Kota Tinggi – Desaru Ostrich Showfarm, Desaru Fruit Farm & Mini Zoo, Restoran Public, Firefly Park River Cruise & Sky Lantern


Just a day trip could get me reminiscing so much…….. :’)

It’s a first farm trip with boy, hpy and xt together to celebrate the guys end of exams and basically a simple outing and catching up session. Yes, I’m the pattern queen who suggested such an outing. Special thanks to xt who went on to say she would prefer exploring farms which would be something fresh for us. I promptly searched for a deal and thankfully, everyone spontaneously agreed! WE’RE HEADING FOR MALAYSIA! Not a big deal I know, but it still got us excited for a while. LIKEAFAST 8 December 2012 came so suddenly after weeks of waiting and anticipation.

Nothing’s perfect initially because we woke up at 5am++ to prepare. So damn tired yet excited. My dearest dad sent us to Singapore’s People’s Park Centre meeting point at 7am. We had to wait till our necks grew so damn long before AMW Travel Service Pte Ltd’s guide revealed that the coach was STUCK IN JAM. WHAT???? We came early as instructed, then you all late. #1stworldcomplaint.

Now I suddenly appreciated the time I had in Legend of the Seas – Day 2 Penang and Legend of the Seas – Day 3 Malacca !

AMW Travel Service Pte Ltd’s guide told us to have breakfast first but honestly, everyone was too impatient to settle down properly. Pissed! The question: HOW LONG MORE DO WE HAVE TO WAIT? =.=

SOMEMORE LATE 8AM++ coach THEN FINALLY departed. We can’t deny that we got so used to SG that we carried with us our impatient true blue Singaporeans spirit! FIGHTING!!!!!!!

We tried to make ourselves feel better by complaining amongst ourselves. Mood’s on the down side even before the trip started, lol. All the excitement and expectations just zoooooooooooomed into pure disappointment. Then, it’s JAM JAM JAM AND MORE JAM and a whole long route that felt like forever not reaching. MAN WE JAMMED FOR AROUND 3 HOURS???!!?!?! Seemed like half the day’s gone with this list of jams: Traffic Jam, Custom Jam, Immigration Jam, Human Traffic Jam, Escalator Jam!!!!!!

Jam complain finish, now complain air pollution and coughing. SEE THOSE WHITE SMOKE FROM THE LORRY? Why am I making myself suffer??!?!??!?!?! I wanna zoom back to my comfort zone Clean and Green Singapore. It’s rare to hear me compliment Singapore after being a complaint queen in the eyes of many. LOL.

Hello Singapore, Hello Singapore mah? I felt like shouting I miss Singapore so so much but well I obviously didn’t do that. Contradicting, I know. Maybe I was too excited over the cute payphones I saw. HUH I finally reached Malaysia liao ah? Sua ku me. We cleared the custom at 11am++ and everyone rushed for the TOILET. NOW WHAT AGAIN?????? TOILET JAM!!!!!!! To comfort myself, I made xt take a picture with me. LOL.

We then looked for our coach and after everyone boarded the coach, we FINALLY embarked on our journey close to 12 noon. We were all already drained………………… and too tired to expect any more since half the day’s gone like that.

12.24 pm – a tour guide popped up the coach admist the slightly bumpy coach ride. Uh… we were HOURS behind schedule…….. yet he still said never mind don’t worry. LOL? Fine, it’s not like we can rewind time. He tried to comfort us that we would have lunch first before all the activities and that we should have time to cover everything. Ok, I felt slightly better.

THEN HE SAID THE JOURNEY TO LUNCH: Roughly 45 minutes. WHAT?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!? SUCH A LONG JOURNEY YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!? By then we reached late 1pm++ OR MORE ALREADY. He said it used to be 1 1/2 hours but now got highway 45 minutes should reach if fast. Ok, our wide eyes just closed within seconds. BWG. HUNGER AND ANGER probably hit all of us and everyone’s too dead to even speak or complain anymore. Most of the passengers just closed their eyes while I stared blankly outside the window. Ahhh…. finally I saw something similar to Singapore…….. Malaysia’s ERP. Awww…. brought back so much memories of those days when I was young and visited Malaysia for groceries and good food almost every single weekend.

140pm++ we reached the promised lobster seafood lunch place and were SHOCKED with the rundown feel and minimum five flies snatching our food at all times. Food was horrible but I was extremely thankful for an edible steamed fish. Indeed, a hungry man is an angry man………. and I was always angry probably because I was always hungry.

