3D2N Cameron Highlands 2014 – Strawberry Park Resort, Agro Delight Tour, Nature Discovery Tour, Sunrise Spectacular Tour



See this beautiful scenery????? Guess where I went again this time round? Teheeheehee it’s none other than CAMERON HIGHLANDS! WOOHOO!

We took the night coach yesterday and arrived this morning around 8am++. It’s my very first time spending a night sleeping on the coach and thankfully I rested well and mastered the skill of sleeping while sitting down. PRO RIGHT.


We were first sent to this prata shop for an indian cuisine breakfast. Nothing special. Just like your any other normal prata. Then we booked an “AGRO DELIGHT TOUR” with Titiwangsa Tours & Travel at the price of RM65.00 per adult.


We chose Strawberry Park Resort for our 3D2N stay in Cameron Highlands. Very spacious and comfortable room! You could enjoy the cooling weather while sipping tea in the balcony or simply snuggle in bed and watch TV.


After settling down, we headed to the resort’s “BRASSERIE’85” for our lunch. Si bei expensive but the portion of the food was quite a lot.


2.30pm – Our first destination was 188 Vegetable Farm where we tasted some very fresh corns and sweet and juicy purple apples. We also saw lots of tomatoes and giant-sized lemons.


We then left for Cactus Point to see all types of cactus – long, short, big, small, fat, thin and everything about cactus lah. *Hope you are not thinking what I’m thinking*


Big Red Strawberry Farm was next on the list and the farm is full of hydroponically grown strawberries and lettuces. I didn’t self pick the strawberries because I thought it was a little on the expensive side (1kg – RM50.00) and therefore I bought a big red strawberry farm black t-shirt as my souvenir!


A steamboat dinner was served at Titiwangsa Cafe. The soup tasted pretty good with a wide variety of ingredients – fishballs, prawns, tofus, mushrooms, crabmeats, vegetables, fishes, eggs, etc.


It was slightly drizzling at night but we still went for the Night Market where I managed to grab a red superman jacket for RM35 and a pair of strawberry slippers for RM10.

See the cute and innocent pink monkey?! Nicholas caught it from a toy machine and I got it from him at RM8!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO I’m a happy girl! Good Night Day 1!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0577 IMG_0578

PEOPLE! It’s Day 2 breakfast time~

I only liked the omelette, tomatoes and corn flakes, lol. The rest of the food didn’t taste nice to me.

9.30am – Today we went for a “NATURE DISCOVERY TOUR” for RM60.00 per adult. We had a drive up to the highest point of Cameron Highlands – Mount Brinchang located at a majestic height of 6666 feet above sea level which gives a panoramic view of the highlands. We enjoyed the cool crisp mountain air amidst the serenity of the surroundings.


Next – we had a short trek into the MOSSY FOREST. A world of wonders of nature awaits you. Be awe-struck by the variety of pitcher plants of different shapes and sizes, beautiful wild orchids and herbal plants such as the famous ‘Kacip Fatimah’.

Moving on – we visited the renowned “BOH” TEA FACTORY. It was a memorable experience viewing the full process of tea and learn how the distinctive aroma of tea is developed. (FYI tea factory is closed on Mondays & Public Holidays).

 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 30kgturtle

2.30pm – the 9 of us booked a minibus from our resort for RM250.00 (4 hours) and we visited the BUTTERFLY GARDEN (Entrance ticket RM5.00 per person). It was my first time seeing different insects and creatures such as the leaf insect, the stick insect, the black huge cricket, the enormous butterfly, etc. FYI I couldn’t carry the 30kg tortoise!!!!!!!! It’s way too heavy for me.


We then headed off to ROSE VALLEY (Entrance ticket RM4.00 per adult) which offers lots of beautiful and colourful flowers and roses. Loved the swans, fountain, and angels all around. I also took a quick walk along the rose valley DAY MARKET even though it was raining heavily.


Next up – a visit to ROYAL BERRY where we self-picked the strawberries at RM35.00 per kg. I felt like a farmer harvesting my fruits, wahahahahaahaaaa~


Last but not least, we settled for a simple and cheap dinner (roughly RM10.00 per pax with food and drink) at ERRA.


Bought ANGEL at the DAY MARKET and a cute bee tee at the BEE FARM earlier on. My favourite picture of the day is none other than myself with snow white and the seven dwarfs at ROSE VALLEY! So magical. Hehe!

STAY TUNED FOR DAY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!


Day 3 in Cameron Highlands – RM 65.00 per adult for a “SUNRISE SPECTACULAR TOUR”. We departed as early as 6.00am from our resort and we managed to catch the sunrise around 7.10am. The coolness of the early morning got me enraptured! I wore a thick hoodie and my newly bought superman red jacket and yet I still felt cold.


As you watch with intriguing anticipation, the horizon unfolds right before your eyes, changing colours and hue as the sun gradually emerges. We also sipped a good cup of heart warming milo amidst the coolness of the morning air up in the mountain. Along the return journey, we saw a breathtaking view of the tea garden and some of the farms where the misty ambience lends an ethereal-like air of mystery to the surroundings. ANYWAY, THIS GOTTA BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE SUNRISE I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!


Day 3 resort’s breakfast was awesome! Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach – ALL ARE MY FAVOURITES!!!!!!!!


And guess what……… our coach back to SG freaking broke down! We were supposed to reach SG around 7pm but we only reached around 1am. OMG right?


Had a hot plate dinner/supper at 10pm at Yong Peng rest stop. And I only reached home at 2am……………………………… passport was chopped 1 Dec 2014 instead of 30 Nov 2014. PIANG EH! WHAT AN ENDING!

Summary of Group Pictures:


The greenery view all round was a great point.


Overall of Strawberry Park Resort is cooling and quiet ^^


You won’t get to see this kind of mountains in SG, not even at Bukit Timah Hill.


The greatest memory was experiencing an awesome cooling weather~


Thank you everyone for making this 3D2N trip possible. ❤

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