Desaru – Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort, Ostrich Showfarm, Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Desaru Fruit Farm



Hello my dearies! Here’s a very warm welcome to you from Changi Ferry Terminal.


I’m heading to Desaru, Johor Malaysia with my parents. Yippee!


Our ferry journey took only a short time of 20 minutes.


There we are. Welcome to Malaysia.


We stayed at Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort.


The room is reasonably comfortable and homely, and quite spacious too.


Our room faces the swimming pool and beach. Very nice view!


However, the lift STINKS!


After settling down, we headed down to the restaurant for our lunch. Papa’s nasi goreng was my favourite as it had a very Malaysian style and was spicy enough as well. Satays were a little too flavourful but still nice.


Mummy’s fish and chips was so-so while my mackerel sandwich was horrible. Wrong choice. The mackerel was so rough and salty.


Anyway, our resort has nothing much except a restaurant, a bar and a swimming pool. No water sports as yet.


After lunch and a short rest, I took a dip into the pool.


Next up, I bathed and changed and headed to Ostrich Showfarm. It costs RM45 per pax for 2 way transportation from resort to Ostrich Showfarm and vice versa. Oh yes, the RM45 spent includes the Ostrich Showfarm’s entrance ticket too.


Hello, I’m back to visit you, my dear OSTRICHES!!!!!!!!!!!! I last saw you close to three years ago, back in 2012.


Black feathers with red beak = male ostrich. The rest would be female. Once the female lays eggs, its feathers would drop.


As the weather was pretty warm, I bought an ice-cream to keep the doctor away! By the way, I didn’t know that an ostrich egg shell could actually last a 100 years! Its shell could also be used for displays and act as a lamp. Cool huh.


Whatever it is, nothing beats finding STITCH stuffs at Desaru Fruit Farm! (I’ll talk about the fruit farm in a while…)


Desaru beach is a long stretch of beach and the waves happened to be really strong while I was there.


Sand art!


We settled our dinner at the resort’s restaurant again. Lime juice for me please!


Mummy tried the pineapple fried rice while papa and I shared a 10 inch pizza.


There’s zero soul at the bar so I didn’t drink anything for the night and went back to the room to rest early before awaking to a sunny day the very next morning!!!!!!!!!!!


American breakfast and nasi lemak breakfast to kickstart Day 2 Desaru!


Coming to think of it, the exterior of Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort looks a bit like a SCHOOL right?


After breakfast, we walked along the beach and visited Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa. It’s glamorous!


We also played a few games of basketball 😀


There’s even a mini arcade over at Pulai Desaru too! Well, it definitely had more things to see and do than Tunamaya. However, since Pulai’s also more crowded, it could also mean there’s less peace and quietness to experience. I personally feel that if I were to stay in a beach resort, I would prefer if there’s lesser people so I can relax more and enjoy the nature, sea and peace.


We then walked further along the beach all the way to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa. Its exterior is nice too!


There’s a retail shop and water sports are also available in Lotus Desaru as well.


I bought a beanie at Lotus Desaru for RM14 only. Cheap cheap huh!


After exploring Pulai Desaru and Lotus Desaru, we walked along the beach again back to Desaru Tunamaya, i.e. our resort. The weather was pretty hot and so I went for a swim again.


After swimming, I bathed and changed into my new tortoise T-shirt bought from Pulai Desaru! =D I’m so vain.


Thereafter, we checked out of our room and proceeded to Desaru Fruit Farm.


We had a fruits buffet, steamed eggs, asam fishes, curry chicken, stir-fry vegetables, black pepper sotongs, fried prawns, clear soup, white rice, cat whisker’s tea, and papaya juice for our sumptuous lunch. Both the lunch and fruit farm entrance ticket costs a total of RM58.30 per pax.


And here we go on our fruit trail!


There were many passionfruits hanging on the top of the fruit trail.


3 years ago, I was here. 3 years later, I’m back again and this fake cow is still here lor. NEVER CHANGE!!!!!!!! Omg, Desaru Fruit Farm, why you no upgrade one?


The mini zoo is still pretty much the same as that I saw 3 years ago too.


Fluffy rabbit!


Hungry goats I suppose. Look at their eager heads popping out! I bet they must be hoping visitors would feed them milk milk.


See this particular goat, skinny until almost can squeeze out liao!


The lorry that drove us around Desaru Fruit Farm is ALSO THE SAME as that 3 years ago. For my experience 3 years ago, do read up this link!

Kota Tinggi – Desaru Ostrich Showfarm, Desaru Fruit Farm & Mini Zoo, Restoran Public, Firefly Park River Cruise & Sky Lantern


Finally, after tasting some sample honey, we bought some pong piah, cat whisker’s tea leaves, coffee and star fruits from Desaru Fruit Farm before hopping onto the mini bus to send us back to the ferry terminal.


We reached the ferry terminal around 3pm and had to wait for an hour before our ferry departure time at 4pm.


Therefore, I killed time by playing darts before boarding the ferry.


Bang, kill myself. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Desaru – Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort, Ostrich Showfarm, Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Desaru Fruit Farm

  1. Hello, not sure if the ferry from Changi ferry point is the right choice. The resort looks good! How do you travel from resort to the farms like Ostrich farm, etc?

    • You can simply take a taxi. I paid rm45 for two way transport from resort to ostrich farm and vice versa inclusive of entrance ticket. Hope it helps!

  2. Hello! Im interested to stay at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, which I believe isn’t very far from the resort you stayed at. But how to do arrive at the resort by the ferry? Do you have to change another transport from somewhere after you alight the ferry?

    • In Singapore, you can take the ferry from changi ferry terminal. After alight ferry, can arrange with resort to pick you up from ferry terminal to resort either complimentary or a small fee. Otherwise can take taxi to resort. Hope it helps!

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