Sentosa Underwater World & Tiger Sky Tower



Welcome to SENTOSA UNDERWATER WORLD Singapore, the ideal marine life experience!!!!!!!!


I’m so happy to find so many different types of crabs for my eyes to feast on.


Aside from sharks, there are jellyfishes and seahorses as well.


After a good two rounds walk at Underwater World, we headed to “MUNCH IT” for a piping hot and yummy vegetarian pizza and vegetarian baked rice for lunch. We were satisfied. 😀


Next up – we took the TIGER SKY TOWER which offers a panoramic view of a beautiful Singapore! We also happened to see some otters (they stink!) while making our way back to Dolphin Lagoon for a dolphin show that’s scheduled at 4pm.


Sea lions and dolphins are so cute and friendly!


I volunteered to go into the water to sayang the pink dolphin. Aww!


Souvenirs from SENTOSA for the day (excluding limited edition golden mickey mouse figurine (gift from Richard) and Ice Lemon Tee purple and pink shorts for myself):

1. Tiger Sky Tower $10 photo (complimentary from voucher (p.s. I bought a deal for $29 per pax including Underwater World Ticket Admission, Tiger Sky Tower Ride and 1 4×6 photo))

2. Dolphin Show $20 photo (my exclusive voluntary experience of gentle touch with the smooth pink dolphin)

3. Pink Dolphin $25 ladies souvenir tee (quite expensive but material very soft and comfy)

Money flew away but I had a good day interacting with lovely dolphins and so much more!

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