Todai @ Marina Bay Sands



<Food Tasting Invitation by hungrygowhere>

Todai @ Marina Bay Sands

Price Of Buffet Per Person:

Lunch: SGD $42 ++ On Monday, Wednesday; SGD $46 ++ On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; SGD $64 ++ On Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays

Dinner: SGD $58 ++ On Monday, Wednesday; SGD $68 ++ On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays


The best thing for tonight got to be none other than the meaty and juicy crabs. With every bite, you could taste the natural sweetness of the crabs. Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on it for a refreshing taste and smell. Its heavenly outlook has already scored full marks even before I tasted it.IMG_9425

The good thing about buffet is that there will always be a plethora of food for you to choose from. You will be so spoilt for choices if you are someone who could eat almost anything and everything.IMG_9426

I started my meal with a very warm abalone ginseng chicken tonic soup to re-energize my body. The bowl is specially imported and designed to look like Korean bamboo. Inside the soup, you can find a meaty abalone, ginseng, chestnut, red date and ginko nut.


If you are a desserts lover, you may even consider coming to Todai just for its desserts. There are way too many variety and each piece is usually cut into quite a small piece so you could take many different ones to feast on.

Apart from those ready made desserts, you could also squeeze your own yogurt / ice cream into a dessert bowl and add the toppings available to create your very own masterpiece. The Macaron Pyramid stands out  though the actual Macarons themselves tasted average.

The abalone dish runs out really fast as it’s comparable to restaurant standards and of just the right biting texture. Not too hard, not too soft, just right for chewing.

The mushrooms were way too creamy but the fried rice was surprisingly a good hit because it’s simple and cooked to quite a soft standard.
IMG_9431I was too lazy to pick out the bones from the fishes and hence I did not try them. However, looking at its alluring appearance, I believe they do taste good on their own.


Grilled food is another popular pick for buffets and Todai serves a good variety in this area.

I also tried the tomato paste pasta and found it very appetizing.IMG_9434

However, the hot dogs were a tad too salty to me.

Finger food like fries and nuggets are a classic choice. You get to top it off with the sauces available for a special tinge of taste though.


Guess what, I even ta-paued back the crabs because there were way too many of them and we could not finish. It’s just my Singaporean spirit showing its true colours – got free food to eat, still got free crabs to ta pau. Si bei wu hua!!!!!!! Their king crab, red crab and alaskan snow crab are extremely cold and fresh.

The toppings and sauces are all neatly placed for Todai’s customers to enjoy easily.

They also serve a couple of refreshing salads.

Most of the meats Todai serve are all very tender and soft. However, eat slowly because meats tend to make you full easily.IMG_9443

Nothing beats my favourite chocolate fondue fountain! I also happened to find a beautifully carved figurine acting as a display.

Todai serves specially imported Korean abalones. Its texture is firm, meaty and chewy.IMG_9422

Besides the crabs, there are also a wide array of sushi available.

I’ve a bad habit of digging out the ingredients of the sushi and leaving out the rice so that I don’t get too full with all the carbohydrates. Oh man, I need to change this habit and stop wasting rice!

Korean pancakes were crispy but greasy. Hence, I believe it could be improved on with less oil. Appearance wise, it wasn’t that visually appealing as well. Maybe it would be good if they could add some designs or change its shape?


As fresh fish was used for the korean fish pancake, it tasted much better. As for the pizzas, the extremely thin crust made it less filling for the stomach to handle and hence more space for other food. IMG_9419

I loved the smoked duck in red wine as it comes with a nice smoky taste and the texture of the meat was just right and it wasn’t too dry.

Most of the popular picks get wiped out really fast even after they have been replenished just minutes ago. Hence, please use your fast hand and fast legs to grab the food!

I loved those vegetables as they are very crunchy. The salad dressing is great too.IMG_9414One of my favourites so far is still Todai’s variety of sushi.


I’m drooling already!

Apart from being an international buffet restaurant, Todai also claims to position itself as a sushi buffet restaurant and that explains why there are a whole lot of variety of sushi for you to choose from.
IMG_9415I did not taste the classic picks as my stomach was so small that I could only fit in the special flavours of sushi that could only be found in Todai.

After all the buffet and sushi, it’s finally desserts time.

Cakes were good and not too sweet.IMG_9409Chocolate muffin’s way too dry and it’s the worst muffin I’ve had. Thankfully, the friendly management seemed to have caught our hint and feedback and has also promised that they will definitely improve on it.


Todai’s mango cheesecake was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super mango-ish, addictive and refreshing.
IMG_9407The chocolate range will never go wrong and I’m deeply attracted by chocolate as well.

The 9 of us dined at Todai’s Private Dining Room which is large enough to accommodate up to 12 pax.

Thanks again hungrygowhere for having me at the table.


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B2-01
Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 7771
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11.30am – 3pm (Lunch), 5.30pm – 10pm (Dinner)
Sunday: 11.30am – 4pm (Lunch), 5pm – 10pm (Dinner)

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