Lobster and crab were served last and it was like NOTHING compared to the advertised GIGANTIC appetising lobster.

See the difference? I was furious and utterly disappointed. I tried to control myself by taking pictures. Yup, I was the only soul who took pictures while everyone just kept eating. Ok, end of complaints. Sorry to bore you with so much whining from the start of the post……………… I promise that the following activities would be much more interesting okay! READ ON!

After a painful late lunch, Seb took an umbrella to shelter me over this extremely short distance because I shouted it was raining, only to realise afterwards it’s just leaking water. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Malu max. It’s actually an extremely sunny day. Lol, I just can’t adapt to such weird conditions. PCY, PLEASE MAINTAIN. LOL.

ARE YOU READY FOR OUR MINI ADVENTURES and hiccups here and there? HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

230pm – Sungei Ringgit Local Product Shop – *Inserts slight whining* NO FREE SAMPLES except one tray of tau sah piah…….. so Seb and HPY ate quite a few because they weren’t full from the lunch while xt and I took a bite only.

The very auntie me actually bought such stuff home from a shop beside the local product shop cos it’s CHEAP LOL can stock up. Anyway, we passed by a cute tau huey stall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t buy any though cos I had half a cup of soya bean in the morning in Singapore while I was full of anger waiting for the coach……..

We then headed for Machu Temple where we prayed for everyone’s safety and a pleasant trip. It’s a secluded and quiet place.

LOOK!!!!!!! There’s a herb farm beside the temple too! We were all more warmed up in our explorations close to 3pm. Everyone kinda walked free and easy and nobody guided us what to see or do…. soo…. I didn’t notice in details about any of the herbs.

Ahhhh… I thought the guide would introduce or something but he just sat down and let us explore on our own so I was lost lol. I chanced upon this dark kampong style shop…. So I just bought a toy for my bro and sour plum for mummy. HAHA.

Fish spa is FREE but nobody dared to try probably cos 1st mindset: It doesn’t look too appealing nor anything too close to Singapore’s version….. I guess everyone found the whole feel kind of dirty. Singapore is just TOOO CLEAN seriously.

It’s just a whole huge area of greens to me but I’m loving the sun and scenery so so much! Wang wang!!!!!!!!

Cheeeeeeeeers to our friendship!!!!!!!! I hope you all felt happy looking back at these pictures like I did. Heh.

Vrrooooooommm….. so windy…. hopped onto our coach and headed for more destinations……

Pictures look real awesome but the first feeling wasn’t so…… ah since we were already in Malaysia so the tour guide’s right… let’s just try to enjoy and be happy? Haha.

Vrrroooom…. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Desaru Ostrich Farm…… here we come!

We rested in our coach while it took us to the widely advertised Ostrich Show Farm…

HPY and I took a couple of desert looking sceneries along the way…… cool mah? When we reached Desaru Ostrich Farm around 330pm, a very enthusiastic lady spoke to us about ostriches. Wahhh I tell you see her actions very kua zhang one.

I wasn’t paying too much attention cos I was too into jumping around on my own… I sometimes honestly suspect I’ve ADHD. OMG (fyi red beak = male). SO SEXY!!!!!!!!

I was running all about but my bf was so terrified of the friendly and tame ostriches so he stood so far away from me! WHY YOU SO SCARED???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!! I think HPY wanted to take a solo pic but I just can’t help but ‘chap’ in. LOL sorry HPY. Just crop me away if necessary =/ …..

A small sized sweet couple on one side, me likeanormal and my terrified bf on the other side =(

 Notice got roosters walking on those soft sand too? All the ostriches felt extremely furry and warm…. ahhhhh…. can’t get enough
Aww kyaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m soooooo floooooded and in love with these ostriches! So many different versions of them….. not all’s identical looking.

Sidetrack 1: Dunno why the ostrich farm also got angsty looking monkey. LOOK AT THOSE HANDS. SO COOL LIKE HUMAN HAND! Poor monkey must be furious in the cage. I say #nocrueltytoanimals.

Sidetrack 2: The first time in my life I seen such creature…. I’ve no idea what’s this. Anyone can enlighten me?

After a massive hands-on touching of ostriches, we freaking stepped on the ostrich egg! Omg Seb’s probably too heavy and trying to drag me down T__T SEE, the usual cute hpy and xt couple posed well!

THIS FELT LIKE A BEAUTIFUL AND RELAXED SWAN. But it’s actually just an ostrich lah.

