Bintan – Bintan Shopping and Seafood Restaurant Dinner

Continuation Post from Bintan – Welcome to Tanjung Pinang

2pm: Checking in to Bintan 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel to put our bags….

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was quite a tedious procedure to write down our particulars, lol and I got real pissed when my name was misspelled, and I was addressed as MR instead of MISS. ZZZZZZZZZ………….. Never mind.

I wandered about for a general glimpse while waiting for our optional trip (SGD$15/pax) at the lobby’s pick up point at 3pm…..

General ambience: Kind of quiet. Decently neat and clean with a little Christmas decorations and mood.

I’ll share more about Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel, Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel F Lounge Pub, Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel Gazebo Swimming Pool, Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel Food, KTV & Massage in the upcoming posts!

330pm: Komplek Bintan Indah Mall……… somewhere around Blok B No. 12 Lantai 2 Tanjungpinang.

A few rows of mad shopping… generally no crowd at all. I hopped from shop to shop and bought a chilli red clutch, a pair of purple shoes and a red motorcross tee from what I can remember, haha!

Oh we also visited Toko Arena (Bintan Mall Supermarket) for maruku snack ikan, naraya muruku ikan, white coffee, gingerbon sweets….. well, basically home food supplies.

430pm: Local Product Shop with friendly uncles where I sampled lots of weird tasting dried snacks… I got home my mum’s fav sour plums and hei bee hiam! Yummmmssss. Wanted to buy so much more but but but……… haha no time to dilly dally.

5pm: Shopping time at Ramayana Mall, Tanjung Pinang’s largest mall from what I know.

WOW lots of clothes and so so much more………. too mad.

Soooooooo many things!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, I didn’t get to see everything in detail but a general feel was pretty huggggeeeee. LOOK PEOPLE, THE EARTH HAS NOT ENDED…… so I got this tee for Rp. 25,900. HAHA.

One of my happiest moments was choosing shades. LOL!!!!!!!! Nope I didn’t get this but I got another one……… Show you in the upcoming post when I share about Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel Gazebo Swimming Pool! Oh I also got a sweet pinky dress in my hands!

I just lose myself whenever I start shopping, haha. This was my fav pic throughout the trip because I really liked those rays of sun. LOL

My childhood game………… anyone of you played this before too? OMG I so enjoyed the arcade.

Reliving childhood all over again :’)

In the end, I actually bought like so little only, haha! Too many things, too little time, plus if I overbuy also tooooooo overwhelming. Awww, I still managed to think calmly and only brought home such a small plastic bag. LOL! Merrrrrrrrry Christmas Everyone……… Ahhhhhhhhhh I got no time to shop finish, tsk.

We bought fries at Charlie’s Chicken! Felt like a long wait but damn it the fries were a huge lot and it was super hot and goooooood!

That black faithful car that chauffeured us around ^^

6pm: Restoran Sei Enam Seafood Dinner, Jl. Usman Harun No. 31, Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. One of the main highlights for the night………… Read on.

Huge place, pretty few people, eerie music, smoke stench, slightly scary initially…..

WARNING: NO PRICE SHOWN…… PANIC SCARED TIO SCAM. There were six of us (4 of us and a random couple)

SO SOMEONE SAID DON’T EAT THE OTAHHHHHH PEOPLE……. because it’s not free. LOL. Epic moment…. So we agreed to share a steamboat, lemon chicken and just rice. It’s amazingly piping hot, pretty tasty and soupy stuff probably gave us some warmth.

So the random couple mentioned about YE SHI REN SHEN’s showing in SG………. er ok, then I was like ok group pic. Haha! Everything was just weird, LOL I’ll share about the random couple in the upcoming Bintan – 4-Star Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel F Lounge Pub ~~~

Oh did I mention I ran outside while waiting for the food? And I got totally mesmerised. Never seen such vast shades of blue in my life OMG


I was holding on to the umbrella all the time because it’s freaking raining. If not I would probably scream LET’S DINE OUTSIDE IN THAT AWESOME VIEW

After dinner….. sky turned dark and rain stopped………….. so glad we made it in time to see the BLUE BLUE VIEW OMG *tears of joy*

MUST VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER NICE SCENERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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