Taiwan Day 4 – Yilan Hsuehshan Tunnel 雪山隧道, Yilan Huo Shan Bao Fa Chicken 火山爆发鸡, Yilan Star-onion Farm 三星, Yilan Meihua Lake 梅花湖, Taipei Ningxia Night Market 宁夏夜市, Taipei Ximending Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線



Good morning Taiwan/Taipei/Yilan Day 4! Today we had free hotel breakfast which was surprisingly a good spread. Afterwhich, we embarked on Hsuehshan Tunnel 雪山隧道 “Snow Mountain” tunnel, the longest tunnel in Taiwan, located on the Taipei-Yilan Freeway and headed for YILAN. 😀


We skipped the Lanyang Museum and Beiguan Crab Museum as both needed entrance fees and we were not really interested in seeing museums stuff.


We then stopped by a Harry Potter alike place to snap a few pictures.


Look at my sleepy face =/


We were supposed to climb quite a certain number of steps to see Wufongvi Waterfall but we were so drained and so we skipped it as well. Oops.


Our lunch was settled at Huo Shan Bao Fa Chicken 火山爆发鸡. The rice was amazingly fragrant and soft. The chicken was tender while the prawns were well fried and juicy. One of the best in Yilan!


The best part of the day would be our experience at Yilan Star-onion Farm 三星 where we got to pluck/pull the spring onions out while wearing our farmer alike straw hats and boots. We were the happiest here as it was a special and unique experience.


After washing the onions clean, we proceeded to DIY our very own onion pie 三星蔥派 for TWD$150 per person.


The DIY experience was unforgettable!


The completed 三星蔥派 was heavenly.


We also popped by Yilan Meihua Lake 梅花湖 and strolled for a while in the calm serenity.


Wefie again 😀


Goodbye Yilan……


We then took the 12.9km Yilan Hsuehshan Tunnel 雪山隧道 from Yilan back to Taipei’s Ningxia Night Market 宁夏夜市 for our dinner/supper/night shopping.


Shopping at Taiwan’s night markets is a MUST. It’s alike to Singapore’s pasar malam but on a way bigger scale and variety.


Last but not least, we also tried Taipei Ximending Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線. It’s always packed with people and it has become a must-try in Ximending. To me, it tasted like the typical Singapore’s Shilin’s Mee Sua.


All in all, we had a fulfilling day!

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