Genting Highlands – First World Hotel & Plaza, Genting Skyway, Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms, Cendawan Mushroom Farm

Hello everybody! It’s reminiscing time for Genting Highlands! Well, Genting Highlands is a short weekend getaway for most Singaporeans and I believe we all have went there at least once in our lives, maybe when we were newborns or really young. That was when Genting still had the themepark. It is however currently under construction and the estimated time of completion is either the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.

I previously went there in 2014 and I can’t wait to go again for an upcoming blogger review in November 2015. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

 Today’s post is about an exploration of Genting Highlands back in 2014 – First World Hotel & Plaza, Genting Skyway, Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms and Cendawan Mushroom Farm.

Genting Highland - First World HotelIMG_9129

First World Hotel is a colourful building since a year ago on my first visit. To date, it is still as colourful as ever. However, the building is quite old already. Hence, I believe it will undergo renovations very soon.


Did you know that First World Hotel & Plaza is actually the largest hotel with an amazing number of 6118 rooms in 2014?! I didn’t know until I read the signboard too. This record was once beaten by another hotel in the world but as of today, First World Hotel again claims victory in being the LARGEST HOTEL with 7000+ over rooms after its recent expansion of a new wing (Tower 3) consisting of a lot more rooms.


There are so many rumours out there saying that the rooms are haunted but I didn’t really care. Even though I already checked beforehand online that the rooms were really very small, I still chose it as I only needed a bed to sleep and frankly speaking, most of my time would be spent in the casino, shopping or taking photographs everywhere. So technically speaking, my time spent in the room is minimal so I didn’t put too much attention on its tiny room size.


There you go; all the necessities are in one place. Very basic and simple, but adequate. However, one downside is that no mineral water and toothbrushes are provided.

IMG_9014 IMG_9015

The toilets are reasonably neat and clean. A clean toilet is very important for me because I wouldn’t want to shit in an unkempt place and environment. If the toilet stinks, it would turn me off instantly! I’m a clean and green true blue Singaporean. I heard that the new Tower 3 XYZ Deluxe Room toilets facilities are separated by a door; I can’t wait to see the difference this coming November!


One commendable point is that the hotel check out uses an innovative and simple concept of returning your hotel cards into the self check out kiosk without the hassle of queuing or waiting.

IMG_9045IMG_9048 IMG_9065

Anyway, the Genting Skyway is a 15 minutes cable car ride from one end of Genting Highlands all the way to the other end of Genting Highlands. The ride features a journey of beautiful mountains and greenery for your eyes to feast on and a long stretch of up-slopes and down-slopes as you go along.

IMG_9090 IMG_9091

Upon reaching the other end, you could hop onto a cab and head for Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms for a short stroll.

IMG_9084The journey takes only a 10 minutes drive for you before you could see a beautiful strawberry water fountain.

IMG_9095 IMG_9104

There’s also a Lavender Garden nearby that’s surrounded by well bloomed flowers. However, there’s a small entrance fee payable.

IMG_9115 IMG_9116 IMG_9118 IMG_9119

Lastly, you could also stop by Cendawan Mushroom Farm for a quick look before ending off the night.

For the current promotion, do visit

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thanks Yuen for accompanying me today! We enjoyed a great girls talk! ❤


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