Ow ow just outside the Ostrich Showfarm…. such a cutie day old ostrich! We then entered the Ostrich Showfarm where they sell lots of souvenirs…. aww ps got sooooo into myself again and forgot to take pic. That’s our tour guide solo enjoying his coconut juice…..

Awwwww my take aways from a very lovely Ostrich Farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy behaved like a mother while helping me to choose the tee…. LOL, so sweet =) Indeed it’s a little short but it’s okay…… I’m TOTALLY FINE WITH KIDS SIZE for home clothes. =P GUESS WHAT’S INSIDE THE FREAKY WRAPPER? PEEK A BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! OSTRICH PEN?!??!?!?! I want purple means I want purple. I bought the display set since it’s the only one left. JUST MY SHADE OF PURPLE. Awwwwwwwwwwww ABSOLUTELY CUTE and one of my most treasured memorable additions to my display cupboard. Tehehehehehe!

After a mini shopping, boy tam chiak (not scared of ostrich meat but scared to be standing near ostrich…) and shouted OSTRICH SATAY!!!!! (If I didn’t remember wrongly….) Boy and I ate ostrich satay while hpy and xt didn’t try cos they heard it’s ostrich then don’t eat liao……. so kind of them!!!!!!!! I had a mouthful of it which tasted like tender medium rare beef.

 And off we go… now enough of my expression of love for OSTRICHES………. TIME FOR DESARU FRUIT FARM! MANY MANY PICTURES and I’ll share my most favourites amongst all my favourites! AHHHHHHHHH! I’m still so damn excited as I’m typing…. I wonder if my readers can feel my excitement, LOL.

440pm++ SELAMAT DATANG DESARU FRUIT FARM!!!!!!!!! HPY took such a nice shot of FRUITS. Man, I didn’t scrutinise them yet.

 I just realised hpy and xt self-entertained while I was sooooooooo madly into myself in my own shopping. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Madness me.

Ok all in my eyes = SHOPPING. Oops I got so engrossed and forgot about my friends. So sorry if I took too long to shop….. =/ I was uber pissed with myself over a tea egg I asked Seb to buy cos it’s so damn hot and I just can’t swallow it. LOL.

Coffee…. tea…. snacks…. for my family to share! I’m damn auntie….. I dunno when I became so auntie!!!!!!!!! FAINT. Are you ready for another major highlight??!??!! It’s DESARU FRUIT FARM! OMG! Initially our Singaporean mindset was so instilled in us again and we didn’t want to join the tour package because we thought it’s kinda expensive…… Then we met this group of uncles and aunties who wanted to go as well so I psycho-ed everyone ai yah.. let’s just go… AND I WAS SO THANKFUL WE WENT!!!!!!!!!! It’s like we can see LOTS OF THINGS INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!! WORTH IT!

Warm Up: Wahhh I didn’t see this before! Dunno where hpy took it…. no entry… I think if it were me I wouldn’t have seen the sign and just ran about already. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =x

The calm start of our journey on a lok kok lorry… we were actually freaking excited at that point in time….. it’s like we never see lorry in our life before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUA KU MAX, it’s just a “decorated” lorry lor LOL *slaps self*

While the driver MIA-ed to look for a “guide” to take us through the fruit farm…. we jumped down of the lorry and that’s how these pictures came about.

NEH NEH NEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NA LI NA LI!!!!!!!!!!! Seb was screaming so loudly like never see fruit before!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was stunned.
 And most of the time we were rushing throughout on our own…… since the “guide” rushed about too fast for us to catch up. Lol.. but he still did turn back to look for the other members who’s taking their own sweet time. Haha!

LAUGH AT HPY AND XT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dunno what’s wrong with their mouth… like got fruit stuck LOL I tell you they were damnnnn taking their own sweet time and far behind us. Tsk!


I totally didn’t see this leh…. hpy where? XT, whatcha pointing at????????

What’s that little hut behind me? I didn’t step in for a closer look T_T Ok I should stop shooting my friends. =( Now laugh at me please, Seb was like THERE THERE THERE PANDAN LEAVES!!!!!! YOUR MUMMY FAV!!!!!!!!! AWWWWW!!!!!!!! Stunned me. Super love the colour of this pic! LIKEARAINBOW.

CAN YOU LIKE SPOT A BAMBI BEHIND ME??????????????? DID YOU SEE IT??????!!!!!!!!! OMG CUTEST PINEAPPLES EVER!!!!!!! And is that jackfruit on those trees?

