Senjyu @ Northpoint


Strawberry blend – blended sparkling calpis mocktail with fresh strawberry ($6.99) – refreshing and fruity but a little bit sweet.

Salted caramel matcha latte – green tea flavoured steamed milk with whipped cream and caramel topped with brown sugar ($6.99) – madly in love with the salted caramel aroma and taste!

Oyako Don – simmered chicken on rice with drizzled egg ($12.99) – average taste, not so recommended.

Salmon sashimi shake – freshly sliced salmon ($9.99) – thickly sliced! As usual, sashimi never go wrong.

Soft shell crab handroll ($4.99) + Shake ikura salmon and roe handroll ($4.99) – crispy seaweed and stuffed till full full rice 😀

Unagi and cheese black plate ($4.59) – great combination with soy sauce.

Hotate canape – pan seared scallop and asparagus with yuzu glaze ($9.99) – not so great, asparagus was okay but I thought the scallop was a little bit hard.




930 Yishun Ave 2
Northpoint Shopping Centre
Singapore 769098

Tel: +65 64825038

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