Arteastiq @ Millenia Walk


Here I’m! I chanced upon Arteastiq @ Millenia Walk today. It caught my eye because there’s many artistic stuff and I thought the pricing of the food’s pretty reasonable – you can get desserts below $5 and main courses below $10. I thought I found gold……. but it was not really so. Arteastiq plays Chinese songs by the way.IMG_8410

I was slightly shocked when I was billed $0.60 for the wet towel and $1.00 for a cup of warm water with some lemon taste. Luckily I said I didn’t want the peanuts so I wasn’t charged for that.
IMG_8412I think the concept’s quite cool – can eat, can paint.

IMG_84133 hours of painting for $48. I didn’t felt like doing any artistic stuff so I skipped it. I think I wouldn’t be patient enough to paint something for 3 hours anyway!


Black Glut Rice, $4.80.

Cold dessert with a tinge of orange peel taste topped with pretty sweet vanilla ice-cream. It gave an overall refreshing and sweet taste. Desserts are meant to be sweet right?

Rating: 4/5


A cute spoon – chinese version of Arteastiq meaning, I think.


Red Bean Pancake, $6.50

Slightly oily, slightly crispy and filled with sticky paste of red bean. Overall so-so to me. I didn’t like the oil part.

Rating: 3/5

TOTAL DAMAGE: $15.15 for 2 persons


You judge.

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