Faber Bistro @ Mount Faber


Herb crusted salmon steak with sauteed vegetables and pesto sauce ($22.00) – heavenly bite! Rich salmon fillet taste accompanied by its special green pesto sauce that’s OH SO HEAVENLY! I was scraping every bit of the sauce onto the salmon. Mashed potato was pretty bland though. Overall it’s good fish and suits my taste.

Grilled spring chicken with mashed potato, onion marmalade and rosemary jus ($19.00) – I thought the chicken was a little bit not-so-tender but still acceptable if you ain’t the picky sort. The bones on the chicken were pretty easy to handle and chewable. Slightly juicy, but not my kind of food though.

Baked cheesecake with pear compote ($12.00) – the first time in my life where I was served a ROUND cheesecake. Not very cheesy so I thought it kind of failed. As for the thin brown crumb below the cake, it’s way too sweet to be eaten. I had to admit I was quite disappointed as I was expecting something awesome.

All in all, Faber Bistro offers outdoor seats with a great buildings view and it’s windy too. However, food wise = average to slightly above average only. Will recommend to those who like good ambience and those who ain’t too picky about their food.

Faber Bistro @ Mount Faber

101 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099201

Mon to Thur:
3.00 pm – 11.00pm
3.00 pm – 2.00am
Sat and Eve of Public Holidays:
11.00am – 2am
11.00 am – 11.00pm

(+65)6377 9688

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