How come suddenly got elephants???!?!??! OMG CANNOT TAKE IT! GOT FISH POND ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MANY FISHES CAN!!!!!!!!!


Madddddddnesss explorations!!!!!!!!

Aww I hate them for taking such sweet pics. Haha!

Nvm… just tell me my pics are nice too ok?

Mooooo… Imma like a bull running about….. damn tired actually. AHHHHHH I angry XT…. why never tell me can go inside one! OMG I never try. Wahahahaahaa.

Me listened to Seb not to stand under the durian tree cos scared durian fall. MEHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical SG. LOL. THERE’S ALSO THOUSAND FINGER BANANA. COOLEST FRUITS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

Think Seb’s very worried that I can really run about sometimes

Yay mission successful BUT super duper drained. Like I ran so much marathon…… AHHHHHHHHHHHH. *Pant*

Thanks photographer Quek…. I guess you should be tired from chasing after me. *Inserts the cutest emote ever*

OH just as I thought it’s all over, NO. It’s actually just yet another start to Desaru Mini Zoo and Restoran Public. MEHHHHHHHHHHHH when will the marathon stop =/

STAY VERY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the climax posts…… hmm let me calm down a little to share with you on Desaru Mini Zoo and Restoran Public Dinner!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH such warm rabbits!!!!!!!!! I guess the “zoo keeper” must be thinking these mad people just can’t control themselves…. Well pictures are free mah….. LOL oops another typical SG side of me again =x

AH OMG IDK where should I start first 😀 Actually if you notice the nitty gritty details….. it’s very informative! Different types of eggs…..

Awwww that rooster is real ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall keep this pic for rooster year as DP. LOL! AND OMG I still can’t make out these stony words on the floor…….. it’s irritating the hell out of me. Haha!

I really wonder what are those plastic bags doing up in the trees? Can we like ta pau it….. typical SG spirit again.

This was our tour guide who didn’t speak much with us… haha but I enjoyed the way he played with those naughty monkeys! It was a freaking exciting monkey fight for food scene. There’s scary mices and python…. yuck I didn’t take too close a look at the mices cos I thought it’s kind of gross aka er xin. Ew!

Omg these are goats meh?????? Look like such tame dogs…… Notice those kampong goats kissing? ……….. TOOO CUTE. Cannot take it.

Ducks for sale anyone??????? Haha I was toooooooo engrossed and it only dawned on me now that they actually sell ducks in the zooooooooo?!??!?!!

SHAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ttm. Too tired lol can’t remember what’s in the pond.

Okay, marathon ended and let’s cool down a while to head back……… to where?

To where we came…. the place where we thought not worth the $$$ don’t goo……. damn it HENG AH SEE SEE SEE WE WENT SEEEEEEEE SO MUCH FUN HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Ok just ignore me.

Wheeeeeeeeeee the lorry we took back x1000000 times longer, cleaner and fresher colours.

AHHHHHHHHHHH DID I MENTION THERE’S FREE FRUITS? Oh well, only if you join the tour package of course. Got buy got free. Singaporeans fav. YAY LOL auntie me. Thanks tour guide who reminded us to grab our FREE FRUITS! We totally forgot. HAHA.

Was soooooooooooo engrossed with viewing the pictures and all…. BUT I didn’t forget about our coach, tour guide and coach driver who’s always so patient waiting for us! Time Check: 6pm++ and on our way for dinner……….

Kota Tinggi Seafood Restaurant……. oh I was actually more into the new camry. /Wink LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL I burst into laughter……. it’s like Chinese Wedding…. I just realised the guide also wore like Chinese New Year or Chinese Wedding clothes LOL……………………….. there’s ye shi ren shen on TV……. AHHHHHHAHAHAA. Ok PCY, maintain.

Awwwww jia he wan shi xin 🙂

Food was generally hotter but not overly tasty…. but so much better than lunch for sure. Everyone’s super tired and shag… I felt like the most tired of them all cos I was busy serving food to the rest….. IDK why I was doing that LOL

Time Check: Late 7pm++……. sky’s turning dark. Streeeeet lights can be seen already…..

We hopped back into our coach after dinner. The flash from Seb’s phone too bright so that’s how he got this candid shot =/ oh btw…. I forgot to mention my iphone died while I was tooooooo into Desaru Fruit Farm…. so major credits to HPY’s iphone 5 and Seb’s Samsung Galaxy S3 for the many photos after my phone kiao!!!!!!!! Heh.

