Hakata Ikkousha @ Tanjong Pagar


Are you an eggs lover? If you love to eat soft boiled eggs, you would fall in love with Hakata Ikkousha @ Tanjong Pagar because there’s FREE FLOW of soft boiled eggs for you to eat. Yes, it’s FREEFLOW!!!!!!!!!!! You can eat till you puke or get the highest cholesterol ever.

But if you prefer flavoured eggs as compared to soft boiled eggs instead, then you need to top up $2.00 for every flavoured egg you ordered. It’s just the egg yolk cooked in a different style so I would personally suggest you to go for the free soft boiled eggs of course. Nevertheless, you could get ONE FREE FLAVOURED EGG if you click ‘check in’ on facebook to Hakata Ikkousha @ Tanjong Pagar on your mobile phone.

Enough about eggs, now let’s move on to the main dish – ramen. I am a ramen lover and my favourite ramen place is none other than Sanpoutei Ramen @ Holland Village. The soup base of Ikkousha is not as thick as that of Sanpoutei. On a scale of 0 – 5, I would rate Ikkousha’s soup 3/5 and Sanpoutei’s soup 4/5. Ikkousha claims that their soups are simmered for at least half a day with richly smooth and authentic ramen experience. The foam also means there’s a lot of collagen. Sounds good ya?

I personally tried the Tonkotsu Standard ($12.00) which is Ikkousha’s original pork broth. It’s perfect vessels for the full-bodied and collagen-rich pork bone soup served with the thin noodles, tender pork cha-shu, fungus and spring onions.

You could choose the noodles texture as soft, normal, hard or very hard and the taste as light, normal or japanese taste. The noodles are flat cut, thin and chewy. The cha-shu is tender, soft and thinly cut too. As for its sauce, it’s made with a blend of 3 soy sauces, more than 20 types of seasoning and 5 kinds of rare seafood all directly imported from Japan. Like a cool ya?

You gotta try it for yourself to see if you like it.

Hakata Ikkousha @ Tanjong Pagar

Blk 7 Tanjong pagar plaza # 01-104 Singapore

Tel: +65 6538-1880

Opening Hours: 11:30 to 22:00

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