illusions. All Ed’s comedy illusion shows are one of a kind and never seen before.


Next up – (5) Resort Seafood Steamboat. For a detailed food review, please click on the following link.

Resort Seafood Steamboat Review @ Genting Highlands

IMG_6304 IMG_6308


We ate our dinner from 6pm to 8pm. OMG I was so in love with the tom yam soup and I really ate to my fill. SHIOK!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. I’m sure I put on 1 kg or more T_T)

After a heavy dinner, I returned to my room to change before heading out for some free and easy night time!


One halloween cast on the street reluctantly took a photo with me upon my request! Look at his sian and buey song expression.


Anyway, I heard that the guardian, watsons, body shop, sasa, etc is quite cheap over in Genting Walk but I personally don’t really buy any skincare stuff so I skipped these shops. An entrance fee is also chargeable for Ripley’s Believe It or Not and so I skipped it too. According to its brochure, I believe it’s similar to Singapore’s Trick Eye Museum but on a smaller scale.


You know I was freaking excited when I saw GLOW IN THE DARK bowling for the first time in my life! I happened to pass by there around 10pm+ but I decided not to play as it closes at 11pm and the waiting list was too long. SAD! =(

Thereafter, I went to TANGS to walk walk. I needed A LOT of walking to digest all my food intake for the day! Buffet brunch + seafood steamboat dinner = OMG SO FATTENING.


As such, I dropped by the arcade for some games. Who says games are for children?!


There is even jumbo jackpot and spin-n-win wheel of fortune inside the big arcade~

To end off the night, I went to CLOUD 9 to drink and chill for a little bit.


The music band happened to be playing oldies classic yet popular hit songs and I really enjoyed their performances! Thumbs up! Cloud 9 has free wi-fi too. *wink*

IMG_6390 IMG_6394


15 November 2015 – Good Morning Genting Highlands! Thank God for the awesome clear weather and fantastic scenic view! The #7heavenbloggers met as early as 8am for a buffet breakfast at First World Cafe.


Our last highlight for the trip is none other than (6) ITALGELato Ice-Creams. For a detailed food review, please click on the following link.

ITALGELato Ice Creams Review @ Genting Highlands

IMG_6521There were way too many flavours of ice-creams for me to taste and I’m totally spoilt for choices! Even before I’m about to finish one, another one is on its way already!

IMG_6527 IMG_6538

Eating ice-cream is really my forte yet a guilty pleasure.


See the cute brown and pinky ice-cream cupcake in my hand? There’s a cold and icy blueberry jam oozing out after biting into it. I can resist anything except temptation. IT’S TOO GOOD! Well, every good thing comes to an end and soon, after the heavenly ice-cream tasting session, we had to prepare to depart back to Singapore already.


The kind host Wei En helped us get a cab and accompanied us to the bus terminal to wait for our coach back to Singapore. Aww, so fast must go back already =(


Our coach stopped by a rest stop at Dama Sheng Authentic Confectionery for us to buy some local food products home. I didn’t buy anything back though; I only bought a sweet potato from an unfriendly uncle for RM2.30.

I slept quite a bit on the bus before we reached another rest stop where I bought a butter honey waffle for RM4.50 to snack on. Yum yum!

I believed it rained for a while but stopped afterwards while we were on our way back to Singapore; that probably explains why everyone on the bus sounded so excited while pointing at the rainbow.


I also managed to find my must-buy souvenir T-shirts to add on to my I ❤ SERIES countries collection! Woohoo!


Wefie of the happy #7heavenbloggers with #2bloggersangels Eric Moo on the extreme left and Wei En on the extreme right. A big thank you to the #2bloggersangels from Resorts World Genting for their warm and great hosting for #7heavenbloggers!



Thanks for reading!

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