Taiwan Day 3 – HSR 高铁 Taichung Station, HSR 高铁 Taipei Station, MRT 捷运 Taipei Main Station, MRT 捷运 Ximen, Go Sleep Hotel Wuchang Taipei, Modern Toilet, Ximending



Good morning Taichung/Taipei Day 3! I had mos burger for breakfast in bed in “53 HOTEL”! SHIOK AH. Afterwhich, we took a F1 driver taxi 小黄 (TWD$220) to HSR 高铁 Taichung Station. We had sushi and sashimi for lunch at HSR 高铁 Taichung Station. Since the time was pretty early, I bought starbucks rose latte and chilled for a while.


Wefie while waiting for HSR 高铁 Taichung Station trip to HSR 高铁 Taipei Station trip.


We boarded the 2.39pm HSR.


Goodbye Taichung…….


Here comes our HSR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The interior of the HSR is very luxurious and alike to an aeroplane. It’s very spacious as well.


Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu ~


Let’s say a big hello to TAIPEI! 😀


We had to walk to take the blue MRT 捷运 BANNAN LINE to MRT 捷运 Taipei Main Station.


After reaching MRT 捷运 Taipei Main Station, we took one more stop to MRT 捷运 Ximen green line station.


We took a couple of minutes to find our way to “Go Sleep Hotel Wuchang Taipei.”. Although not as spacious as our “53 Hotel” in Taichung, this was still an acceptable choice since most of our time were spent outside of the hotel.


After checking in and settling down, we left our hotel and went nearby to eat MODERN TOILET RESTAURANT IN XIMENDING. 


We also shopped around XIMENDING after dinner before heading back to our hotel to bathe and rest for the day. Today was a pretty slack day with most time spent travelling from Taichung to Taipei via HSR. Alright, good night folks!

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