WoW I didn’t know got such cool disco lights on our coach…. Then dunno who played OPPPP OPPPP OPPA GANGNAM STYLE music!!!!! I tried to psycho a little boy to dance it but he’s kinda shy and the parents also like shy… so ok nvm. LOL I should have danced it. HEYYYYYYYYYYY SEXXAAAAYYYY LADDDYYY~ opp… opppp… but I didn’t cos I was alreadyyyy too tired from zi-high-ing.

I honestly think I’m the most high person…… LOL…. I’m so sorry everybody if I’ve irritated anyone of you and I was too noisy /facepalm

8pm – Kota Tinggi Firefly Park River Cruise!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh…. it’s considered a major highlight because there were kids in our tour group who probably waited the whole day for this. I watched fireflies before somewhere in Singapore when I was real young so I only had an extremely faint memory…. I only remembered they were like orange colours one. Anyhow, Seb was screaming I think, and we grabbed our life jackets AND……

So I was the usual one screaming for pictures after wearing our safety life jackets before rushing down to catch the river cruise with the rest of our tour group…….. I must be too tired so I tried to keep myself awake that way lol.. and I got reminded of the roller coaster horror @ Sentosa Halloween Horror Nights 2012 when Seb fastened my life jacket so tightly LOL

On our slow river cruise ride….. no music no nothing… just silence and everyone’s trying to look out for the fireflies… LOL…. but everything’s pretty dark throughout.

Watching the waters in pitch dark……..

Throughout the 45 minute boat ride, I couldn’t capture those fireflies with limited camera quality. They felt like white blinking lights amongst black trees to me. I was expecting lots of them to fly around so I could catch… but nope… only one flew by and nobody managed to grab hold of it LOL. The driver kind of stopped the boat for a while and used his huge torchlight to shine on a monkey on top of a tree at one point in time. That seemed to be the only mini surprise I felt O_o

Camwhore to kill the boredom.

And ta dah…. our lok kok boat ride ended and we made our way back! I rate it 3/5. I was more excited for a surprise activity – Sky Lantern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn’t mentioned in our tour itinerary so I thought it was a good surprise.

Advanced Merry Christmas everyone! All of us shared a pink sky lantern together 🙂

Seb rushed for a table afterwards and……………

Then we actually paused to think for a while what to write and I’m soooooo proud of myself for writing pretty neatly =P Hehhhhh….. Seb was saying must fill it up and so everyone took turns to just write and write…

May everybody’s wishes come true ^^

And offfff we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! CHIONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Awww awww felt like hot air balloon. LOL…. thanks whichever kind soul who stood down to help us light it up 🙂

We were told to hold it for two minutes….. I was actually quite calm while holding probably cos I super tired already… then I heard Seb was like “2 minutes already or not?” LOL……… so funny….. I think I was like “HOLD ZU HOLD ZU….” I faintly remembered hpy said something along the line of it’s not 2 minutes yet… and xt was pretty quiet from what I could recall.

Flyyyyyyyy awaaaayyyy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our eyes tried to follow the trail of our sky lantern until it flew higher and higher and higher and grew smaller and smaller and smaller to us……….

I guessed everyone stood around to keep a lookout for their sky lanterns too. 😀

Kota Tinggi Firefly Park River Cruise and Sky Lantern

And we took their version of neoprints as our very last souvenir for the day! Goooooodddbye my very first flown sky lantern… thanks for the memorable experience :’) HUAT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rating: 4/5!

Time Check: 9pm++… was it raining on the way home? I suddenly found such pictures in Seb’s hp. LOL?

Now on the way back to reality SG = JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sickening. FINALLY cleared Malaysia’s custom probably close to 10pm…………..

Hopped onto our dedicated bus again for more JAM towards Singapore. 10pm++ liao D:

Remember the FREE packet of fruits that’s included in the Desaru Fruit Farm?

Here I’m FINALLY having the time to eat it after an extremely draining day……. It’s my first time eating so many different types of fruits – starfruit, jackfruit, watermelon, papaya, mini banana, honeydew, passionfruit, guava AND weird fruits that I have no clue of…. many of which I never tried in my life!

AND FINALLY in the blink of an eye, the whole drama of a day trip’s gone. Back to Singapore……… with my dearest dad already waiting at the carpark to pick my friends and I home….. :’)

And I would like to say one last point – I LOVE SINGAPORE. LOL. I hope you enjoyed my virtual Desaru Trip Experience!

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