Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival 2014


 Group Event Organised by Ken & Eunice @ Gardens by the Bay

Thank you everyone for chipping in for lanterns, mooncakes, candles, layer cakes, potato chips, drinks, etc and making my 2014 mid-autumn festival a memorable one despite the slight drizzle.



Mid-Autumn Festival 2013


I had a good good night with good music and dance performances at a mid-autumn festival event around my neighbourhood area!!!!!!!!


Goodie bag: lantern, moon cakes, oreo, mineral water

Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

Happy happy eating moon cakes people! Oh my, I can’t believe I’m getting so old and I don’t really carry lanterns around anymore. I don’t play with candles or sparkles also liao omg. Signs of old age! Anyway, I bought a DORAEMON MOON CAKE!!

Amongst those moon cakes and admiration of the round round moon and dark dark sky, I secretly wish upon a star I could lead a doraemon life. Ang ang ang…

Mid-Autumn Festival 2010


I love my chouchou so muchie!


I’m so old that I just carried a lantern around at home to self celebrate.

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